Looking for talent? That way you become an irresistible employer

Looking for talent?  That way you become an irresistible employer

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Right now the world looks like never before. The corona virus has caused quite a stir, and that also has consequences for the labor market. Until recently, there was a candidate market, but this is no longer the case in most branches. Nobody knows exactly how that will develop. But even now – or perhaps: certainly now – it is important for employers to acquire and keep talent.

Wanted talent

To quote our favorite quote from Peter Senge, American scientist in the field of knowledge management and organizational science: ‘In the long term, the only sustainable competitive advantage you have as an organization is the ability to learn faster than the competition. ‘. Being able to distinguish yourself as an organization is extremely important. It is even more important to be flexible as an organization and to be able to adapt to the changing circumstances in the world. And you need talents for that. But what does that talent actually look for in an employer? The top 3.

1 Salary

More than half of the Dutch working population still considers salary the main reason for choosing a job, with a permanent contract in second place. This has emerged from research by the Intelligence Group. But as the level of education rises, these two factors become less important. For example, nearly half of VMBO students consider a permanent contract important, while only thirty percent consider this important for WO students.

2 Work with meaning

Certainly for the younger generation, having work with meaning is very important, according to research by YoungCapital. This generation prefers to work for an organization where they can mean something for society, where they are part of something bigger. If that cannot be found in the social role that the company plays, then they can also find that meaning in the corporate culture. ‘Just look at Coolblue: basically just a webshop, but the culture makes that company special,' says Ineke Kooistra, CEO of YoungCapital.

3 Development opportunities

In the age group of 15 to 34 years, career opportunities, responsibility and training opportunities are seen as very important. Young people want to develop and grow, as people and in their jobs. Obviously, being able to follow courses and training plays a major role in this, but also coaching and guidance by the manager.

Flexible learning environment

By opting for a flexible learning environment that facilitates different forms of learning, you can also offer your staff the opportunity to develop themselves in difficult times, for example by offering e-learning. The HR Consultant UK platform offers a choice of 4,000+ training courses via the Learning Market Place without having to make agreements with all individual providers of online training.

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