More than trends: 4 innovative recruitment processes

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More than trends: 4 innovative recruitment processes

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A well-executed selection is essential to find the ideal talents. The most attentive companies, in search of the best professionals, carry out innovative recruitment processes to attract and win brilliant candidates.

Innovation, in this case, allows you to locate the right person for the job in question. Creativity contributes to finding the talent that best matches the organizational culture, meeting all technical and behavioral requirements.

Hiring the right person has several benefits. Among them, we can highlight the increase in employee engagement in a shorter period of time, turnover, sure investment in a professional who has a lot to contribute.

Read on and learn more about an important step in this process: recruitment!

What are the innovative recruitment processes today?

Anything goes: games, technology marathons, match, interactivity, surprising questions and unusual situations. There is no recipe! Recruiting is an art, it is not a science. That's why creativity allows everything (or almost everything).

Meet 4 very different processes and draw your conclusions:

1. Gamification

Believe me, it is possible to analyze a candidate's technical skills and personality through games. From the attitudes he takes (or not), the choices he makes and the way he conducts the game, at the end of the experience, recruitment and selection analysts are able to map the knowledge and behavior of the professionals.

Gamification techniques, mainly for the sales area, make it possible to map the degree of competitiveness, which motivates (benefits, remuneration, recognition), what discourages and what is the profile of each one, always connected to themes related to business.

2. Hackathon

Many technology companies like CI&T and IBM run marathons among developers, programmers and other IT professionals. At the time, they need to solve real problems in the area, develop software or applications that improve some company process or find errors and holes in company codes, websites or systems.

Some events are seen at dawn, others are held during office hours. Best of all, the programming challenge occurs in the corporate environment itself and many managers act as ‘scouts'.

3. Online Recruitment

Imagine a digital platform that allows the perfect meeting between company and candidate. With simplicity, speed, assertiveness and automation, in a short time, the online recruitment points out who the ideal professional is, without the need to conduct numerous interviews.

In addition, the company's Online Recruitment platform Reach, offers feedbacks at each stage of the selection and points out the employee's employability index, what skills he needs to develop or improve, what his main talents are and how he stands before the competition. An excellent contribution during this stage of placement or replacement in the job market.

4. Interactive Selection

In addition to reading a live resume, one of the recruitment trends today is to make the candidate is more active during the process. This makes it possible to assess his attitudes during contact with the company and also gives him the opportunity to learn more about the business and the company's dynamics, among other aspects.

THE VivaReal uses digital tools to carry out the first stages of recruitment, such as technical testing, videos and e-mails.

During the first face-to-face interviews, guided visits are made through the office, a tour by the Reviva museum and interaction with spaces that could be your future working environment.

Finally, finding the ideal professional is a way to make HR more strategic and contribute to the achievement of extraordinary results. Innovative recruitment processes help companies find innovative candidates.

Now that you've seen 4 bold recruiting processes, how about getting to know one digital recruitment platform to conquer the match ideal for your company?



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