Pilot your career like Captain Marvel

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Table of Contents

Know how to surround yourself

You liked seeing her act on her own, but she was much cooler – and above all effective – with her sidekicks! This will also be the case for your job searches and your position. Forge links at several levels: very broadly, with a network developed during professional events, training, internships, studies, etc., and a more concentrated core of reliable people who will support you no matter what, your Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau.

Just beware of cats.

Do not let yourself be beaten down

Falling, it can happen. It is getting up that is important. The way you deal with setbacks (failed interview, dissatisfied customer, technical error, etc.) makes all the difference. Know how to take responsibility, analyze the reasons why things didn't go as planned, and learn to prevent it from happening again.

Do not be fooled by appearances

There is little risk that your coworkers will literally turn into other people. But appearances can be deceptive in that someone you think is insignificant could become your boss in six months. Or, someone who is always ready to help you could in fact be sneaking soap around the board because they are aiming for the same promotion… In short: unearth the real motivations, skills and ambitions of each person to know who you are working with.

However, avoid playing Captain Marvel by hitting old people in the subway.

Get to know yourself

Despite the black holes in her past, the one who inspires the Avengers initiative knows exactly who she is. She knows her qualities and her faults, knows how to take advantage of the former and bypass the latter. It is a valuable lesson: do not be modest, know how to say “I excel in such field” or “I am able to take on more responsibilities” and the opportunities will come with it. If you don't believe in yourself, why should others? But also be aware of the points on which you could improve.

Broaden your horizons

You're not being asked to go halfway across the universe, but stepping out of your comfort zone is never a bad idea. It may be a question of geographical mobility, of acquiring new skills, of considering a retraining, of starting your own business, of rising in rank… The important thing is not to stagnate!

Control your emotions

This is perhaps the only element on which you will have to move away from the film. The conclusion – emotions are a force, use them – may serve you in some areas of your life, but at work it's best to leave them out. The ability to be rational and calmly handle conflicts and stressful situations will bring you more success and respect than anger.



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