Outplacement consulting: how to humanize terminations

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THE outplacement consulting it is one of the best options to deal with a subject that usually generates delicate moments for the corporation and the employees who will be dismissed from the company.

We live in challenging times, where the economic instability and the pandemic of the new Coronavirus put many businesses at risk.

In many cases, the dismissal of employees is necessary for a repositioning of the company and changes that enable a new corporate strategy.

THE humanization of disconnections through practices such as outplacement, which adequately value and refer employees who will no longer be part of the company's staff, allow the minimization of risks from labor processes, in addition to enhancing opportunities for the company, since former employees they can present projects and new business possibilities in their new jobs.

In this post we will present the outplacement consultancy and how to humanize employee terminations. Keep reading and check it out!

What is outplacement consulting?

What is outplacement and how important is it to companies? First, the translation of the English word outplacement It is replacement.

Therefore, the objective of this practice is to minimize problems and create a positive and less stressful atmosphere when an employee leaves the company.

Outplacement consultancy involves appropriate techniques and methods so that the permanent removal of an employee can be carried out in a smooth, non-impactful way and that allows a job to be replaced, helping in the search for new opportunities.

Shutdown and positive impacts

Disconnection usually refers to a breakup, an end, an end to a relationship, which is seen by most people as a bad and negative experience.

However, life cycles are part of the existential process and in the professional sphere it is no different.

The outplacement consultancy allows a new vision to be implemented in this process, where the dismissal becomes a career transition.

It is a broad process, where the psychological aspect of people is worked, helping to adapt to the new scenario and providing support to facilitate the relocation.

The benefits of outplacement

The humanization of the relationship between the company and the employee is valued by society and the outplacement is a demonstration of professionalism and respect for those who worked and supported the corporation while they were present.

Good professionals and talents are motivated to work in corporations that work on the human side of relationships.

In addition, other benefits are seen with the outplacement process:

  • strengthening the company's image as being socially responsible,
  • maintaining the corporate climate,
  • is considered a benefit for employees,
  • the terminated employee discloses the company's good practices,
  • humanization in the dismissal process,
  • contributes to professional development,
  • attracts talent from the prioritized human aspect,
  • contributes to the retention of employees in the company,
  • minimizes negative impacts for those who continue in the operation, reducing demotivation with the company.

The transition process of outplacement consulting

A good outplacement process foresees three distinct phases to be developed.

The first concerns planning, where through a study it is defined how the disconnection and counseling will be done, considering the technical and behavioral characteristics of the professional.

In the second phase, dismissal takes place, where the outplacement plan and termination are presented, clarifying doubts through a clear and objective conversation.

Finally comes guidance, where the transition actually occurs. In this phase, several actions are carried out, notably:

  • the restructuring of the curriculum,
  • networking analysis and referrals,
  • practice of tests for profile identification,
  • support in the search for opportunities.

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