Online recruitment: what is this method why to adopt in the company?

Online recruitment: what is this method why to adopt in the company?

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It is not new that HR has undergone several transformations in recent years. Every day, new technologies are implemented to optimize the department's routines and make it more agile. One of the processes that changed the most was the hiring of employees, which gained much more efficiency with the online recruitment.

Today, it is unthinkable to deliver resumes door to door to get a job, but that was the reality of the market not so long ago. And that was not the only impact: it was also easier to interview, apply tests and even decide who will be hired.

Thinking about it, we show in this article the main advantages of online recruitment and why it is worth adopting in the company. Want to know more? Check out everything below!

What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment it is a method of selecting professionals in which most of the steps are done over the internet. The announcement of the vacancy, communications, tests and the first interviews are carried out remotely, without face-to-face contact with the candidate. Face-to-face conversations are left just for the final step.

In order to apply the method properly, the company must implement a series of processes and tools, in addition to taking due care to minimize negative impacts (yes, they do exist!).

One of the biggest risks is making the process totally impersonal. As much as technology facilitates the progress of the stages, a face-to-face conversation with the finalist candidates is essential to get to know them more in depth.

Not knowing how to use digital tools correctly is also a common mistake in many companies. Before adopting online recruitment, all HR members must be trained to achieve take 100% advantage of the chosen platforms. Only then will the desired efficiency be achieved by the department.

Among the most used technological resources in online recruitment are:

  • social networks;
  • job posting platforms;
  • video call software;
  • technical and behavioral tests online.

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What are the advantages of online recruitment?

O online recruitment has several advantages over offline. See below the main benefits of implementing this hiring model in your company.

Attract more candidates with the ideal profile

Through the internet, the reach power in the search for candidates is much greater and more targeted. The best professionals are online, whether on social networks or on job posting platforms.

In addition, there is a much wider range of channels for professional connections. That way, the company can advertise the vacancy only in segmented channels, where it knows that it will find people who are really qualified for a certain position.

More efficient CV screening

At the online recruitment, the screening of received curricula is done by specific filters, such as keyword, training or level of experience. There is no need to print or read the resumes one by one. The technology is in charge of finding the most suitable profiles to proceed with the selection process.

Another interesting advantage in this initial stage is to avoid duplicate curricula. When received manually, many candidates send the CV twice, which delays the recruiter's work. This problem does not exist on vacancy sites, as they have mechanisms that prevent repeated submission.

More inputs to evaluate candidates

In traditional selection processes, HR did not have a solid information base to analyze the candidates. Everything was decided only on the basis of the recruiter's view of what the professional presented throughout the stages.

Already in online recruitment, there are several tools that can help HR and make a better decision. The candidate's own social networks already give clues about his behavioral profile.

Other features, like online testing, gamification, artificial intelligence and People Analytics can also be applied in the selection process to generate data and make the decision more strategic.

Always up-to-date data

Before recruiting online, companies received printed CVs in Word or PDF files, and set up a talent bank with these documents. The problem is that, many times, when HR tried to contact the candidates, it realized that the data was out of date, making the process more difficult.

Today the talent bank effect on online platforms, with the data filled in by the candidates themselves. That way, he can enter and update his resume himself, making it easier for recruiters.

Easier management of the selection process

In the past, the entire management of the selection process it was done on paper or by spreadsheets. This means a high manual workload, which demands a lot of time and attention from the team.

At the online recruitment, the progress of the steps is automated, which makes management easier. It is possible to view in a simple way all open vacancies, deadlines and observations through an integrated platform. Everything is done with few clicks and more efficiency.

Improve candidate experience

Provide a attractive experience to the candidate is one of the biggest advantages of online recruiting. More and more, HR needs to develop interesting journeys for employees, and this starts even before they enter the company.

A modern and dynamic selection process is the best business card to strengthen the attraction of talents and the employer brand of the organization.

Reduce costs

O online recruitment has a great cost-benefit compared to offline. Publicizing vacancies over the internet requires a minimum investment, as opposed to outsourcing this service or searching for spaces in newspapers or public murals.

Candidates also benefit from this model. Since most steps are done remotely, they save on printing resumes, envelopes and commuting.

In addition, through the internet they are able to contact several companies at the same time, which increases their chances of winning an opportunity.

In the face of so many benefits, it is undeniable that online recruitment is here to stay. Now that you are familiar with the subject, how about putting what you have learned into practice?

If your company still carries out traditional selection processes, try introducing technological tools and conducting the steps remotely. With that, your hiring will surely be much faster and more accurate!

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