Organizational climate concept: EVERYTHING you need to know about the subject

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Organizational climate concept: EVERYTHING you need to know about the subject

Table of Contents

O organizational climate concept consists of an indicator of employee satisfaction and general members of a company, in relation to different aspects that make up its organizational culture, mainly those that directly affect the quality of your work environment.

This term is gaining more and more visibility within companies, which seek to understand how the concept of organizational climate and the work environment can significantly affect the employee performance.

Determining what organizational climate is is not a simple task, as it is subjective. Each company has a different organizational climate, which is perceived in different ways by each employee. That's because they have:

  • different environments;
  • different perspectives;
  • individual aspirations and expectations.

Therefore, tools such as organizational climate surveys are applied to make a survey and identify the main characteristics that define this atmosphere.

Follow, in the following post, the concept of organizational climate and understand how a coherent climate to the strategic planning and culture of the company, can contemplate these organizational variables and transform the satisfaction and performance employees.

What is the concept of organizational climate?

Organizational climate is the collective perception of the organization, which affects the quality of the work environment, and, consequently, the satisfaction and performance of employees.

Through different experiences, the employee creates an impression that may or may not favor the climate of the shared environment. Among these variables are:

As the organization is composed of people with different interests, particular ways of life, different personal and professional attitudes, it is unlikely that all of them have the same interpretations and opinions about the concept of organizational climate. That’s why working with your application is so important for:

Examples of organizational climate

Companies like Google and Facebook are examples of organizational climate. Following their respective cultures, the companies created:

  • more pleasant environments;
  • offered alternative spaces for rest and leisure;
  • made flexible working hours available;
  • made autonomy and more freedom available.

Obviously the solution is not so simple. It is not enough to color the environment and buy a playstation to relax. The dynamics of the organizational climate are much more complex and need to be aligned with the components of the organizational culture.

Currently, companies that are not working on the concept of organizational climate already suffer from competitive disadvantages, and, in the long run, the company's sustainability may be compromised.

How to define the organizational climate and set up a Climate Survey?

Defining what the organizational climate is and evaluating it means seeking to know what the employees' feelings, desires and thoughts are about the company.

The most used and reliable tool for this task is the Organizational weather research.

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What is organizational climate research?

It is a valuable tool for managing the organizational climate, as it allows:

  • make an internal and external analysis of the organization;
  • measure employee satisfaction status;
  • analyze under what conditions the yield will influence the final productivity.

Knowing such characteristics, the research is able to trace with intelligence actions aimed at maximum contentment of the company's workforce, offering conditions for continuous improvement of results.

Purpose of the organizational climate survey

Undoubtedly, the ultimate objective of the organizational climate survey is strengthen relations with the employee. This way, assertively provide opportunities for development or repairs that lead to an adequate and healthy work environment.

Analysis of the organizational climate survey

A climate survey assesses, among others:

  • whether the company is seen as a good place to work in the opinion of employees;
  • what are the factors that make employees feel motivated or unmotivated;
  • whether there is a feeling of belonging and sharing common goals;
  • the opinion of employees on people management practices in the company;
  • the existence or not of the correct practice of delegating tasks by managers;
  • if everyone knows and shares the company's mission, vision and values;
  • whether managers are trained for their duties;
  • whether there is a balance between personal and professional life;
  • how relationships within the company occur;
  • how is the company's internal communication.

What does organizational climate research avoid?

A well-applied climate survey can identify a number of Adverse reactions, resulting from a bad organizational climate, such as:

  • loss of talent;
  • increase in turnover;
  • drop in engagement and, consequently, in productivity;
  • high rate of waste of materials;
  • drop in work frequency and increased delays;
  • fall in creativity and, consequently, in innovative solutions;
  • increased gossip and misunderstandings.

With this knowledge in hand, HR is able to prevent these reactions from happening and harm the organization as a whole.

It is worth mentioning the importance of having a team of personnel and HR trained to carry out research of a high standard, quality and assertiveness.

What are the benefits of applying the concept of organizational climate?

The concept of organizational climate, when well applied, generates great benefits for any type of company, as there is an appreciation of its workforce, promoting recognition and satisfaction double track.

A happy employee sells a quality image of the company, seeks innovative solutions for management processes, offers motivation to generate more results.

Consequently, the quality of life at work is optimized, leading to a significant improvement in the organization's final productivity.

Benefits of a healthy organizational climate

Check out some of the main points of improvement for applying the concept of organizational climate with praise:


Communication is the pillar of the relationship, so it is the main transforming agent of the organizational climate. With clean, objective and healthy internal communication, corporate actions are carried out more quickly and understandably.


A healthy organizational climate values ​​the company's workforce, so feedback is essential. The more the leader participates in the processes, is transparent, gets to know his team up close and motivates them to excel, the more the employee will develop the feeling of:

  • belonging;
  • respect;
  • confidence.

In addition, he will feel respected by the manager, recognized and, consequently, will offer motivations to improve even more.

Reduction of absenteeism

When the company understands what the organizational climate is and reaches a healthy structure, reducing employee absences and delays is a certainty. Therefore, it is undeniable that increase productivity consequently.

Having a happy team is synonymous with optimized results. Investing in people is the secret to enhance gains and competitiveness of the organization.

As we have seen throughout this post, the concept of organizational climate is an essential application to promote profitable results. The aim is to improve the quality of the work environment so that employees are increasingly happy and committed achieve the organization's mission (objective) and vision (goal).

Before we close, it is important that the Human Resources department has time to focus on analyzing and identifying problems with its employees. For this, it is important that some tasks in the sector are optimized with the help of technology.

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With our system you will:

  • reduce the time in your employee dismissal admission processes;
  • have a clearer and safer process;
  • avoid penalties, fines or any risk related to legal issues and information management of the company.

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