Lying on your CV: what are the risks?

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Posted on August 20, 2015 at 12:13 PMUpdated Dec 1, 2021 2015 at 18:17

Do you want to lie on your CV to optimize your chances? No, no and no ! Beyond immorality, the consequences can be disastrous. Overview of the risks you take if you omit the truth.

1. Make you unmask

Recruiters… recruit. And they saw a lot of faked CVs! Make no mistake, they are even champions of the hunt for inconsistencies and lies. Certainly, it is said that English recruiters tend to check information less systematically than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts. A study by Florian Mantione Institut had even shown, in 2013, that two thirds of employers did not bother to check CVs.

But that is about to change. There are even companies specializing in this research. In addition, with the advent of the Internet and social networks, a few searches on the Web may be enough to prove that you have given a false address or lied about your age. Needless to say, once unmasked, you can say goodbye to the coveted position. But there is worse…

2. Being blacklisted

Don't kid yourself. Even as competitors, companies communicate with each other and recruiting firms do the same. If your lie is discovered, there is a good chance that you will find yourself blacklisted, that is to say put on a list of usurpers not to hire. Thus, you reduce your chances of accessing the targeted position, but also a job in your sector.

3. Make a fool of yourself at the interview

Your “embellished” CV has passed the first selection stage and you are invited to a job interview. You wrote “fluent English” on your CV when you only have vague notions inherited from your high school years. Assuming you are bilingual, your interlocutor begins a conversation in Shakespeare's language. No need to look for a mouse hole, you are completely ridiculed. Likewise, if you plan to exaggerate your technical skills, remember that you will most certainly have a specialist in front of you.

4. Be made redundant

Now imagine that you have fallen through the cracks. Your CV and its lies got you hired. You are not immune! Indeed, if your employer succeeds in proving that he would not have hired you if he had known the truth, he can fire you.

Several case law have accepted the dismissal of employees hubcaps for real and serious cause as long as the employer had verified the diplomas and qualification of the employee at the time of hiring. The law of December 31, 1992 stipulates that it is up to the potential employer to verify the information appearing on the CV.

5. And legally?

Except in the fields of law or medicine, a candidate who has falsified his CV cannot be prosecuted and therefore does not risk legal sanctions.


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