PIX for companies: everything you need to know about this mode

PIX for companies: everything you need to know about this mode

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The PIX became in November last year, and quickly became popular due to its practicality. It came to facilitate and speed up the transfer of money between people and companies, and for individuals, it has no cost.

Now, when it comes to PIX for companies, the main difference is, precisely, the existence of fees on transactions. Therefore, many questions are arising about this new payment system.

Is it worth using PIX for companies? To help you clarify any doubts about the subject, we have prepared this content with the following topics:

  • What is PIX for Enterprise and how does it work?
  • Can PJ use PIX?
  • How to register PIX for companies?
  • What are the corporate PIX rates?
  • What are the advantages for business?

One thing is certain, with PIX, companies and legal entities now have one more payment option to offer their customers, in addition to cash, bank slip, debit or credit card and transfer. Therefore, this option is worth studying. Come on?

What is PIX for Enterprise and how does it work?

As well as the one aimed at individuals, the PIX for companies is a new system of instant payments from central bank. He came with a promise to change not only the way people make payments, but also the way companies receive and process these amounts.

PIX differs from other payment methods, such as transfers, TED and DOC, be more agile, competitive and secure. In practice, this is possible, as it allows transfers and payments to be carried out in up to ten seconds.

If your company uses the TED and DOC modalities frequently, we also suggest reading this text here to understand if the PIX will replace them.

Unlike other modalities, PIX transactions can take place 24 hours, throughout the year, including weekends and holidays.

For companies, the features of the PIX are the same as for individuals, however, there are some particularities that still raise doubts on the part of organizations. In the corporate mode, it is possible to register up to 20 keys to receive and send payments

However, it is not possible to use the same key in different financial institutions. In practice, this means that if a company uses its CNPJ in a certain bank as its main key, it cannot use that same key in another institution.

Can PJ use PIX?

The answer is yes. For those who own a business, Pix PJ is also an advantageous payment method compared to traditional means. Transfers are fast with free fees or very low prices, depending on the bank.

To use PIX PJ, all that is required is that the person has an account or digital wallet in one of the participating financial institutions.

How to register PIX for companies?

As well as for individuals and legal entities, for the PIX registration for companies, it is necessary to have a transaction account maintained at a financial institution that offers the modality. All banks, fintechs and payment institutions with over 500,000 active accounts must offer the new payment system.

For those who don't know how to register the pix for companies, the process is very simple. Just register in the bank's own channels where the organization has an account, such as an app or corporate internet banking.

It will only be necessary to inform which Pix key the corporation would like to use in the registration. It will be the identification key for payments and can be CNPJ, email, telephone or a random numeric key generated by the system.

What are the corporate PIX rates?

While the PIX option for individuals is completely free, for companies there may be a transaction fee when receiving or making payments and on transfers.

According to the Central Bank, the fees must be determined by the financial institutions themselves. Therefore, amounts may vary from institution to institution. However, the fee to be charged tends to be much lower than those charged in other modalities.

In some cases, fees may exceed R$150 reais, depending on the payment amount. Thus, it is up to the company to research the option that best suits its reality.

As this is an open payment model, with a high degree of competition, it is possible to find institutions that offer very advantageous rates. Some even manage to zero rates for small businesses.

What are the advantages for business?

If Pix offers many advantages for individuals, it couldn't be different for companies. This modality is based on the principle of faster, more efficient and more secure payment. Therefore, it provides many advantages for the business.

Check out the main ones:

No need for payment intermediaries

Through PIX for companies, payments made by customers go directly to the organization's account, without intermediaries.

Greater savings

As the organization does not need to rely on intermediaries that charge fees for each payment and receipt, it is possible to reduce costs in operations.

Fast receipt

As we mentioned before, one of the PIX's differentials is its agility. In this way, companies can count on transactions carried out in up to ten seconds.

Greater security

PIX uses encryption, mutual authentication and digital signature technologies, therefore, increases the security of transactions, which considerably reduces the risk of a fraud happening.

Convenience for customers and ease for companies

By offering the PIX option, companies are able to receive payment faster, in addition to providing more convenience to their customers, who do not need to have cash in hand, or have a credit or debit card.

In addition, the company manages to streamline and facilitate the payment of salaries for its employees, deposits for suppliers, taxes and other obligations.

Realized how much functionality PIX for Enterprise can provide for your business? It can be used with a competitive edge to attract customers who are increasingly looking for convenience and speed. So, invest right now in this form of payment and enjoy its advantages.

Still have any questions about the PIX? Tell us here in the comments. And don't miss XERPAY which offers a free platform for salary payment via PIX.


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