“My strategy for working in sport”

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Posted on August 19, 2015 at 13:23Updated Sep 8, 2015, 7:26 PM

My BAC S in my pocket, I wanted to enter a business school, but all of them were refused to me in view of my mediocre results in high school. Suddenly, I chose to join … the STAPS sector in Grenoble then in Lyon, because I saw that I could specialize in Sports Management, training almost similar to the Grandes Ecoles. This allowed me in passing to link passion and professional ambition! My strategy worked, since I got my Masters in Sports Organization Management, and a CDI, signed even before the end of my studies!

An Erasmus to make a difference

When I started my Masters in Lyon, I realized that the courses – frankly theoretical – would not be enough to make my profile attractive to recruiters. Hence my decision to go on Erasmus for a year in Austria in the second year of my Masters. History to see something else and to progress also in foreign languages. When I returned to London, I could speak English fluently, and I had also acquired notions of German and Spanish. This allowed me to have a little head start on my “competitors” in search of the Grail, a Job!

Today I work for PRIVATESPORTSHOP, a startup based in Montpellier, which offers private sales specializing in sport. Launched in 2011, it achieved around 30 million Pounds in turnover last year and has 90 employees with an average age of 28 years. I entered it thanks to an end-of-studies internship (after which I was hired on a permanent contract) and I must say that my Erasmus experience played a big role. The recruiter immediately saw my language skills, of course, but also my openness, my curiosity and my desire to succeed.

Betting on a startup: a good calculation

Why did I bet on a startup? Big companies give me the impression that I don’t trust young people without a lot of experience. Above all, they rarely hire after an internship. Startups, on the contrary, are much more willing to hire young, creative, dynamic and ambitious people. This is even what they are looking for! You just have to find in your chosen sector THE startup that is developing and creating jobs. It is also a bet because it can just as easily collapse.

My current position is “purchasing administrator”. I am in direct contact with the suppliers and the other departments of the company. What I like is that I am free to organize my work as I wish, and to develop my position towards the needs that I consider necessary for the company. And then the world of sport in which I evolve is relaxed. We all talk to each other, whether we are a manager, employee or supplier, and we do not work in suits!

In my humble opinion, to stand out in an internship or a first job, you have to invest without counting, get out of your comfort zone, and do more than the minimum. Be open-minded, curious, and don’t be shy. Not so many profiles since today we ourselves have trouble recruiting. However, there is no shortage of vacancies …


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