New trends for learning; how do you respond to this as an HR manager?

New trends for learning;  how do you respond to this as an HR manager?

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Learning and development is one of the greatest challenges in the world of HR. Of course, it makes no sense to oppose these trends. As an HR professional, how do you respond positively to all these developments?

Continuous knowledge development

Changes in technology, life expectancy, working methods and business models have created a growing need for continuous knowledge development, not only among the employer, but also among the employee. Today we can add to that the need to learn from a distance. In an earlier blog, we already predicted what learning and development would look like in 2021. Microlearning and learning on demand have now also started to play an important role.

Be ready for change

The world is changing rapidly, and with it the role of the HR professional. As Jan Adema, HR manager at Shell, wrote in this article in HR Strategy, as a modern HR professional you increasingly need to understand the core business of your company. Where is the difference of your company compared to the competition? Just focusing on the processes, as the HR manager did in the last century, is no longer enough. That also means a lot for the way of learning in an organization. ‘Previously there were fixed development paths with fixed training courses,' explains Adema. “Now you have to investigate much more how you can ensure that people will excel in the context of a team.” The fact that as an organization you have to focus your learning process and culture more on change, says founder of HR Consultants UK, Patrick Kieviet: ‘You don't yet know what your organization will need in the future and where the disruption in your business will come from.' That means quite a bit for the organization, and therefore also for you as an HR manager. Of course, it makes no sense to oppose these trends. How do you respond positively to all these developments?

1 Man as the starting point

Take the employee as an individual as a starting point. Map out his or her training and development wishes by talking to them. Do that regularly. In a world of change, people's career plans can also change. Make sure that your training offer continues to match those plans and wishes. This way you give employees the feeling that they are being taken seriously.

2 Direction

In line with this, people have an increasing need for autonomy. Facilitate that need and ensure that people keep control of their own development.

Be irresistible

You take your employees seriously and give them the autonomy they desire. But also make sure that you yourself are irresistible as an employer. We told you how to do that in this blog. Keywords? Salary, work with meaning and opportunities for development.

4 Flexible learning environment

Everyone learns differently. Therefore, provide a learning platform that can deal with this, a platform where your employees can find a variety of courses and training courses, where they have a wide choice of learning methods, but where you can also find test exams and books, for example. In this way you can also offer your staff the opportunity to develop themselves in difficult times, for example by offering e-learning. The HR Consultant UK platform offers a choice of 4,000+ training courses via the Learning Market Place without having to make agreements with all individual providers of online training.

More trends?

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