Online group dynamics: how-to guide and not to make mistakes

Online group dynamics: how-to guide and not to make mistakes

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With each passing day technology is the one that dictates the pace of companies. Whether to streamline the execution of tasks or to optimize processes such as selective ones. One of the options that has gained strength in recent years is the online group dynamics.

Very common in the traditional talent recruitment and selection processes in general, in person, the group dynamics is a test to measure skills such as:

  • team work,
  • problem solving ability,
  • candidates' proactivity.

With the emergence of online group dynamics the company recreates this scenario that is so prevalent in recruitment without requiring candidates to travel to the company. Thus, it ends up making the hiring process, in this regard, more fast, economical and effective.

But what precautions does HR need to take to promote online group dynamics?

To try to answer that question in this article we are going to talk about:

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What is online group dynamics?

Group dynamics can be described as a set of activities that bring together people in order to encourage interaction and teamwork.

It is commonly used in face-to-face selection processes, where the company places candidates side by side to measure part of their skills in practice. Like for example:

  • the ability to work as a team,
  • empathy with others,
  • ease of communication,
  • leadership and etc.

In the case of online group dynamics, the concept is the same, however, it uses digital communication tools.

That is, instead of candidates being side by side, physically speaking, they will be gathered online, on platforms such as:

  • Hangout,
  • Zoom,
  • Skype or others.

In practice, what differentiates the online group dynamics from the face-to-face group is the medium used to carry out the activity.

The main objectives of the organization, with the online group dynamics, is to achieve save time and money, thus streamlining the selection process.

Digital selection process: what does the market say?

A survey by Instituto Locomotiva, in partnership with Cia de Talentos and Access Digital, revealed that 95% of professionals working in the HR sector see 100% digital hiring as a trend that is here to stay.

97% of them believe that the digital universe expands the possibilities both in terms of savings in selection processes and in the attraction and selection of talents.

In this scenario, we can insert the online group dynamics that has become a trend, mainly with the impacts brought by Covid-19 in the business environment.

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What are the dynamic advantages of online group?

The online group dynamics provide numerous advantages, both for the company and for the employee. Below we have selected some of the main benefits.

  • economy in the organization of the activity;
  • ease in selecting candidates from different locations, as it avoids travel;
  • possibility to create meetings, tests and extra meetings without having to increase the costs of the selection process;

What to look out for in an online group dynamic?

In addition to care in the sense of organization and planning, in the online group dynamics the company must also pay attention to the careful assessment that this process must follow, following the same line as a face-to-face activity.

This is what will make all the difference so that it is possible to discard candidates who are not within the professional profile of the company and select those who have the skills and competences envisioned.

We already talked about this in the article “How to create a selection process schedule in 7 steps”, but below we have selected some points for you recruiter to be careful not to make a mistake in your assessment during the online group dynamics .:

  • Consider whether the candidate is committed or not taking into account possible delays in the time scheduled for the dynamic;
  • Keep an eye on the candidate's lack of preparation, such as ignorance of the company history in which he is applying;
  • Evaluate possible mistakes in London;
  • Analyze ethics and respect for other candidates;

How to do group dynamics online?

The company that adopts group dynamics online in its day-to-day needs to pay the same attention to this process that it would have in person.

It is essential for this activity to be effective, for the company to take some precautions and prepare properly.

We can highlight in this preparation:

  • Choice of a suitable tool;
  • Pre-planning of the tests to be applied;
  • Definition of a good structure for the meeting;
  • Have quality equipment;
  • Opt for an environment conducive to online dating;
  • Meeting recording.

Each of these points can be a great differentiator for the online group dynamics to have quality and be effective.

Choosing a suitable tool

It is essential to be concerned with a platform that can bring together candidates without the need for long registration.

Evaluate media such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Hangout, Skype and others that allow group calls quickly and easily.

The idea is to facilitate access to candidates and, if possible, opt for free tools that meet the company's needs.

Pre-planning of the tests to be applied

If your company already performs group dynamics, it is important to adapt some activities to the online universe.

The idea is not to discard what you already do, but to adapt the process and tests for the remote environment.

Definition of a good structure for the meeting

A good idea is useless if it is not well executed. Thus, it is necessary that the recruiter has a good internet. This prevents the encounter from having signal fluctuations and even from being interrupted, hindering the flow of dynamics.

Have quality equipment

Another important point on how to do group dynamics online is to choose a camera and a handset that will provide a good experience to the candidates and facilitate the management throughout the process, leaving a good impression of the company in the market.

Opt for an enabling environment for online dating

Just as in the classroom, the environment can make candidates more at ease, in the virtual world it is no different.

In this case, the recruiter must choose a quiet location, without noise and without external interference.

Meeting recording

A good alternative, viable in the online environment, is the possibility of recording the dynamics. This contributes to the manager reevaluate the conversation and tests later and even ask for help from other managers to hire the perfect candidate for the vacancy.

Technological evolution is not an option, it is a necessity

Technological evolution within companies was already growing rapidly and with the pandemic this process was even more accelerated.

This is because many companies have had to adapt their processes to run them remotely, digitally.

The recruitment process was one of those that needed to surrender to technology and today many companies opt for digital selection throughout the entire hiring process.

Along this path, an activity that gained momentum was online group dynamics.

As we saw in the data exposed in this article, more than 95% of HRs believe in this dominance of a 100% digital selection process, and recognize that this scenario is a reality and will dominate the market.

It is clear that like any novelty, it is essential to promote this type of activity, such as online group dynamics, in an organized manner so that this process works effectively in the virtual environment.

After all, worse than not following trends is not using them correctly.

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