Mistakes in people management: main and their consequences

Mistakes in people management: main and their consequences

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Having a successful team that highlights the quality of work and, consequently, offers good results is the major objective of companies. Therefore, mistakes in people management need to be avoided. This is because understanding the reality of its employees and being able to deal with the needs of each person directly impacts a successful path.

However, these errors tend to increase the rate of turnover of the company and absenteeism. With this inefficiency in managing professionals, the company ends up losing money with terminations, unexpected new hires and unsatisfied employees.

But do you know what are the mistakes in people management and the consequences that they can bring to the organization? We have listed the main ones and will give you tips on how to avoid them. Check out!

Main mistakes in people management

People management is a series of strategies that seeks to develop the human capital from the company. The main objective of this practice is to meet the needs of all professionals. Consequently keep the well-being of the team to be able to retain them.

In this sense, mistakes in people management can not only cause the company to lose good talents, but affect results in a different way. negative. Among the main errors we can highlight:

Each of these errors in people management can have extremely negative consequences for the organization's routine. Below we will talk more about them and give tips on how to avoid them.

1. Ignore the company's organizational climate

Data from the Locomotiva Institute and the LTM group (Loyalty & Trade Management) recently revealed that 56% workers are dissatisfied with their work.

Many because of the stress caused by a hostile organizational climate, with toxic bosses and countless internal conflicts. This heavy environment, full of errors in people management, decreases the yield of the team and increases the professional dissatisfaction that causes the turnover.

A working environment harmonious is indispensable in the current market as it enhances productivity of team. To avoid mistakes in people management in the organizational climate, the company needs to be attentive to opinion of its collaborators.

But in what way? Routinely applying organizational climate surveys. Through this strategic tool, managers and HR can identify problems with communication, relationships and even measure the level of employee satisfaction.

Thus, it is possible to build more assertive actions so that there is no disharmony in the company's day-to-day activities.

2. Failure to prepare leaders

One of the biggest mistakes in people management is related to ill-prepared leaders that generate teams with little guidance and poor results. Choose one good leader it is a challenge and directly impacts the team's productivity.

One Gallup research revealed that in 82% of the time companies fail to choose the leader and only one in ten actually has the capacity to lead.

The leader needs to be the “captain” of the boat and if he doesn't know how to guide he ends up taking everyone around him to the hole. It is necessary, therefore, not only to have technical skills in your position, but to have the skills to deal with people.

He needs to be inspiring and you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members to delegate tasks correctly. To prevent ill-prepared leaders ahead of your business, it is very important to make a choice thorough.

Not only that, it is necessary to constantly evaluate absences, delays, engagement rate and employee turnover to find out if the leader you have chosen is the ideal one and is managing to keep employees motivated.

3. Lack of clear goals and objectives for the team

Every team needs a direction, a clear goal plan that keeps everyone aligned and working towards the same goals.

Not setting goals is one of the biggest mistakes in people management. This is because it is impossible for the employee to reach his maximum level of productivity, if the work is confused and he doesn't know where or how to get what the company wants.

To avoid problems with goals, managers need to keep constant conversations with its employees, with continuous feedbacks and planning meetings.

Not to mention that the analysis of the KPIs that will provide guidance on what has been working and what hasn't and how to act in each situation. Thus, it can promote corrections that keep the company on track to achieve success.

4. Wrong hires

Every selection process requires care and attention on the part of managers and the HR team. One wrong hiring can make the productivity index stay far below than expected and more than that, it will make your company lose money.

Because, at each exit the organization will have spending with layoffs and new hires.

Common selective process inefficient the company can hire people who are not able to fill the vacancy and who will leave the organization in a short period. In view of this, one of the people management errors begins with a process of mistaken recruitment.

After all, hiring right is essential for the company to work. To avoid mistakes in the management of people who start with recruitment, create more demanding and rigorous selection processes. Create specific tests for each vacancy and measure the competence of the candidates.

Even because no one will want to hire a person in a day to have to fire him soon after, right? So, if you need to take time in the selection for being judicious in your choice, do so. It is better to take a little longer than to hire the wrong one.

5. Absence of training and qualifications

O team training necessarily need to be a complement to the selection process, so that there are no errors in people management.

Even if your company makes solid hires, if the professionals are not constantly trained, the tendency is to fall into a slump.

In addition, initial training is fundamental so that the professional can quickly adapt to the tasks requested for the company.

Therefore, view training not only as something beneficial for employees, but also as extremely advantageous for the company. Since empowering them is a demonstration that you value their work.

Therefore, create workshops, trainings, organize lectures and events that increase the skills and abilities of employees. So that the whole team is always in a phase of constant improvements and that directly impact the day to day.


“By recognizing and giving vent to plurality in the organization, the people manager is able to make people rise up and achieve the organization's goals. A people manager exercises leadership not exclusively, but as a developer of people's skills ”Mario Sergio Cortella

Creating strategies to avoid mistakes in people management is a major differential in market competitiveness. This is because companies that manage to engage employees have a greater chance of obtaining good results.

Thus avoiding a high rate of turnover and absenteeism. Since satisfied professionals tend to yield more, and they also work for much longer in the same company.

Optimize people management tasks in your company

Identifying errors in people management and especially its consequences is essential to apply corrective actions that contribute to increasing productivity and maintaining a good organizational climate.

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