Opening of the CES: the 3 most sought-after jobs to work in a responsible Tech

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Le CES ouvre ses portes aujourd'hui dans un format inédit sous l'effet de la pandémie de Covid-19.

Table of Contents

Posted on Jan 11, 2021, 12:00 PMUpdated Jan 11, 2021, 1:23 PM

First of all, it should be noted that if the aptly named “Tech for Good” took off in 2021, like many sectors also driven by powerful economic performance, the real explosion took place. in 2021. It is in fact becoming impossible today for an innovative start-up not to highlight the legitimacy of its raison d'être, such as the relevance of its commitments …

For the better… but also sometimes for the worse, since we are witnessing in mirror what I like to call a “reason to be washing”; namely technological nuggets which work enormously – on the surface – their CSR discourse, to the detriment of a corporate culture and / or internal functioning still marked by bad practices: gender inequalities, lack of recycling policy or waste treatment… It will be up to investment funds, more and more concerned with responsible commitments, to shift the focus slightly from the simple offer (does my product or service really improve the world?) to the good one. full respect of the ecological and social criteria used to achieve this.

For example, the American digital giant Apple has just announced that it has added social and environmental responsibility criteria in the calculation of the bonuses of its senior managers: a fundamental initiative, unprecedented in this sector, which I hope, will soon make children, including in London!


Circular economy as a driving force for responsible technological innovation. Digital is a tremendous lever for development in the service of this economy (it has come to replace the new mobility sector, unfortunately strongly impacted by the current crisis)

Investment funds that take responsibility on the subject, in particular by creating monetary envelopes dedicated to the most committed innovations (the amounts allocated and raised remain much lower in this sector, but the subject is becoming more and more significant, which bodes well for the coming months )

– The integration of social and environmental criteria in job descriptions digital, and in compensation calculations!


Brand content manager

Offering a service, a responsible product on the web, is to develop a brand but also to raise awareness. It therefore has a dual mission: to define the tone of the brand and to carry out advocacy campaigns to raise awareness among consumers, suppliers, public authorities, etc. It will in particular:

– Design and implement the speaking strategy and action plan;

– Define and follow the editorial calendar;

– Organize advocacy campaigns;

– Contribute to SEO referencing.

Required skills: excellent writing skills, advanced notions in digital marketing, good knowledge of CSR and sustainable development.

Recommended route: literary or political science training.

Remuneration: 35 to 45K Pounds per year on average – 2 to 3 years of professional experience.

Producer relations manager

Many platforms are now seeking to strengthen short circuits. For this, it is necessary to identify and develop relationships with producers.

The mission: to guarantee the company's relations with its producers both on the quality of the partnerships and on the products sold. In particular, he must:

– Monitor and guarantee the quality of partnerships on a daily basis: meet the needs of producers, monitor purchasing management, process quality, product availability, etc.;

– Improve sourcing: search for new products to expand ranges and ensure volume supply.

Required skills: excellent knowledge of sectors and related social and environmental issues (this can be textile or agricultural, for example, depending on the sector of activity) + good knowledge of logistics and supply concepts + good interpersonal skills and diplomacy.

Recommended route: Engineering school, agricultural or textile studies.

Remuneration: 55 to 70K Pounds per year on average – from 6 years of experience.

Lead User Acquisition

Many projects that develop online do so through apps.

Its mission: to develop the number of acquisitions of these apps. In particular, he must:

– Manage daily campaigns and optimize ROI;

– Set up acquisition strategies on the different platforms;

– Follow the budget.

Required skills: excellent mastery of digital marketing + mastery of acquisition platforms and good knowledge of attribution tools + ease of understanding data. Good analytical mind. General culture on social and environmental subjects. Culture “geeks”.

Recommended path: Bac +5, with training in IT, data or digital marketing.

Remuneration: 47 to 57 K Pounds per year on average – from 5 years of experience.


“Show that you work daily on your dual digital culture and sustainable development, through relevant and effective monitoring. In this sector in particular, projects and trends change very quickly. Properly informed, you can then quickly make a difference by bringing new ideas and content to the recruiter. “



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