Payroll management: reduce manual processes in your company

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Payroll management: reduce manual processes in your company

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Assertive payroll management is essential to gain control of financial transactions regarding funds owed to employees. When payroll management is done improperly, it can even cause legal problems for the company.

In this post, we will talk about some mistakes that are made in relation to payroll and what are the ways to avoid this type of problem. We will also talk about optimizing the routine of the human resources sector to make it more productive and strategic.

What are the most common payroll management mistakes?

Preparing the payroll is a task that requires a lot of care. In addition to impacting the company's revenue, the information needs to be correct to avoid damage and wear to the worker. It is necessary to know how to perform labor calculations, and also be aware of current legislation.

Due to the complexity, there are very common mistakes in payroll management. The main flaws are related to errors in labor calculations, payments, undue discounts, incorrect category placement and functional classification. Furthermore, lack of knowledge of new labor laws and valid regulations are also common mistakes among companies these days.

What are the problems caused by payroll failures?

In cases of payroll management failures, internal problems may occur due to employee dissatisfaction in situations where some amount is unduly discounted, in addition to setbacks if the employee does not receive a benefit properly.

Legal penalties, labor lawsuits and payment of fines may also occur in cases where the failure violates any rule, convention, collective bargaining agreement or the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

What should be on the payroll?

First, it is essential to point out that the preparation of the payroll is not optional: the company is obliged to make the document monthly, according to Decree nº 3.048, of May 6, 1999.

The document must be prepared with the following information:

  • contributor name;
  • description of position, function or service provided;
  • value related to remuneration;
  • amounts referring to daily allowances, allowances, among others;
  • legal discounts;
  • family allowance allocated to the employee.

What to do to make payment management more assertive?

In cases where the sheet is done manually, using Excel spreadsheets, for example, the chance of failure is enormous. Therefore, to avoid this type of error, the company can adopt some simple measures, such as:

  • planning of human resources routines, where deadlines are established for the execution of tasks;
  • knowledge of labor and tax legislation;
  • effective control of hours worked. Electronic time control can be used to automate this process;
  • use of technological solutions to facilitate processes within the HR sector, and consequently reduce the occurrence of errors.

How to automate payroll management?

Currently, there are several technological solutions that can be used as HR allies to facilitate people management, time and payroll control. It is interesting that the company opts, however, for solutions that bring together all data and documents in a single place to facilitate control, reduce risks and optimize the department's routine.

With the use of an automation system, the HR team will have more time to develop the strategic part, while the system is responsible for the operational part of the payroll. This type of tool updates whenever there are changes in the situation of an employee and perform backups to avoid data loss in case of problems with the company's computer or network.

How to choose the best payroll automation option?

There are several solutions on the market that allow the automation of the HR routine. However, the company needs to consider some factors before defining the solution, which are:

1. Type of solution

It is necessary to pay attention to the particularities of your business and evaluate the option for a technological solution or one that integrates all HR routines, which generates greater security and productivity.

2. System operation

IT'S It is essential to observe whether or not the system requires the installation of a fixed server to function. Ideally, the solution should be online, that is, it does not require installation, in order to avoid taking up too many spaces.

3. Data entry and usability

Data entry must be performed quickly and simply. Regarding usability, this is the time to observe the tool's ease of learning: a complicated solution is useless when the idea is to optimize the work.

4. Issuance of reports and documents

Analyzing the way data is provided is another important factor, as there is no point in having a solution if it is not possible to keep up with changes within the company. Reports need to be complete but easy to decipher and analyze.

5. Extra benefits

In addition to automation, it is necessary to observe whether the data update occurs in real time to speed up internal procedures and whether through the solution it is possible to strengthen the relationship with employees.

6. Storage

The ideal is to opt for solutions that store data in the cloud to ensure greater security, in addition to the possibility of remote access to information. In these cases, it is possible to consult the information from any computer and/or mobile device with internet access.

7. Certification and Support

Pay attention to the technical certifications of efficiency and quality of the solution. In addition, when considering using a new solution, it is necessary to observe the type of support offered by the company. That is, consider the after-sales services provided such as training, fault correction, software update process, among others.

Now that you know that you can improve your payroll management processes, it's time to say goodbye to manual labor calculation processes, isn't it? After all, automating HR is the first step to making your team more strategic and avoiding problems with labor legislation.

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