Personal sector: what are their roles and importance for companies?

Personal sector: what are their roles and importance for companies?

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Personal sector is the department responsible for the staff of a company and for ensuring the best conditions for them to work.

Professionals in the personal sector take care of matters relating to other employees. This covers, from your hiring, payment of wages, vacations, leave, transportation, termination, among others.

Every corporation needs to have a team focused on this area to be profitable and profitable. A good personal sector is essential for a company to function properly and to grow, standing out in the market.

Often, the personal sector ends up being confused with human resources. However, it has very different functions within the management of a company.

Difference between Human Resources and the Personal Sector

HR is responsible for valuing and employee motivation, managing professional relationships within the work environment. Meanwhile, the personal sector manages bureaucratic issues of the company and its team, related to labor legislation and social security.

This area is crucial for the development of any company. Only when all labor routines are performed correctly will a company be able to develop, following all laws.

That's what the personal department is for. That takes care of the administration of all the bureaucracy and ensures that the company is complying with all labor standards. This is not an easy task. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-aligned team.

Do you want to learn more about this sector and its importance for business? Keep up with us. Good reading!

What is the Personal Sector?

Personal sector or personal department (DP) is the area of ​​the company specialized in the management of employees and all their documentation.

Through the control of all the bureaucratic issues involved in the labor process, this department ensures that the company is complying with all legal duties related to its employees. Thus, it is possible to provide greater agility and efficiency for companies.

The sector also acts as an intermediary between the company and public agencies, carrying out the work of issuing guides and declarations necessary to keep the organization regularized. In this way, the company is able to comply with all rules and laws, avoiding possible labor lawsuits.

In small companies, DP functions may end up being performed by outsourced accounts due to lack of investments. For midsize organizations, the situation is not much different. Often, the functions are delegated to HR or even to the owners of the company.

Usually, it is only in large companies that the division of tasks related to HR and DP are properly separated and recognized.

However, regardless of the size of the organization, there is always a large volume of documents for each employee that need to be monitored. Therefore, it is necessary to have a specialized personnel sector and good management strategies to obtain the best results.

Main routines of the Personal Sector

The personal sector must assure employees that the company they work for is an organized and structured place, offering assistance whenever necessary.

In addition, it is responsible for carrying out the integration of new employees after admission through training, supervision and clarification of doubts.

DP employees must monitor the presence of each employee in the work environment, as well as calculate wages, taxes, payroll and agreements with labor legislation.

As you can see, he is responsible for several bureaucratic issues in the company and, therefore, has a series of tasks and routines. Find out which ones are below:

1. Admission processes

DP assists HR in hiring new employees, preparing the necessary documentation to carry out this process. It is he who ensures the proper registration in the work permit for newbies, the drafting of the employment contract, in addition to medical examination forms, among others.

Thus, the preparation of all the documentation required for an admission is the responsibility of the personal sector. It will monitor the status of each employee from admission to admission. termination of your contract.

2. Inspection of the point

It is through the entry and exit point that a company controls the daily working hours, breaks and absences of its employees.

The point proves every moment when an employee was present and absent, so it must be constantly monitored. It is the DP that performs this function. It ensures that the system used by the company is working correctly, in addition to performing the necessary maintenance.

3. Registration with PIS / FGTS

As the personal sector takes care of the company's bureaucracies, it is up to it to register each new employee in the Social Integration Program (PIS) and perform the calculation of the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS).

From the execution of this task, it is that the amounts are transferred to the financial sector, which will make the deposits and ensure that the company complies with labor laws.

4. Delivery of benefits

The personnel department must ensure that all employees receive their monthly benefits, such as transportation vouchers and basic food basket. In addition to managing which employees are entitled to benefits or when they should be suspended.

5. Payroll

The payroll of a company requires great care, as it involves several factors, such as salary, benefits, thirteenth, in addition to the collection of fees, such as income tax, union contribution, EHIC and FGTS.

Therefore, it is the function of the personal sector to manage it to ensure that the calculations of each employee are carried out correctly.

6. Vacation and license management

The DP must also control the licenses, certificates, vacations and other absences of someone on the team. It is he who manages the necessary documents for each case, integrating them with the payroll and making contact with the necessary public agencies.

In addition, the sector must monitor the dates and deadlines of all employees' vacations, to ensure that they are being met and that all paperwork is signed.

7. Provision of data to official bodies

Some information of a social nature of the company's workers needs to be passed on to government entities because of programs related to the labor market.

The collection of this data is done through official systems, such as eSocial, CAGED (General Register of Employed and Unemployed), RAIS (Annual List of Social Information), among others.

It is necessary for the DP to complete all the required information and forward it as requested so that the company's situation is regular.

How to improve DP activities?

Keeping your company's personal sector working properly is paramount for all other departments in the company to be successful. Therefore, the organization must take care of its DP in order for its activities to be successful.

In addition to infrastructure and resources to carry out their tasks efficiently, it is important that these professionals can count on the improvement of their skills and the improvements and techniques to optimize their work.

Check out some tips to help your company in this mission:

1. Standardization of files

The personal sector deals, all the time, with countless important information, which require the utmost care and must be preserved. If any documents are lost or forgotten, the company may have serious legal problems.

Thus, it is necessary for the company to adopt specific standards for its team to handle and organize all corporate data. For that, it is necessary to create guidelines that cover the formatting of the files, their classification and usage routines, as well as how they should be preserved and other aspects.

In addition, the DP must define control procedures, such as checking in and out of documents in its sector, so that all internal files are kept in order.

2. Use of management tools

To control the entire flow of information in this sector, several management technologies can be great allies. The company must, therefore, look for that tool that best meets its demands and can assist the personal sector in its tasks.

There are different management software in the market that can receive and store DP information, in addition to crossing employee data and providing intuitive reports, graphs, tables and other visual resources.

That way, it is possible automate various manual tasks, such as issuing payrolls, freeing professionals in this sector to carry out activities that are more important to the business.

3. Modernization of methodologies

The work environment has undergone different transformations and the personnel department must be able to accompany them.

Therefore, those responsible for the sector must keep up to date, looking for new ideas, current practices, technologies and other modern resources that can help in the performance of their routine.

4. Process optimization

The personal sector is no different from the other departments of a company, they need to undergo constant evaluations.

Thus, through periodic feedbacks, it is possible to analyze the performance of the DP and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the area.

5. Incorporation of adjustments

Adjustments are always necessary, as employees incorporate new habits all the time. However, this does not happen overnight. Therefore, the best way to adapt new routines is to adjust them gradually.

Thus, new processes and tools must be incorporated by parts so that less effective practices can be replaced.

Has the importance of the personal sector been clear to your business? This sector is primarily responsible for controlling the documentation of your enterprise, avoiding possible legal headaches. Therefore, it is necessary to have dedicated and motivated professionals to perform these tasks successfully.

So, do you still have any questions on the subject? check out 5 steps to organize your company's DP!



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