Personnel department functions: how to optimize them with the use of technology

Personnel department functions: how to optimize them with the use of technology

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The functions of the personnel department and the Human Resources department in an organization, although interrelated, are distinct activities.

As everyone knows, the HR it is essential to leverage the company's success. Its activities are guided strategic actions, such as attracting a talented workforce, managing competencies and skills, and managing bureaucratic processes. And it is precisely these processes that we call personnel department functions.

The main functions of the personnel department are:

  • Representation with official and tax bodies;
  • Data management;
  • Preparation of the payroll;
  • Administration of the working day;
  • Leave and vacation management;
  • Effectiveness of the dismissal process.

The personnel department and its functions are of great responsibility, as it is your guarantee of the legal relationship between employer and employee.

In this post we will explain in detail the main personnel department functions and how to optimize them. Keep reading and understand its importance for the organizational scenario.

HR functions and personnel department: what is the difference?

It is very common for people to confuse the activities of these two sectors or even believe that they are the same thing. Although they work directly with employees in interrelated activities, the functions of the HR and personnel department are different.

The HR sector plays a strategic role, occupying its activities with processes of recruitment and selection style=”font-weight: 400;”> of new capable professionals to contribute to the company's progress.

In addition, the future management of this workforce, the provision of training, employee motivation strategies, among other activities, are HR responsibilities.

Another essential function is the management of the relationship between company and employee. And that's where the personal department comes in! He is responsible for the legal management of this relationship, taking care of more bureaucratic processes related to labor legislation.

It is the DP that takes care of the preparation of the payroll, the calculation for the payment of the EHIC and FGTS, control of benefits, issuance and management of documents, control of time, management of vacations, control of certificates and labor liabilities, among others .

Personnel Department Functions


#1. Representation with official and tax bodies

Among the main functions of the personnel department is to act as the company's main representative with government agencies and union members. Therefore, you need to master knowledge about worker-oriented laws.

The functions of the personnel department are also:

  • receive and manage the records of labor liabilities;
  • carry out the transfer of the collection of the annual tax on union activities;
  • issue documents to tax agencies, such as the Social Security Guide, the FGTS Collection Guide and Social Security Information (GFIP);
  • monitor the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA);
  • CIPA statements, among others.

It is also one of the Personnel Department functions represent the employer in the Labor Court, if there are lawsuits filed by employees or former employees.

#two. Data management

In the admission process for new employees, it is necessary to receive and issue documents to formalize the hiring.

Another function of the personnel department is to manage these data, ensuring that they are correct, legible and organized. He must make notes in the work card, time sheet, payroll, among others, to ensure the correct integration of the professional.

This work of document management it is done until the moment of the contractual termination, ensuring that all documentation is adequate.

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# 3. Elaboration of the payroll

One of the most important functions of the personnel department is the preparation of the payroll, which involves the management of salaries, benefits, thirteenth, collection of fees, income tax, among others.

The DP must certify that the calculations are correct and comply with the rules established by Organs federal agencies. In the case of benefits, attention must be doubled, as the calculation will depend on the agreement made individually with each employee.

# 4. Administration of the working day

One efficient workload management of employees allows the calculation and, mainly, the payment of overtime to be done no mistakes. And that the identification of missing hours is duly negotiated and compensated and the work frequency is recorded.

By fulfilling these functions of the personnel department, the company guarantees security against obstacles that can burden its activities.

# 5. Leave and vacation management

Another function of the personnel department is to manage absences. The sector manages certificates, leave, absences, accidents at work, and of course, vacations.

According to each case and need, the DP must update the payroll and mediate the processes with public agencies.

In the case of holidays, it is function of the personnel department manage the release of the rest period for all employees, considering the reality of each sector and the periods when the complete team is indispensable.

As each 12-month period of work signed into a contract ensures up to 30 days of vacation for the employee, it is among the functions of the personnel department to monitor compliance with this right to avoid legal problems and the payment of fines.

The number of days released for each employee, the season, the amount paid, everything must be controlled by the DP.

>> We elaborate a checklist for the Vacation Process. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the checklist!

# 6. Effectiveness of the dismissal process

The dismissal process is the responsibility of the strategic HR that communicates the employee's dismissal. DP is responsible for organizing the necessary documentation and calculating entitlements (proportional thirteenth, vacation, FGTS, proportional increases to working time, fine, unemployment insurance, among others).

It is also among the functions of the personnel department to write off the current work card or contract, indicating all the data necessary for the process to be done in a fair, respectful and humane manner.

How to optimize the functions of the personnel department?

The solution is simple: using technology! Some personal department management software offers functionalities that optimize all operational and managerial activities in the sector.

Check out some of these digital resources that this technology can offer:

– Digital admission process

Some software offers the possibility of archiving registration data in the cloud, facilitating and speeding up the admission process.

– Digital data management

With documents archived in the cloud, key data is centralized on a single platform. The consultation of information gains speed and the elaboration of official files is accurate.

– Scanned Payroll

Automating payroll preparation is also one of the benefits of employing technology. With digital payroll, manual errors are eliminated.

– Digital point

Not only practicality, technology also offers security. Some HR software features the digital dot, which verifies the user's veracity and gives accurate time stamps.

– Digital vacation management

Another facilitating digital resource is digital vacation management. With the employee's vacation history data on file, HR is able to manage the release process more quickly.

– Integration with accounting

Some software even offers the possibility of integrating accounting. Thus, both sectors enjoy the same database, ensuring that the information flow is secure.

– Digital dismissal process

With the documents filed in the cloud and verified by tools such as eSocial, the dismissal process is done with more security, both in legal and financial terms.

At Personnel Department functions they are crucial to the success of any organization. And good management today can no longer ignore digital resources.

With the use of right tool, activities gain speed, staff productivity and errors are practically eliminated. The adoption of technology in the personnel department influences the efficiency of processes and guarantees compliance with the law.

Do a consistent research and know the HR management software options available in the market and choose the most suitable for your company.

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