Online personal loan: what it is, how to use it and credit benefits!

Online personal loan: what it is, how to use it and credit benefits!

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THE personal loan online is a type of credit that has become popular in the country due to two main factors: low bureaucracy and simplicity for making the amount available needy.

On a daily basis, it is common that we have to make real financial juggles so that the accounts fit into the budget of the month. And, sometimes, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of planning, this mathematics does not hit the tip of the pencil – which can expose the need to obtain a personal loan online.

This type of credit has guaranteed some conveniences such as lower rates than other types of loans, such as overdraft.

In addition, the ease of applying for the personal loan online is another attraction.

Let's see, then, the reasons why you should, at least, know this type of credit as an alternative to get out of debts?

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What is online personal loan?

Online personal loan is a type of credit that has become popular in the country due to two main factors:

  • low bureaucracy;
  • simplicity for providing the required amount.

In addition to offering lower rates than other options, such as the aforementioned overdraft. With that, people acquired a practical and convenient way to get out of debt.

And the practicality it is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this type of service. After all, direct application through financial institutions is often overly bureaucratic. And it takes time, something that many people do not have in abundance, and it also goes through the sieve and the evaluation of the financial analyst at that institution.

If the bank in question considers your request to be high risk, the request is denied. And even when approved, the loan by traditional means usually takes a few days to fall into your account.

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In turn, online personal lending circumvents all of these procedures and obstacles, reducing the distance between your needs and the desired amount.

Once debts have entered your life, the sooner they do, the better.

With this modality, time is no longer an obstacle: you can make your personal loan online via computer or smartphone, without the need to leave the house.

Is taking out a personal loan online safe?

Unlike a loan from a moneylender, this transaction is legal and also shrouded in security.

Of course, you have to do a lot of research until you find the company that conveys confidence and professionalism to deliver the promised services.

In addition, today's technological means are as secure as a face-to-face transaction.

You will need to submit documents – albeit digitally – to obtain the personal loan online. This is a measure that adds security for you and also for those who will grant you the credit.

When to apply for a personal loan online?

In general, as it is a fast, practical and less costly option, when compared to traditional lending modalities, this can be an attractive option for settle large debts and / or with high interest rates and fines, or to get out of default and achieve short-term financial goals.

A good example of this is having financial planning to deal with smaller debts and, over time, accumulating more resources for a bigger goal and for the future.

To help, we recommend that you read the article; “8 tips to save money: new habits for everyday life””.

Are there guarantees for granting the loan?

Do one comparison between the rates charged by traditional banks and the institutions that offer the personal loan online. In general, the second option has much more attractive indexes, summed up in debts that will accumulate with less severity, over time.

It is also worth noting that this type of business does not require guarantees. There is no need to have an alienated asset to the institution that will grant the credit to you, therefore.

What exists, in turn, is a profile analysis to ensure, at least, that you will honor financial commitments to the institution with which you closed the personal loan.

What about the rates for a personal loan online?

Pay attention to all the conditions offered by the institution with which you are considering the personal loan online. This is because, although interest rates are relatively lower than those practiced by banking institutions, these indices can vary from 2 to 18% per month.

However, there may be other fees that you have to pay attention to. The most common of these is the collection of the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations).

Keep an eye out if companies charge fees other than these.

In addition, you have to have at least other issues to look out for when applying for a personal loan online, such as:

  • bank account that has been in existence for at least one year;
  • be over 18 years of age;
  • have a proof of income.

There are some issues until your loan is analyzed and granted, yes, but with the advantage of not even having to leave the house and having the money in your account much faster – not to mention that approval or refusal happens almost immediately.

In some cases, this modality allows personal loan for those who do not have proof of income. In such cases it is necessary to connect your bank account with the system of the financial institution for which you are applying for the loan. It can do credit analysis through this mechanism.


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Another (even better) option to escape debt

It must have been clear how simple it is to take out personal loans online and, who knows, get a practical and less expensive tool to renegotiate your debts and improve your financial conditions, right?

But did you know that there is another way to do this even cheaper and faster?

If you works or owns a business know that the organization can contribute a lot to help its employees pay off their debts.

Taking care of the financial health of employees will guarantee:

  • more productivity;
  • lower turnover rates;
  • less stress at work, and bring many other benefits.

So, how about taking a super strategic tip to the company's management?

HR Consultants UKy is a system that allows companies to adopt the salary model on demand.

This is a corporate benefit offered to employees, which aims to:

Consequently, reduces company expenses with layoffs and labor agreement.

Integration is quick and simple. As soon as your employees register, they can make withdrawals immediately.


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Talk to an expert and discover even more gains that your company can make by offering a benefit like HR Consultants UKy.

Still in doubt? So, check out this other related article, which has all the tips to help your employees not get into debt.

Now, we want to hear a little more from you: if you have any experience on the subject or want to take any questions that we have not solved throughout this post, leave a comment in the field below. So, we can expand this discussion on the subject and make the post even more complete!



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