Personnel and HR department: what is the difference between the sectors?

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Personnel and HR department: what is the difference between the sectors?

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Is there really any difference between the Personnel Department and HR? Yes, and many! In practice, they may even have similar and interconnected functions, however, they're not the same. Nor do they have the same assignments within a company.

The two sectors play extremely important roles in the relationship and satisfaction of employees and are vital in a company's organizational structure. However, due to lack of knowledge or even outdated concepts, of employees and managers, there are still many doubts regarding the tasks and goals of these sectors.

And to end this uncertainty and clear all your doubts, we have prepared this content! It will address the differences in activities between personnel and HR and their importance for a company.

But before we talk clearly about the difference between the two departments, let's define, separately, what it is and what activities are developed by each one. So, come with us in reading and understand better what we are talking about!

What is the HR sector?

The Human Resources sector, better known as HR, is responsible for establishing a healthy relationship between company and employees, guaranteeing the motivation and well-being of all and thus raising quality in the organizational climate.

It is also HR responsibility promote the professional development of employees. To achieve this goal, lectures and training courses for professional development and updating are developed. Thus, employees are better prepared and with high capacity to carry out its activities with maximum quality.

Making employees feel good in the company, valuing and retaining trained professionals are extremely important factors to achieve excellent results. And these are the main challenges for HR.

HR-related activities

What is a personnel department?

While HR is related to the human part of the company, the personal department takes care of the bureaucracy that involves employees.

They are activities more specific, practical and objective to ensure that the company complies with labor laws and has no problem with the Labor Court.

Who works in DP you need to be aware of the admission and dismissal processes, know how to deal with EHIC, FGTS, taxes, and organize items such as work cards and contracts.

In addition, DP is also responsible for representing the company in labor lawsuits filed by employees or former employees.

DP-related activities

What is the difference between personnel and HR?

Now that we’ve already given an individual perspective on each of the sectors and their main roles in the company, the difference between them became more evident. But let's put here even more clearly what differs personnel and HR department:

Personal department

Its main goal take care of bureaucratic issues involving employees. It is the employees of this sector who carry out the administrative procedures from hiring to terminating an employee.

It also controls the payroll of benefits and salaries, controls the fulfillment of the workload, performs the granting of sick leave among other bureaucratic activities.

Human Resources

It is directly linked to development of human capital, which in addition to its main goal, is also the great challenge of the sector.

In this context, HR has the mission of motivate, engage and develop the productive capacity of employees, allowing them to exercise their full potential in favor of the organization.

To this end, it exercises on several fronts such as:

  • training organization;
  • elaboration of career and salary plan;
  • retaining talent;
  • development of new leaders;
  • among other actions.

Confusion between the two departments and administrative failures

THE lack of knowledge of these differentials is the main reason that leads to confusion between personnel and HR department activities. However, the outsourcing of DP activities and lean teams, with employees performing activities in both sectors are other factors that further increase this confusion and decrease the efficiency of a company.

In smaller companies, the Personnel Department is a sector that often does not exist in the organizational structure. In these cases, the bureaucratic part is left to the accountant, whether he is an employee of the company or a third party.

However, to further increase the confusion, there are many companies that nor do they count on the help of accountants. They have a single sector that encompasses personnel and HR departments, linking the tasks of the two sectors to employees.

Unfortunately, it is the rare small or medium-sized companies that have the well-defined differentiation between these sectors.

On the contrary, large companies already have a clear separation of departments. And it is possible to accurately identify the responsibilities of each sector. The Personnel Department is in charge of all bureaucratic issues and for HR everything that involves professional development and employee performance.

How do these two sectors complement each other?

THE sectorization and division of tasks between departments provide more agile, accurate and with more positive results. It is all a matter of strategy that must be supported by participative management, so that goals can be reached more easily.

And when we talk about participative management we mean that even though departments are objectively sectorized, they need to interact with each other. Especially those that have activities that are interconnected, as is the case of the personnel and HR department.

Both have their actions aimed at employees, each with their own particularities and functions. Therefore, they complement each other in daily activities.

An example of this is the hiring new employees. The HR sector is responsible for carrying out the recruitment, skills analysis and selection process. However, it is the DP employee who will carry out the admission, taking the necessary steps to ensure that the process takes place in accordance with the law.

Therefore, for greater agility and better efficiency of the company, it is essential that the communication between the two departments be very good and employees are aware of both areas.

It was clear here that the two sectors have attributions very specific. But we must not forget that both are vital in the development of the company and directly interfere in the well-being of employees and, therefore, in the business health. Thus, they must be worked together so that the whole process works efficiently.

And to make this relationship incredibly easy and modern, HR Consultant UK develops practical solutions to increase the productivity of its employees and cut red tape. After all, our goal is improve the quality of life through incredible work experiences!

Now that you know the difference between personnel and HR, sign up for our newsletter and get access to more exclusive content for your company. Good reading!



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