Nurture an environment of respect with the inclusion of transgender people in the company

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Nurture an environment of respect with the inclusion of transgender people in the company

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Through the inclusion of transgender people in the company, the message is clear: their organizational culture is inclusive and does not differentiate gender, race and particular options, but the person behind their choices. However, it is important to have a speech properly aligned with the profile of all employees. Hence, the importance of nurturing an environment of respect and complicity.

One of the biggest goals of any organization is to create a workplace that respects everyone, and that encourages collaboration between everyone. In that, we can talk about the inclusion of transgender people in the company.

After all, a harmonious and empathic environment avoids any kind of discrimination and promotes inclusion, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

And the reasons for encouraging inclusion of transgender people in the company are varied. Among them, discrimination is illegal. Therefore, any discriminatory practice or attitude must be restrained by HR and the organization's leaders.

But, legal issues aside, treating employees fairly, it's the right thing to do. And period. After all, a respectful workplace promotes a union culture.

Do you want to know how to add this type of value to your routine? Just continue with this reading about the inclusion of transgender people in the company!

An issue that must be addressed

It may have taken time, but many companies are catching up on addressing the issue and treating it naturally. It is even worth observing the study raised by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a group of LGBTQ research and defense, which points out the following: 83% of Fortune 500 companies have policies that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

Understand: the Fortune 500 is the list of Fortune Magazine, with a list that includes the main companies. Now, do you want an amazing comparison? In 2002, only 3% of these companies had the same policies.

The inclusion of transgender people in the company

HRC constantly updates a list with the bestbest companies for LGBTQ people to work. The body calls it Corporate Equality Index (CEI), highlighting the undertakings that maintain good anti-discrimination policies and practices.

In other words: the inclusion of transgender people in the company has been molding itself to the corporate routine more and more. It is not the expected happy and natural ending, but, as we have already said, it is a delay in consciousness that, at least, has been recovered.

Even so, many HR sectors are not sure how to act and react to work with the company. inclusion of transgender people. After all, it is not enough to simply write and implement new policies.

Training employees must be an initial task, among other measures – as we will see below!

The first steps towards creating a respectful workplace

For any guidance that a company needs to obtain from its employees, the most functional way out is training. Thus, ensuring compliance with non-discrimination policies is no exception.

All employees must, at a minimum, receive clear guidelines for appropriate and respectful behavior in the workplace. You should also advise them on the consequences of not complying with such policies.

To that end, these guidelines must be provided in a variety of ways – and that go beyond simple training and guidance. But in general, the education and training on gender identity and non-discrimination they can be formulated informally, and through brief discussions.

The composition of the training program, therefore, will depend on the circumstances surrounding the workplace. For example: if the company profile sees hiring a transgender person as something out of the ordinary.

These are questions that must be combated before even dealing with the inclusion of transgender people in the company. After all, if HR deals with the quality of life and well-being of its employees, any kind of discrimination must not exist before opening its doors to everyone.

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What to include in training

In addition to the questions above, some other situations can be implemented in your process of including transgender people in the company. Look at that!

Explain what gender identity is

Many people are unaware of the meaning of gender identity – or have misconceptions about the subject. Therefore, it is worth advising that it is the gender that a person identifies with, regardless of their biological sex.

Sometimes you can hear the term “Gender expression”. This refers to the appearance, mannerisms, style or clothing of the same person. For example: a person who wears makeup and long hair can be perceived as feminine, and a person who wears ties and cuts short hair can be perceived as masculine.

THE gender expression of a person may not necessarily correspond to biological sex at the time of birth.

Highlight the consequences of violating the non-discrimination policy

What happens if an employee violates the non-discrimination policy? Make sure you train everyone to be aware of disciplinary procedures, if they do not act according to the inclusion of transgender people in the company.

A good way to do this is to distribute the expected conduct in the company's communication channels, in meetings and in this informal training so that its employees know what is expected of their conduct and what the consequences will be if they do not follow these expectations.

The value of including transgender people in the company

If some of the employees are reluctant to accept the new policy, it may be useful to point out the financial benefits for the organization.

This is because discrimination not only exposes employers to costly lawsuits, but it harms you financially in other ways.

Here are just a few examples: companies that are victims of discrimination against LGBT employees find it difficult to recruit talent and retain employees. And, as is known, high turnover is a serious problem for the maintenance of the company.

Not to mention the obvious: companies that embrace discrimination – even if by complicity – have their reputation tarnished in the market. This can make it difficult to enter into new partnerships, amaze customers and, as already mentioned, remove professional talents from their selection processes and from day-to-day production.

The social problems that transgender people face in the workplace

We know, as much as we don't live in the skin, the difficulty that people face simply because they think differently from others. Transgender people also often experience harassment, such as the humiliation of being prevented from using the bathroom regarding the gender they identify with.

Not to mention jokes, provocations, rude comments or even threats from coworkers, all because it is different.

Remember, then, restrain any kind of situation from these. This is an elementary issue and it must be widely disseminated, internally, before starting to inclusion of transgender people in the company.

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