People first: how to transform the company by valuing people

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People first: how to transform the company by valuing people

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engagement, retention, productivity… all these points are reasons for concern and focus of people management. A strategy that is being recognized recently can help work through these points: people first.

But what is people first, how does it help manage talent and what benefits does it bring to the company? In this post, we will provide more information on the subject and show how the concept can be applied. Check out!

What is people first?

The term people first can be freely translated as “people first”. Within the business concept, refers to a set of practices and strategies that place people as a priority in planning.

Companies that deal with B2C apply this idea with a focus on customers, always thinking about the user experience and putting their needs and expectations first.

A good example is the streaming service Netflix. When a subscriber is watching a movie, it is possible to pause and then return to exactly where you left off. This small detail certainly enhances the user experience, that you don't have to restart the movie or waste time searching for the last scene you saw.

How is people first applied within companies?

O people first in people management puts the employee as a priority. In this concept, employees are treated as customers, with the concern to offer the best possible conditions for the professional to carry out their tasks.

With this strategy, there is an increase in motivation and engagement, allowing the company to achieve better results and have greater retention rates. Check out some aspects in which the concept can be applied.

empathic leadership

The approach proposed by people first brings changes not only to how the organization deals with its employees, but also to the leadership.

There is a concern with relationships and with the development of aspects more related to emotional intelligence, knowing how to listen and dealing with differences.

The most suitable leadership model for these cases is the horizontal, in which the rigidity of hierarchies is broken and the communication is more open and direct.

positive atmosphere

Answer sincerely: do you like going to work? And your employees, do they like the work environment?

The construction of a pleasant and welcoming place, where employees feel at ease, is one of the pillars of a company with the people first ingrained in their culture.

One positive atmosphere it is full of constructive energy, which will be noticed by your employees and customers.

Employee Development

Organizations focused on people first understand that the employee growth must be a priority.

In some of these companies, there is a job of coaching to facilitate performance and aid development. In others, there is the application of evaluations, with a focus on professional and personal improvement.

Appreciation of the individual

It is not enough to manage people, it is necessary meet them.

A powerful strategy is interact and meet employees, listening to them sincerely, giving guidance and knowing their preferences.

A good sign that this interaction is occurring in a positive way is when people invest time to interact with the leader. This demonstrates reciprocity and indicates that employees perceive they are seen as people, not numbers.


O recognition is an important part of a good people management strategy, even more so when it comes to people first. After all, if the focus is to think about employees first, nothing is fairer than recognize the effort and commitment of these people..

In addition, also consider acknowledging the desired attitudes and behaviors in the company. Aspects such as proactivity, teamwork and initiative can be rewarded.

What are the benefits brought by people first?

Practices based on people first bring a series of benefits to the company. Meet the main ones!

Increases engagement

A business management based on people first it requires leaders who genuinely care about employees.

When employees have this space, they feel more secure in bringing their passions and ideas to work, becoming more engaged. Ignoring these personal preferences can lead to more layoffs and increase the turnover rate.

Strengthens the employer brand

people want work in places where they are valued.

You most talented professionals they can choose which company they want to collaborate with and choose places with a good environment, which provides enough security for their development.

With this, your company will be known for being a local interesting to work with and that will attract the most competent people in the labor market..

Improves performance

Employees perform better when they put their skills to the test, in places where they feel comfortable and know they are valued.

Companies that have the organizational culture based on people first they open up opportunities for professionals to contribute with what they know how to do, not just what they should do.

Thus, competences are valued as a whole and the team's performance improves considerably.

Enables the achievement of goals

Companies in which leaders monitor projects and value the team can go much further in your results. Often exceeding the goals set at the beginning of the period.

In a culture with the practice of people first, leadership is based on the professionals' purposes, which leads to much greater involvement.

Such posture drives the realization of increasingly bold projects and, consequently, the company growth.

The application of people first can revolutionize your organization's people management.

At first, it can be a little complex, especially if the current management is more rigid and based on traditional molds.

But remember that with the ease of looking for new job opportunities and the way people see professional life today, invest in people first It's ensure the company's competitiveness and survival.

Are you ready to implement the concept in your management? Take the opportunity to leave a comment in the post about some practice you already do or suggestions on how to value the employee.


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