Online personal department: what is it, what is the importance and how to invest?

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Online personal department: what is it, what is the importance and how to invest?

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The online personal department is a mandatory response to the digital transformation that has impacted society. Through the use of online solutions, the sector becomes more productive, agile and analytical, actively contributing to the maintenance of the well-being and the level of satisfaction of all company employees.

THE Deloitte conducted a study recently and pointed out that the online personal department it is a recurring concern for industry experts.

According to the study, 56% of leaders in the human resources sector are already eyeing digital tools that contribute to the integration of data and processes.

I.e: the modernization of the sector based on the main market trends, leaving the more strategic online personal department, less bureaucratic and mechanical, and much more productive.

However, this proportion can still be very uneven for the market, as a whole, to invest solidly in a good online personal department. And you can imagine that everyone has to benefit from it.

That's how we thought about the content of this post! In the next topics, we will explore the importance of a personal online department, nowadays, and point out the benefits and the path of the stones to start your planning. Check it out, and get inspired by our suggestions!

What does an online personal department mean?

Whether your company has already been digitized or is still in transition to the process – which, we are convinced, is irreversible -, you must have already noticed the exponential increase in data that the HR sector has to deal with, today.

It is a combination of employee data, current labor laws, individual and collective performances, indices and metrics for the sector to identify needs and opportunities … And all of this happening in real time.

No wonder, who in their right mind can handle all of this, at the same time, and yet in a productive, efficient and agile way? Impossible, right?

Hence, the paramount relevance of the online personnel department: having, at your disposal, the solutions that automate these processes and value your professionals as analytical and strategic elements.

Only then, they can support digital demand without going crazy, taking the position to identify opportunities, monitor performance and anticipate solutions and trends.

Have the assignments of the personnel department changed over time?

O online or analog personal department still retains its main duties, such as:

  • time control, to ensure the attendance of employees and fair payment of hours worked;
  • organization and distribution of vacations, along the calendar, so that everyone can rest and also keep the company productive and with the least possible number of absences throughout the year;
  • compilation, organization and accountability of the labor documents of each employee and also of the company itself;
  • exchange of information with the federal government.

Therefore, through new technologies, the organization equips itself with solutions capable of automating a large part of these processes – or their stages – adding more value to your team's productive time.

As a consequence, a department that is already so relevant to the company assumes a greater role.

What are the benefits of investing in the online personal department?

Do not think that this type of investment is a differential that companies can afford to make: the online personal department is a consolidated truth – a trend that is here to stay.

And continuous improvement in that workflow can pay off benefits to employees, management and company results. He doubts? So, check out, below, the main benefits of investing in digital transformation for your personal department:

  • processes become more agile;
  • the execution of errors is reduced, considering that the company can automate tasks prone to errors;
  • employees improve their countenances and work with more satisfaction. And that old equation is worth it: happy employees work more – and better – at the company;
  • the sector is efficiently organized, being able to anticipate demands and contingencies;
  • talent retention and attraction can become a reality, considering that the online personal department it will add more value to the sector and the company. The level of satisfaction increases with this, and allows employees to want to grow with the company.

Did you see how the positives are as wide as they are diversified, considerably increasing the added value of your brand in the market?

Why should the personnel department keep up with trends?

Have you heard in terms like industry 4.0 and marketing 4.0? These are concepts linked to the new revolution undertaken in both sectors.

And do you know what they have in common? Both were driven by the digital transformation. As a result, the market has been transformed considerably. The industry, for example, is literally witnessing its fourth revolution, which proceeds as follows:

  • the use of steam engines;
  • scale production;
  • electricity in the industrial production process.

Digital technology is the central element of change. Not by chance, it invaded other sectors that have also evolved throughout history. Or do you think the online personal department is the first discussion about the development of this sector? Look at what has happened in recent years:

  • in the mid-20th century, the personnel department was a strictly bureaucratic, focused on the labor relationship between the employee and the employer;
  • the next stage, already in the second half of the same century, started to consolidate the human resource as a valuable asset, and not just a labor tool.

Now, we have the digital revolution to aggregate valuable data and information, in real time and in an integrated manner, so that the online personal department excels and can work actively in the sustainable and gradual growth of the company.

Where can the online personal department be applied?

In order to make the difference between executing the online personal department, below we will highlight some tasks and processes that can be optimized through different solutions, such as good management software. Are they:

  • preparation of reports on performances and metrics previously stipulated;
  • payroll;
  • time control (in addition to the maintenance and calculation of overtime and the hour bank);
  • management of the salaries and benefits of each employee;
  • monitoring of the employee's entire workday (such as costs related to layoffs);
  • organization of professionals' vacations;
  • composition and shipping of payslip.

That way, look for the solutions that most have to do with the objectives, needs and challenges that your company faces seeking alignment to create or strengthen the online personal department.

So, there will be no lack insights for your company to grow gradually, always prepared to anticipate emergencies, consolidate processes and make your HR specialists focus on what is most important for the organization: your human resources.

And then, it was definitely to be enchanted with the value that odpersonal online apartment have to bring to the day-to-day of your enterprise? If you have any questions, or have stories and experiences to share, leave a comment in the field below!



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