NewGen survey: young graduates are ambitious, courageous and committed

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Quel profil est le vôtre : compétiteur ? engagé ? entrepreneur ?

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Posted Jan 13, 2022, 7:00 AM

When they think of their careers, management school students do not imagine themselves to flourish in the same way. A third say they are motivated by strong responsibilities, a management position and an attractive salary. 23% feel rather attracted by the general interest, the social impact, the values ​​and the culture of a company. 17% aspire to launch their own project, appreciate the freedom of action, the challenge and the autonomy. These three categories of young people are at the heart of the latest study by the EDHEC NewGen Talent Center, carried out in April and June 2021 among 8,000 business school students, one third of whom were respondents.

Competitor, committed, entrepreneur: three profiles facing the world of work

1. The competitor profile

This profile is above all attracted by the salary and the hierarchical position. He dreams of material success, recognition and taking part in economic growth. He prefers large companies in the private sector, is attracted by financial institutions, banking, insurance, consulting, auditing and the luxury sector. He thrives in an organization in the form of a business unit, made up of highly qualified professionals. The company that will be able to seduce him will have to have an attractive salary policy and will be prestigious.

The characteristics of the “competitor profile”.

The characteristics of the “competitor profile”.DR

2. The engaged profile

His career goal? Have a societal impact, be able to get involved in the sustainable, social and environmental development of the company, be useful and have influence. Unsurprisingly, he prefers SSE companies and NGOs, but also the media, publishing, culture, eco-industry. An employer with a CSR approach and an internal functioning in project mode will have his preference and if in addition, he is entitled to hours on his working time to take care of a project with societal impact, it is the pinnacle.

The characteristics of the “engaged” profile.

The characteristics of the “engaged” profile. DR

3. The entrepreneur profile

This profile aspires to acquire skills, to develop personally, likes to multiply the missions, with a freedom of action at the key. He appreciates small businesses, more from the private sector. He is attracted by the retail, e-commerce, sports and technology sectors. He considers it very important to be independent, to have total responsibility for the missions entrusted, to juggle with technologies and with schedules. Intrapreneurship suits him perfectly.

The characteristics of the “entrepreneur” profile.

The characteristics of the “entrepreneur” profile.DR

The company, they believe in it

Beyond this categorization, the EDHEC NewGen Talent Center survey reveals all the heterogeneity and complexity of these young people in the world of work. “Contrary to all expectations, they are very ambitious whatever their profile, comments Manuelle Malot, director of the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre. They want to put their ambition at the service of their convictions and above all they trust the company to change the world. »

91% of them say they have a positive view of companies, and this is particularly the case for nearly three-quarters of young workers. “This result is rather surprising when one would have thought that these profiles reject or are at odds with the business world”, emphasizes Manuelle Malot. Same positive attitude on the side of competitors (71%) and entrepreneurs (69%). According to the students interviewed, companies “have a great capacity for action on the world and on society, […] it's a heap of ideas, desires, dreams that come together in projects […] some bring a progressive perspective”. They go so far as to judge the business world as “exciting” (82%), “collaborative” (80%) and “modern” (80%).

The desire to participate in CSR challenges

But that's not all. They also believe 92% that companies are legitimate in addressing current social, societal and environmental challenges, for example in terms of working conditions, impact on the environment, the fight against corruption and respect for human rights. . The profiles involved are particularly attentive to ensuring that the company takes charge of these three issues. And if they can participate, that's even better.

“They see themselves as initiators of impact missions and that is why their preference is for companies that need them to make their CSR revolution, whether in sectors such as finance, banking or the luxury they target as a priority”, points Manuelle Malot who awards this youth the palm of courage.

However, this generation is not fooled. They also see the company as a complicated (75%), vertical (69%) and opaque (68%) world, unfair for 63% of employees, a “place of sometimes arbitrary hierarchical relationships […] not always honest” where reigns “hypocrisy, greed” quote some young people.


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