Organizational and work psychology: understand more about the area

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Organizational and work psychology: understand more about the area

Table of Contents

With the organizational and work psychology, the HR sector acquires a very important specialization to deal with job well-being and employee satisfaction, which becomes continuously better performance rates.

For this, it is important that your department deeply understands what it intends to aim for with a performance close to the professional of organizational and work psychology.

And that's why we created this post!

In the next topics, we will discuss how much organizational and work psychology has significant space in its institutional structure – it can be a valuable asset for everyone.

Good reading!

What is organizational and work psychology?

Organizational psychology was designed to ensure alignment with the company's objectives and the behavioral profile of its employees.

With that, there is harmony in the productive day-to-day, which tends to increase performance of employees.

In addition, traditionally, this area of ​​knowledge in psychology offered the company an identification of the professional profile that is decisive for the growth of the organization.

After all, it is no secret that people without the profile sought by the organizational culture have more difficulties in generating familiarity and identification with the way of acting and reacting to the challenges of everyday life.

Over time, however, organizational and work psychology has evolved, as has society as a whole.

It is not enough just to focus on the results that the company wants, but rather to compose a greater concern with the quality of life and the well-being of its professionals.

It is their happiness and motivation, then, that stimulate better results for the organization.

Within this new thinking, organizational psychology and work psychology, although interconnected, are different concepts.

The first, as we highlighted in its traditional concept, is associated with the company.

The second, on the other hand, has more to do with the professional's relationship with the work environment in question.

An example: for the rural worker, the field is his environment. Then, the psychology of work begins to associate the relationship of people with the place where they develop their activities. To this end, its safety and health is aimed at, regardless of where it carries out its work.

How does organizational and work psychology work?

Just as we use psychology in HR, organizational and work psychology deals directly with labor issues through behavioral actions and reactions.

The professional of organizational and work psychology, therefore, will exercise a comprehensive action to evaluate not only the workplace, but:

  • the environment itself;
  • the profile of employees;
  • the relationship of people with the corporate day-to-day.

Within this complex corporate relationship, the psychologist can play a decisive role in a series of internal processes, such as:

  • recruitment and selection of professionals, who can make an in-depth assessment of the candidates, and based on the mapping carried out by your human resources team;
  • job development from a diagnosis of opportunities and needs within the company – something that can be done, for example, from surveys with employees to understand the level of satisfaction;
  • institutional diagnosis, which has a lot to do with the above. Organizational and work psychology also structures the degree of employee engagement, which allows an understanding of what the company has done right (and what it can still do) to create a pleasant environment for everyone;
  • Worker's health. The focus here is on assessing overall quality of life, as well as well-being, to ensure the physical and mental health of the workforce. Another concern that is intensifying is related to the financial health of employees;
  • onboarding actions with the newly hired employee;
  • assist in the prevention of work-related illnesses;
  • prevent conflicts within the company.

In other words: it is a position that complements everything that the human resources sector already practices. With the difference that he is a psychologist specializing in this area.

Therefore, it is quite a differentiator to enrich the management of people practiced in your company.

What are the benefits of investing in work and organizational psychology?

So far, we have seen that organizational and work psychology is a valuable asset for the human resources department. And, with its differentiated performance, the company and employees are benefited.

And it is worth pointing out that, even from the activities performed by this professional, the benefits are already revealed. Even so, it is worth pointing them out:

Realize, here, that they are actions focused on their own professionals. This diverges, in great proportions, from the initially debated idea of ​​organizational psychology.

With people management present and active in the corporate day-to-day, human resources professionals and psychology auxiliary arms have developed theories that professional care is more profitable.

Therefore, it is important to identify these and other actions as investments, and not costs for the organization's budget.

Just take as an example the benefit we mentioned of high turnover. When there are many layoffs and hires, the costs are proportionally high – not to mention the negative reputation for the company.

Thus, the investment in organizational and work psychology makes the cost reduction happen, and the company's indexes improve continuously.

It is a positive point for the company, without a doubt, and with a focus on the quality of life of its professionals!

Searching for ways to reduce financial stress for employees is one of the most current ways of dealing with problems such as:

  • employee turnover;
  • demotivation;
  • low productivity among others.

For this, your company does not necessarily need to increase salaries, but rather invest in new remuneration models such as salary on demand.

20 million UK citizens are tied to overdraft and 91% of employees expect new payment methods. The preferred solution is a digital platform.

So look for solutions like HR Consultant UKy a new HR Consultant UK's on-demand salary product, can help your company to make the quality of life of employees better and the motivation for working high.

Companies in all sectors can offer this corporate benefit to employees and grow in loyalty and productivity, without having to increase their costs and expenses.

On-demand pay is the answer to the question: how to decrease your turnover, increase your productivity and attract more talent? As a result, it also reduces company expenses with layoffs and labor agreements.

Integration is quick and simple. As soon as your employees register, they can make withdrawals immediately.

Talk to an expert and discover even more gains that your company can make by offering a benefit like HR Consultant UKy.

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