Music in the workplace: productivity or distraction?

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Music in the workplace: productivity or distraction?

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Do you usually listen to music at work or do you prefer silence to work?

While many are better focused on listening to their favorite playlist, others are unable to focus on performing tasks when there is some sound in the room.

This conception varies from person to person and, believe me, even from one type of music to another.

Maybe that band you love listening to in the car makes your work suffer a lot. In contrast, instrumental or classical music can greatly increase your creativity and focus, increasing productivity.

To learn more about using music in the workplace, keep reading this post.

Effects of Music on the Brain

Music affects an area of ​​the brain responsible for producing dopamine, a substance known as the pleasure neurotransmitter.

This same hormone is released when we eat our favorite food, for example.

Some of the effects of dopamine, in addition to the sensation of pleasure, are:

  • increased focus;
  • stress reduction;
  • greater motivation;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Does listening to music at work help or hinder?

Listening to music then brings a series of benefits to the human body.

It can increase the ability to concentrate, give more impetus to perform an exercise or complex task.

The survey ‘Whistle while you work: impact of music on productivity’, published in the Linkedin business area, provided some interesting information on the subject:

  • 61% of employees listen to music at work to feel happier and more productive;
  • 88% do their work more accurately when they are listening to music;
  • Music environments increase data inclusion accuracy by 92%;
  • 58% of people complete data processing tasks faster when listening to pop music.

But despite these data, it is worth remembering that the effects of music on the desktop will depend on the type of song chosen. The songs cause different reactions in people, awakening familiar feelings or emotions.

While for some certain tracks will help with concentration, for others they are a real distraction. So it’s virtually impossible to choose a soundtrack that appeals to everyone in a room.

Ideal music style for the desktop

Although the reactions provoked by music vary from person to person, we can say that some rhythms can be chosen according to the type of result you want to obtain.

Classical music, for example, is excellent for calculation and attention to detail. Pop music helps a lot in handling data and information.

If the work you are doing requires language skills, such as writing, instrumental music is the best choice, as the lyrics of the songs can affect the quality of the task.

But if you need to develop a job that requires a lot of focus and attention, it’s best to choose familiar and familiar songs. New songs can surprise you and cause distractions.

The reduction of stress caused by music in the work environment can help in decision-making, as with a positive frame of mind, it is possible to think of more options for solving problems.

Another interesting advantage brought by the use of music in the work environment, regardless of the chosen style, is the ability to bring the brain to the present moment.

Our minds tend to wander to other moments, which most of the time are not pleasant.

Music in the work environment will help bring the employee into the work activity, taking the focus away from personal problems.

And the company’s policy regarding music in the workplace?

As we mentioned earlier, music in the workplace affects people differently.

Totally banning its use in the workplace can delay completion of tasks. But at the same time, fully releasing music into the environment can cause disagreements among employees and disrupt some people.

The ideal is to encourage the use of a headphone and that the songs are listened to in a moderate tone.

When your favorite playlist is played too loud, this sound leaks out. This can disturb the colleague at the next table who needs total silence to perform a more complex task, for example.

Few companies have a well-founded policy on the use of music during working hours. However, it is interesting to think about this aspect when writing the code of conduct or organizational culture.

It is also important to promote individuality and allow everyone the freedom to choose the most suitable music for them.

Imposing a radio or playlist for the entire room may upset some employees. Besides being a totally depersonalized attitude.

This goes against current trends in people management and employee relations.

Regarding the employee’s individual posture, it is up to each one to assess what kind of music to choose to help achieve results.

Of course, at intervals, it’s interesting to hear something that can be fun and relieve stress.

However, spending all day more preoccupied with music than with work can seriously damage your performance at the company.

Establish a policy for your company now

Now that you know more about the importance of music in the workplace, it’s worth thinking about how to establish policies that will allow its use, without causing strain on labor relations or making this tool a problem.

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