Missed trial period? How to bounce back

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Table of Contents

1 Understand what happened

The subject first deserves some explanation. From the outset, Frédéric Marquette invites us not to underestimate the shock of a break in the trial period. “I recently met an employee who had landed from a new company without seeing anything coming,” testifies the associate director of the firm EIM (Excellence In Management). Clearly, he was not ready to resume a job search right away. We must first mourn and analyze what happened. This specialist in managerial solutions, author of the guide One hundred days to succeed, recalls that the law authorizes brutal separations at the initiative of the employer but also of the employee. The notice is 24 hours if he is fired the first week. It then goes to 48 hours between 8 days and one month of presence, to two weeks after having held the position for more than a month and to four weeks after three months. “Anyway, it is absolutely essential to have an explanation from the employer. It is sometimes independent of the employee's performance if it is a sudden change in policy or organization. Sometimes it is due to incompatibilities of mood. And if the employee has not fulfilled his mission, it is in his interest to understand why. “

“Some are in denial, while others take it all on themselves. We have to determine what is his action … or not.”

2 Accept failure … and error

“The problem is that failure is still taboo in London, analyzes Stéphanie Roels. We are formatted to think that failure is a fault. However, it is often more of an error and above all a hint on how to do better next time. But this coach of managers and leaders at Elysée Coaching raises another pitfall. “Some are in denial, while others take it all on themselves. It is necessary to determine what falls within its action… or not. “”” We must remember that it is also a failure for the company which has sometimes invested a lot in its recruitment, relativizes Emmanuel Stanislas, founder of the Clémentine cabinet. Many companies are still struggling to integrate their new employees. It is therefore rare that the blame is not somewhat shared. “

3 Know how to talk about it in future job interviews

Not easy to explain, however. So how can you justify, during her future recruitment interviews, that her last collaboration ended prematurely? “The main thing is to be able to talk about it calmly and without affect,” insists Frédéric Marquette. With the right words, we can say anything. We can say that we paid the price for a restructuring, that we did not come to an understanding with someone or that we lacked judgment in accepting the position. A recruiter will just want to make sure you talk about it without bitterness and possibly that you got something out of it. Emmanuel Stanislas goes even further. “If you have a constructive discussion with your former employer and carefully analyzed the failure, nothing prevents you from asking for a recommendation. If he is contacted by a future recruiter, he can then confirm, without lying, the reasons for this failure. Or even praise some of your qualities. “

4 Take something positive out of it

According to Stéphanie Roels, we can even come out of this kind of misadventure grown up. We can also see this failure as feedback, a basis for reflection and learning about oneself and the business world. For this consultant, the important thing is to learn some lessons for the future. “Some, rewarding, can be formulated during future recruitment interviews and demonstrate your ability to turn the page. Others, more personal, will not be less useful for the rest of your career… ”

5 Or change course

Finally, we can also opt for a more radical change, as evidenced by the experience of Eric de Riedmatten. Founder of the communication consulting company EDRCOM, he created his company after a failed trial period. “I had resigned from a firm where I was earning a very good living for this position,” he recalls. However, my probationary period was interrupted because of relationship difficulties. But from this experience, he quickly learned a lesson and a certainty. I realized that I no longer wanted to sell myself to a company. It was time to make my career my own way and today I turned that experience into something positive. This trial period helped me ask myself the right questions… ”



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