Performance evaluation for managers: how to structure a model?

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Performance evaluation for managers: how to structure a model?

Table of Contents

Feedback it is essential for the evolution of any professional and with leaders it is no different. They must always be prepared to guide the team and take the business to a prominent place. So it is very important that the performance evaluation for managers be very well structured in the organization.

But how do you do that? To help you in this mission, we explain everything you need to know to perform the performance evaluation for managers effectively. Interested? Check it out below!

How to perform performance evaluation for managers


Performance assessment for managers should be well planned and performed with caution so that no information is ignored in the process.

Some methodologies can be useful for this purpose, according to certain factors. Get to know the main ones below.


THE self-evaluation it is a type of performance evaluation for managers of extreme importance for the growth not only of leaders, but of any professional.

It consists of an individual model, in which the manager analyzes his own behavior and his skills in leading the team.

It is done through a multiple choice questionnaire with specific questions such as:

How do you assess your relationship with the team?
a) bad
b) regular
c) good
d) great

Although important, self-assessment is still a unilateral process that only considers a person's vision. Therefore, it is recommended that it be applied in parallel with another method such as 180º and 360º evaluations.

180º evaluation

THE 180º evaluation takes into account the feedbacks of the superiors of the professional in question. In the case of a manager, those responsible are the superintendents above him, then the directors and so on.

It is the classic “top-down” evaluation model, still widely used in large companies and with a more bureaucratic profile.

It is very useful for know how leaders see their teams in relation to deliveries and results within the evaluation period.

360º evaluation

THE 360º evaluation is the most complete structured feedback model, as it involves all people who have contact with the professional day to day.

The most common is that subordinates, peers and superiors participate, but there are cases where even suppliers and customers register their evaluations.

Thus, there is a wealth of details in the performance study, making it possible to analyze more precisely aspects such as punctuality, team spirit, sense of leadership, results and engagement, between others.

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Main aspects to be assessed

To be successful in evaluating performance for managers, it is necessary to be very clear about which characteristics will be analyzed in the process. The most important aspects are:

  • strategic planning skills;
  • supervisory skill;
  • sense of leadership;
  • good communication;
  • conflict resolution.

Next, learn more about each of these factors.

Strategic planning capacity

It is the ability to identify the desired results and what needs to be done to reach them, planning, organizing and guiding the team so that it meets the company's objectives.

For this, the manager needs to know in depth the business plan and focus on high performance. In addition, you must be able to translate your knowledge into easy-to-understand operational and tactical plans, in line with the organization's strategy.

Establishing priorities and deadlines is also part of the planning so that projects are delivered in the best possible way and within the expected time.

Supervisory ability

Supervisory skills are one of the most important aspects of performance evaluation for managers.

Many think that a good supervisor is one who thoroughly analyzes everything the team does, but it is not quite like that: know how to delegate tasks it's also part of the job.

It is necessary to analyze who is more apt for each activity and give autonomy for employees to make their deliveries, without micromanagement.

But that does not mean failing to assess team work. It is always necessary to monitor the results of the projects, provide feedback and guide employees so that they improve their performance.

Set goals it is also essential, as they guide everything the team will put into practice.

Sense of leadership

It is impossible to lead a team in the right way without developing skills of leadership. Only then can the manager mobilize employees and resources in the right way, enhancing the work so that everything goes as expected.

Day to day, the leader must be an inspiring figure, stimulating the professional growth of employees. For this, it is necessary to always be open to dialogue and be an example of conduct, knowledge and engagement in the company's purpose.

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That authoritarian and aggressive boss, who imposes himself out of fear, lost space in the market. Over time, it has been proven that lead by support and not by intimidation brings much superior results.

Good communication

When the leader communicates well, the employee knows exactly what he needs to do, in addition to understand the importance of your role within the company.

Good dialogue is the key to having a productive relationship with team members, as it helps to discover your needs and difficulties in your work routine.

This makes it easier to make adjustments in the department to make the environment more satisfying for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to include this aspect in the performance evaluation for managers.

Conflict resolution

Work teams are made up of people who think and act in different ways. That is why, conflicts in the company are common and the good manager must know how to manage them in the best possible way.

It is necessary identify them at the root and act so that they do not take large proportions. It is also important take plausible measures that do not favor either side and, at the same time, meet the needs of all.

The challenge is great, but the leader who knows how to manage conflicts is already halfway in control of the team. The performance evaluation for managers fulfills the role of analyzing this work.

Why do the performance evaluation of managers?

Know the strengths and weaknesses of leaders is essential to improve their performance. In this way, the company is able to reinforce and encourage positive attitudes and fill skills gaps through specific training.

Performance assessment for managers also makes it possible to identify managers and directors who are not behaving as the company expects.

When there is little loyalty, trust or identification with the purpose of the organization, it may be time for the professional to be replaced.

Now that you know how to structure a performance appraisal for managers, how about putting what you’ve learned into practice?

Improving leadership is the best way to extract 100% of the potential of employees, increasing the chances of the company gaining a prominent position in the market.

New leadership features

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Did you like the article? Share with us in the comments how managers are evaluated in your company. We are available to answer questions and discuss the matter with you!



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