Online payslip: what are the benefits of the digital model?

Online payslip: what are the benefits of the digital model?

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Online payslip is a digital document issued by companies that proves the payment of their employees' salaries for the services provided. Its issuance can facilitate financial control both on the part of the company and on the side of the employee.

Among the most common models of payslip – online and printed – oo online payslip has become the favorite of companies for streamlining and automate processes issuing the document.

It is through online payslip that the company can have control over your routines.

Thus, it is possible to minimize unnecessary expenses and avoid possible labor lawsuits. Since it is necessary to be attentive to what is deducted from the employees' payroll.

On the other hand, the online pay stub is fundamental for the employee as a way of proof of income for financing, opening accounts, loans and etc..

With online payslip, everything is made easier. The employee himself will have access to his documents at the time he needs, without as much bureaucracy as in printed payslip. Follow our post and understand everything about online payslip!

Benefits of online payslip

With the evolution of technology and the need for companies in optimize the time of your bureaucracies, online pay stub appears as a solution.

We have selected some of the main advantages that companies have when adopting the issue of online payslip in their daily lives such as:

  1. time saving;
  2. quick access to documents;
  3. decrease in human errors;
  4. storage facility;
  5. agility in the search process;
  6. greater budgetary control.

Time saving

Optimizing the time of professionals is one of the main functions of online pay stub.

Management software can help companies payslip bureaucracies are reduced. In this way, new possibilities are opened up for professionals in the personal department dedicate themselves to strategic actions and other tasks.

Quick access to documents

Online payslip allows greater speed of access to documentation both on the part of the personnel department and the professionals.

With a digital document it is possible to have in the palm of your hands by means of a PC, tablet or cell phone, all the information that years ago was only possible in print.

In addition, with online payslip it is simpler to correct errors and, consequently, speed up calculations and automate reporting.

Systems and software only allow professionals to enter a few numbers and accounts are made automatically.

Decrease in human errors

Legal problems and labor fines, these are the greatest precautions that DP professionals need to foresee when issuing payslips. Online payslip decreases manual labor and minimizes the chances of human error.

Its electronic processes follow a basic model, where most things work in an automated way, reducing the possibility of wrong accounts, wrong data and so on.

Ease of storage

In addition to reducing costs, the online pay stub allows you to digital storage of the document, offering greater security to companies.

The computerization of the process, in addition to reducing printing costs, avoiding loss and loss of documents, contributes to the organization of the personnel department.

The old papers that generated a large accumulation in the HR sector and that could be lost at some point, are kept in a online system.

Agility in the search process

While collecting data from a professional via a printed pay stub can take hours and days, with the online pay stub the personal department can access it quickly.

In a few minutes and at any time, through a more accessible search engine, you can find what you are looking for quickly and agile.

Greater budget control

Saving and having total control over your cash flow is essential for the company to be able to plan its budget.

Online payslip when integrated with another online system, can generate financial reports in an easy way so that the HR department can clearly visualize the expenses.

In this way, it also helps in information sharing between sectors and the company's accountant.

Knowing expenses, costs and investments accurately, gives managers the power to make decisions about cuts, new hires and promotions.

What does the law say about generating paychecks online?

The issue of payslip is not mandatory, despite the Article 464 quote the delivery of the receipt receipt for the signed payment.

However, in the following paragraph it is reiterated that the deposit receipt in the account removes the obligation of a signed document.

Therefore, online payslip is allowed and digital distribution is legal. This is because it follows the sole paragraph of article 464, since we can take into account that the majority of payments by CLT are currently made via deposit by companies. Check the law!

Art. 464 – Payment of salary must be made against receipt, signed by the employee; in the case of being illiterate, by means of his fingerprint, or, if this is not possible, at his request.

Single paragraph. The receipt of deposit in a bank account, opened for that purpose in the name of each employee, with the employee's consent, at a credit establishment close to the workplace, will have the receipt strength. (Paragraph included by Law No. 9,528, dated 12.10.1997)

Art. 465. Payment of wages will be made on working days and at the place of work, within the hours of the service or immediately after the end of the service.

If you still have doubts about what the law says about the distribution of payslip online, we recommend that you check out this video:

What information should be included in the online pay stub?

THE Issuing an online pay stub requires a lot of attention from the personal department so that there is no lack of information that could harm the company in the future.

Based on all discounts and deductions, some data needs to be broken down in the online pay stub, just as they were described in the printed pay stub.

Find out the information needed to build the payslip online:

  • Company data;
  • Contractor data;
  • Gross salary amount.
  • Number of days worked;
  • Values ​​and percentages of deductions and receipts;
  • Percentages of deductions and receipts;
  • Union contribution;
  • EHIC discounts;
  • Percentage of transportation vouchers;
  • Advances;
  • Overtime.

How to choose the best system

Even knowing online payslip benefits, many people have doubts about which system is best. Therefore, it is very important that the company pay attention to some details according to the current situation of the company. to close with some online solution.

For example: if your company has a large number of employees and needs the speed of the system in issuing the document, the less effort, the greater the agility and automation of processes.

How will they be distributed? Some solutions, such as HR Consultant UK, for example, allow shipments are made even via WhatsApp, facilitating distribution.

So, the more possibilities you have to distribute payslips online, less bureaucracy and more time optimization. Knowing the possibilities of the new system to be implemented is also fundamental for everyone to have ease to use it.

If possible, check with the company that provides the solution for the possibility of receiving training on the system that will be implemented. Thus, all professionals in the responsible sector are fit for use.

Generate online payslip = optimize processes

Adopting online payslip is a way of controlling the personnel department in relation to the organization of your documents and measurement of costs. Having control of expenses is essential to keep the budget up to date, without surprises.

Another fundamental point that the online payslip offers is the automation of processes. Streamlining work is what all companies are currently looking for. An unremitting struggle to reduce bureaucracy and a greater focus on the strategic part.

In addition, payslip is a fundamental document also for minimize the chances of labor lawsuits. Through it, the employee can have in hand all the details of the amount he is entitled for the work performed, with its due discounts.

Innovate not to lose talent

Innovating in the company's processes directly affects the employees' routine. If the changes are positive, the team is satisfied and strengthens the company as a whole.

Get to know the tool HR Consultant UKy and learn how the system that implements the on-demand payment, that is, the employees of a company can anticipate part of their wages when they need it.

This tool is changing the way employees deal with their wages and generating more job satisfaction and motivation.

HR Consultant UKy can be one of the most valued benefits for those who work at your company. Talk to an expert and learn more!

Did you have any questions? Leave your comment in the post that will help you understand more about the topic.



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