Pix Saque and Pix Troca: what are they and how to use them?

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With the crisis of the new coronavirus, the routine going to banks to make withdrawals became a huge challenge. Since, with the new rules of social distancing, the way in which these institutions are attended must certainly change. Thus, the Pix took action to facilitate bank transfers. But, you know the Cash Pix and Pix Change?

These two new developments were approved by the Central Bank and are part of an agenda of constant electronic payment methods in the UK.

The new Pix devices will still go into effect at the end of November, but in this article you'll check it out. how will they work, whether they will have limits or not, plus tips on how to avoid fraud.

So, you will see all this in the following main topics:

  • What is Pix Saque and what is Pix Troca?
  • How do Pix Saque and Pix Troco work?
  • Are there any limits for them?
  • What operations are Pix Saque and Pix Troco equivalent to?
  • Tips to avoid fraud with Pix Saque and Pix Troco

With all these points clarified, you will feel more secure in using these new tools in your daily life.

Do you have more doubts about what is Pix Saque or about what is Pix Troco? If you're curious, come with us and enjoy this text we've prepared for you. Good reading!

What are Pix Saque and Pix Troco?

Do you know what is Pix Saque and what is Pix Troca? So, pay close attention to this topic where we try to answer each of these questions.

Firstly, Pix Saque and Pix Troco are modalities of Pix, O main instant payment system established by the company central bank.

Since November 2021, when Pix was deployed in the country, its main objective is to reduce bureaucracy in the financial sector, facilitating commercial transactions and lowering bank fees charged to users.

That's because, until then, the only ways to make transfers and payments were by the trivial TED and DOC which lack a lot in terms of practicality.

A TED, for example, cannot be done beyond 5 pm on weekdays and a DOC, in turn, has a limit of £ 4,999.99 in transfers.

With Pix, this difficulty does not exist. You can transfer at any time of the day, no matter if it's a business day or not. Also, it's a free system, and yours transfer is unlimited for any amount.

And to make it even easier, BC released these two new modalities. One of them, the Pix Cashout is a tool that allows the instant withdrawal from merchants.

Imagine that you have to leave your house for work, but on the way you don't find any bank or lottery to withdraw your money.

With Pix Saque, you won't have to worry about this, as you can enter any accredited establishment along the way and carry out the operation without changing your route.

The other modality, the Pix Change is a tool that allows you to withdraw money from establishments. But, in this case, it will be linked to some purchase you made on the spot.

How will Pix Saque and Pix Troco work?

Pix Saque and Pix Troca will work very simply and similarly comparing one tool with another. First of all, it is important to highlight that the provision of these services will not be mandatory by companies.

According to the Central Bank, they will have the freedom to offer these tools only if these make sense for each business. In addition, those who will be able to offer these new services will be:

  • the commercial establishments;
  • 24-hour self-service terminals;
  • banks and financial entities with ATMs;
  • entities offering an independent network of ATMs.

Now that you know who will provide this service, see how Pix Saque and Pix Troco will work in each of these services.

O Pix Cashout will work very simple and practical. Upon entering the establishment, you will check if there are any QR code for Pix transfer.

That's because it will be through him that you will send a necessary amount to the store to withdraw the cash.

After making the Pix through the same QR code available or an application that the establishment has on the network, with payment authentication, you will receive the same amount deposited in the Pix account, in cash.

Find out how Pix Troca will work

already with the Pix Change, the dynamics is similar to how Pix Saque works. However, what sets them apart is that the cash received by the customer will originate from a purchase with the store or supermarket that offers this tool.

In this case, when making the purchase, the customer will have to make a payment greater than the total amount purchased at the store. Thus, the establishment will return the money in the form of change.

In addition, it is worth noting that if the establishment does not have cash in the register, the customer must know about the unavailability of withdrawal and change services in advance so as not to be caught off guard.

Taking advantage of this topic, read our article on Pix for organizations and understand how it works: PIX for companies: everything you need to know about this mode

Are there any limits for these operations?

According to the Central Bank, the Pix loot and Pix change will have withdrawal and transaction limits. Each person whose account is from an institution participating in pix will be entitled to 8 free trades per month.

As of the next operation, it will be charged by the financial institution a fee on the withdrawal. This fee will only be levied on individuals and Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI).

Despite this, it is good to remember that other transactions made by Pix are still free, with no limits on operations and the amount of money deposited.

In addition, the withdrawal limit will be £ 500 during the day it's from £ 100 at night (20h to 6h).

In this case, the establishments will have autonomy by setting a limit lower than the maximum available, which can be useful for security concerns for both the establishment and the customer.

What are the benefits of these services for commerce and fintechs?

For businesses that participate in the Pix Saque and Pix Troco will have some benefits interesting.

According to the BC, the trade will have by commercial transaction an interchange fee ranging between £ 0.25 and £ 0.95.

These values ​​may change depending on the customer's financial institution, which will be responsible for paying the fee.

As we have said, each commercial establishment may or may not join these services. However, the BC believes that the commerce that joins will have some additional benefits, for example:

  • More customers attracted to your store: Pix Saque and Pix Troco can be good attractions for customers to be more interested in buying your products;
  • Remuneration per transaction: For each transaction, the merchant will earn an interchange fee paid by the financial institution without prejudice to the customer;

In addition, it is important to highlight that the Fintechs will have a very considerable advantage with this measure, since with the institution of Pix Saque and Pix Troco, there will be a encouraging digitization and reducing operating costs.

This will make the competition between them and traditional banks more equivalent and fierce in the market, as Fintechs will have greater availability for withdrawals than more consolidated financial institutions, for example.

What operations are these services equivalent to?

Pix Saque and Pix Troco are equivalent to some financial operations known as you can see. One of them, for example, is the TED, whose acronym means Electronic Transfer Available.

This tool is similar to both the Pix Saque and the Pix Trocar for the simple fact that they can occur in an online environment, that is, through your bank or internet banking applications.

Imagine that you have an account in two different banks, and you would like to transfer to one where the withdrawal amount is not charged or at least has a lower amount.

TED in this case would serve well as a way for you to reduce financial costs, for example.

In addition, it has its own operation of withdraw, which can be done at any bank branch where you have an account, or even at an electronic terminal at the 24-hour bank.

In this case, both in this and in your bank, you will be entitled to 4 withdrawals per month for free.

To better understand, follow this video about Pix Saque and Pix Troco:

Tips to avoid fraud with Pix Saque and Pix Troco

Limitations on the number of withdrawals and transfer amounts during certain hours are measures established to increase the safety during the use of the Pix Saque and Pix Troco tool. After all, the risk of robberies or financial scams it's real.

Look, but rest assured, you can always avoid them. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to prevent you from falling into traps with Pix Saque and Pix Troco, for example:

  • when scanning the QR code, confirm the amount and the name of who will receive the deposit: Never make a deposit without first confirming the name of the Pix key owner. This will be great to prevent you from transferring your money to the wrong accounts, especially if the QR code has been tampered with;
  • never pass your Pix password to anyone: Always be suspicious of anyone who asks for your password, as it is non-transferable. Don't confuse it with your Pix key code, which could be your CPF, phone number or email;
  • make Pix transfers on your mobile internet: The use of open Wi-fi, such as in establishments or even shopping, can be the perfect gateway to viruses on your phone;
  • make sure the store has cash on hand for the operation.: It is the establishment's obligation to inform its customers if they have the necessary money for the operation of Pix Saque and Pix Troco. Please check before making the transfer.

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