Mobbing: know this type of harassment and see how to avoid it in the company

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Mobbing: know this type of harassment and see how to avoid it in the company

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Take care of organizational climate it is one of the most important HR tasks. After all, a good environment is essential to ensure the well-being and productivity of employees. And one of the main initiatives to build a positive climate is to combat cases of workplace bullying, also known as mobbing.

Have you heard of this concept? In this post, you will know what mobbing means and what its consequences are in the workplace. This will make it easier to identify these cases and solve the problem. Interested? Check out everything below!

What is mobbing?

Mobbing is the psychological or moral harassment of an employee in the workplace. It occurs when one or more employees begin to treat a colleague with hostility, which damages their mental health and affects their productivity.

In a research done by VAGAS.COM, 47.3% of the professionals interviewed said they had already suffered bullying at work. Of these cases, 51.9% of victims are women.

Unfortunately, these numbers are a sample of how the problem is common in the corporate world. Psychological persecution can happen at various levels within a company, ranging from teammates to senior managers and senior executives.

That is why, it's role of HR identify these cases and take appropriate measures attesting to this type of harassment in the organizational environment.

What are the differences between harassment, mobbing and bullying?

When people know the concept of mobbing, many people think that it is a synonym for bullying or bullying. In fact, the expressions are related, but have slightly different meanings.

Bullying it is the umbrella concept, which refers to and all kinds of psychological abuse among any individuals.

Bullying, in turn, is a term more used when harassment takes place in a school environment, which may involve both psychological and physical aggressions.

Mobbing refers to exclusively to moral harassment practiced among co-workers.

Despite the differences, they all have elements in common: the victims are emotionally shaken, feel inferior and end up needing specialized support to overcome the situation.

What are the types of mobbing?

There are two types of mobbing, the vertical it's the horizontal. Vertical mobbing occurs among employees of different hierarchical levels, usually coming from the professional with the highest position. Horizontally, abuse occurs among employees at the same hierarchical level.

Both can occur in different ways, such as:

  • spread anonymous rumors;
  • making false accusations;
  • discredit the professional's ability;
  • violate the colleague's privacy;
  • humiliation and intimidation, usually by managers.

The result of this is a emotional terrorism which has serious consequences for the mental health, and even physical, of the victim.

Among the most common targets for mobbing are more creative, ethical and competent employees team's. Some team members may see these outstanding professionals as threats, and they reduce colleagues to feel superior.

Younger or older women and professionals they are also constant victims, out of pure sexism and prejudice from colleagues.

How does mobbing affect productivity?

By shaking the psychological, mobbing has a powerful negative impact on productivity of the victim. After all, every professional needs to be well physically and mentally to yield 100% of their capacity. Otherwise, performance will be below expectations.

When being dismissed by bosses or colleagues, the employee starts to feel isolated and no longer asks for help when performing complex tasks. too it is common for victims to resign for not being able to go through so much anxiety and humiliation on a daily basis.

Often mobbing targets begin to believe that they really suck. Thus, an initially brilliant collaborator can only become a shadow of what he was. If you notice this happening at your company, you can be sure that something is not right.

Losses tend to increase if management is indifferent, as the perpetrators know that they can continue to act in this way and remain unpunished. Therefore, it is essential that managers and HR keep an eye on the behavior of employees and take appropriate measures to deal with the situation.

How to deal with mobbing properly?

According to VAGAS.COM research, 87.5% of UK residents professionals do not report bullying at work, which represents a great warning sign for companies.

Every organization must have anonymous and effective reporting channels against mobbing. Professionals must feel safe to report possible abuses, knowing that they will have the support of the company to face the problem.

For this, it is essential that the reports are anonymous, to preserve the identity of those involved and prevent harassment from worsening. Never discredit the victim and don't even lessen the weight of the problem. Mobbing is a serious behavior and must be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

To provide support to the victim, try to see the case from two angles: that of health it's the labor. Both are essential to give full support and show that the organization is on the side of the employee injured in this fight.

In the health field, provide employees with medical and psychological assistance to reduce damage and help them to recover. On the labor side, immediately call the occupational risk prevention department and the company's health and safety committee.

Punishing aggressors is also essential, so that everyone knows that attitudes of this type have severe consequences. They can range from verbal warning to dismissal for cause, depending on the severity of the harassment.

Now that you know everything about mobbing, just prepare to combat this type of harassment in the company. Keep an eye on the behavior of employees, structure an efficient reporting channel and provide all possible support to the victims. This way you guarantee a positive climate in the company and the welfare of all employees.

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