Our learning platform also contributes to the success of your organization

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Ook zo draagt ons leerplatform bij aan het succes van jouw organisatie

Table of Contents

Purchasing a learning platform is one thing, but who will then charge you with all the additional work? Did you know that you get L&D support as a gift with the HR Consultant UK learning platform?

Extra work

If you buy a learning platform, there is something to consider. The platform helps you, but it probably also means that knowledge development is high on your strategic agenda. But that takes time, and you often lack that as an HR professional. You don't want extra work. But did you know that with the HR Consultant UK learning platform you can also submit questions to our L&D team?

From hollow term to real contribution to success

We once created a customer success team. This team was committed to making continuous learning successful with our customers. In this way, the team contributed to the success of our customers. Today, just about every company has a customer success team or customer success managers. Often this is no more than a support team answering user questions. So the term has lost its value a bit.

Hand over tasks

Because our team does provide value to our customers, we changed the name to L&D team. A team that helps our customers achieve success in learning and development and that acts as an extension of your HR department instead of glorified customer service. As an HR professional you can ask us all questions about the online learning environment of your organization. A few examples of tasks that our L&D team takes care of:

  • Organizing in-company training.
  • Advising on development processes, at organizational level, but also at individual level.
  • Identify trends in learning and development that are relevant to your organization.
  • Support in all kinds of practical matters concerning learning and development.
  • Advising on the adoption process of continuous learning and development within the organization.
  • Motivating employees to get started with (continuous) learning and development.

This way you get your own L&D officer as a gift from our platform and you don't have to put an extra burden on someone within your own organization. You don't get any nicer than this.

Knowing more?

Want to know more about the support our L&D team offers when you purchase the HR Consultant UK learning platform from us? Need help to put continuous learning on the agenda and to ensure that knowledge development takes on an even more strategic role? We are happy to help you!


HR Consultant UK can help if you have any questions about Our learning platform also contributes to the success of your organization
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