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After working and dedicating for years to a company, the professional needs to prepare for retirement. It is a difficult time because it involves a series of issues, including emotional and financial ones.

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The fact is that the vast majority of people do not effectively think about or plan for retirement very far in advance, and at the time of retirement they have to deal with a number of issues such as income continuity, debts and investments. Many never stopped to think what they were going to do when they left the company. There are those who manage to disconnect from the professional side and live from tours and travel, but there are also those who need to keep working to keep their mental health up to date, whether in another company or starting in academic life, for example. And for these two types of people, guidance and reception are needed.

It is a time to rethink everything that has been done so far and plan for the coming years. Support involves self-knowledge work, financial planning, quality of life, career mapping and notions of entrepreneurship, as in many cases the professional is interested in opening his own business.

Preparation for retirement usually starts between three and five years before the professional ends his activities at the company and should help the employee to save resources to live in peace, to invest the resources he has, take care of his health and, if necessary, offer tools for the person to be able to undertake safely.

An adequate retirement preparation program needs to cover different areas of the professional's life, which are related to personal and professional aspects. It is necessary to carry out follow-up work, emotional support aimed at self-knowledge, mainly to understand how the person is dealing with the moment of retirement and enable reflection to visualize the desired future.

It is necessary to apply tools to assess the skills that the professional has, thus rescuing how his professional life has gone, what skills and competences he has and how he can apply them in future alternatives.

In this way, people build their own life project with reflection and discussion on ways to use their free time in the new cycle that begins; they seek information about the rules and laws that govern the social security system and also seek to improve their quality of life and participate in activities related to health, leisure and social interaction.

In recent years, the adoption by companies of programs focused on preparing for retirement has grown in the UK. It is a kind of benefit that is granted to the employee at the time of closing their cycle and leaving for a new stage in life. With professionals well prepared to make this transition, it is possible to help the employee to understand what he wants for his future and how he will make it happen.

Among the main benefits that a company has when implementing a Retirement Preparation Program is building its image in the market as a socially responsible company, which will help it retain its employees and, on the other hand, also become attractive. when looking for the best external talent.

It also generates an improvement in the organization's internal climate and productivity optimization, because as other employees get to know the project that the company is offering, they feel that they can have more confidence and support to make decisions regarding the future of their careers. .

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