Marie Papillon: “On Instagram, I just wanted to tell the daily life of a girl who sets up her box”

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Il y en a qui portent bien leur nom. Marie Papillon en fait partie car Marie papillonne, et elle adore ça.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.Updated Oct 15, 2021, 4:53 PM

“I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. “ Cap screwed onto a platinum blonde square and swarms of rings on her fingers, Marie Papillon says she got it from her grandfather, a former boss of the Bar Romain *, glued to the Olympia, a legendary Parisian performance hall. Aged in her thirties, this slasher has become known by the valves she makes daily on Instagram.

From one video to another, she tells the story of Isabelle, a chicken woman, with her dog Bibi as an accomplice; organize a dinner with imaginary friends in full confinement; or even a caricature of the stars (latest Ben Affleck on a yacht, hand wedged on Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks).

Containment, launching pad

Using a filter, she also regularly becomes Marinette, a curious little girl who asks her mother a thousand questions about life. His character comes out of the screens today to come to life under the pencil of the designer Blanche Sabbah in the eponymous comic (Ed. Les insolentes, 128 pages, 19.95 Pounds).

Over the course of the twenty chapters, the themes tackled are complex (gender, disability, homophobia, masturbation, ecology, etc.) but the tone remains childish, tender and funny. A way to pick up on certain absurdities of the adult world.

“I naturally called on Blanche Sabbah, a committed illustrator and teacher whose work I followed on social networks.  She was able to highlight Marinette exactly as I imagined.

“I naturally called on Blanche Sabbah, a committed illustrator and teacher whose work I followed on social networks. She was able to highlight Marinette exactly as I imagined. “The insolentes belonging to the Hachette group

Followed today by more than 340,000 people, the humorist-instagramer exploded at the time of the first confinement. “I had time, all my activities were at a standstill… I became hyperactive on Insta! ” And the messages are raining down, especially from people like her, suffering from pareidolia, or the ability to see faces on things.

The maximum ? When actress Marion Cotillard shares one of her videos. She even thought it was a fake account. His “peoplelisation” also goes through the revelations about his relationship with the singer Angèle. But of his private life, we will know nothing more.

“Young and golri”

His desire for fiction materializes. She then writes the first season of the series “Marie et les choses” for the Téva channel and shoots it in stride. As soon as the country deconfines, she passes her first casting and lands a role of female cop in the feature film “Between life and death”, by Giordano Gederlini, soon in theaters. She then continued with the filming of the series “Young and Golri” by her friend Agnès Hurstel, broadcast on OCS. A title that sums it up well.

Even in his life before. In less than ten years, she set up five companies. His first steps in entrepreneurship were in the restaurant business. One day, one of her friends offered her to join her food truck project, coupled with a catering service. She is 25 years old and does not know how to cook but feels it.

Together, they launched the Réfectoire – whose model has since been exported to Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. The novice then learns on the job to manage stocks, perishables, to set up an event, to calculate the margins, to do the accounts… to set up a business, in short.

A petite blonde in a world of guys in suits

When she doesn’t have her nose in the paperwork and her finger on the calculator, she manages the operations. At each event, she plugs in cables, sets up structures, pushes boxes, moves tables, drives pallet trucks and even makes burgers. With forceps, this little blonde is making a place for herself in this “World of guys in suits”, without earning a salary for a year.

But she takes a liking to it. Two years later, with another friend, the young business manager sets up another business: the Food Market, an ephemeral and popular canteen in the 20th arrondissement of London. “I love the beginnings. That moment when you know that if you don’t do anything, your project will never exist. “

Just for Laughs

She also (already) likes to make jokes. Lots of jokes. Sometimes to thwart the prevailing machismo. Others, just to make his teams laugh. “She hid in the fridges or in boxes for hours until someone found her …”remembers Virginie, her former partner at the Food market.

Marie Papillon films her “bullshit”, shares the videos on her Instagram account. And his followers want more. More for his sense of humor than his sense of business. Far from her initial ambition – she who ” wanted to show the daily life of a girl who sets up her box ”- the influencer is largely satisfied with it: “If I can make people smile once in their day, that’s fine with me. “

“What we see of her on the networks or on TV is what she has always done in life”, considers her friend Virginie. A feeling that our meeting confirms: it is exactly in front of us as when we scroll through our stories on our phone. Each of his sentences is punctuated by a joke, a mischievous smile and ends with his warm laugh.

Funny, but still engaged

Becoming an actress had tickled her for a long time. In 2021, she created two audiovisual companies: Papillon productions and the Maurice photo studio in the former studio of her other grandfather, in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). She tries her hand at the web series with “Marie in your box”, sponsored by Société Générale bank. “A small saucepan …”, she smiles, a bit embarrassed.

For both business and cinema, his choices are the result of “Encounters or heritage”, she explains. She readily admits it, she flutters and lets herself be totally carried away by the opportunities offered to her. The only condition: that the projects are in line with its pro-LGBTQI + commitments.

His weapon against homophobes or machos, humor - but always with kindness and intelligence.

His weapon against homophobes or machos, humor – but always with kindness and intelligence.Rita braz

It was painful to hide one’s homosexuality during adolescence. At 18, she had only one idea in mind: to take charge and live in the Marais, a district that she had fantasized about so much from her native Havre. “I couldn’t think of my professional future when I wasn’t totally me. “

To please her parents, both doctors, she enrolled all the same in college of foreign languages ​​(LEA). “I needed a diploma, any one! “ With the license in hand, the native of Normandy becomes a saleswoman at The Kooples. One thing led to another, she went commercial and went on to Parisian showrooms.

Creative life and the need to be an entrepreneur, it’s compatible

Twelve years later, still at the head of three businesses, she lives mainly on her artistic income – of which she does not want to communicate the amount. “It took me three shoots to say it: I am an author and an actress”, she declares almost timidly, between two caresses to her most faithful companion, Bibi.

But, the entrepreneurial cap suits her so well that she is not ready to give it up. “Having a creative artistic life and continuing to undertake is not incompatible! “ Proof of this is: she has just joined forces with her cousins ​​to set up her fifth business, called “Maison Gomara”, a production company… of smoked salmon. At the same time she was part of the jury of the CanneSéries festival. Hyperactive, you said?

He likes glitter, of course. But these last ten years [l]‘have anchored in reality, this is what [lui] allows to approach serenely [son] career change. This laid the groundwork. “ Marie Papillon always has her feet on the ground. And, the wings ready for takeoff.

* renamed in 2018 the “Petit Olympia”


Name and first name: Marie Papillon

Age : “Wants to cultivate the mystery. “

Studies: L3 of Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA).

Profession (s): Entrepreneur, author and actress.

English nationality.

Place of work: London and Asnières-sur-Seine.


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