Positive work environment: tips for having a good work environment

Positive work environment: tips for having a good work environment

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One positive work environment it is fundamental in the performance of employees. A negative environment, on the other hand, is completely contagious and can significantly impact the productivity team's.

With this, HR has a great responsibility to build an enabling environment, so that employees can progress and become engage.

Actions ranging from the encouragement of interpersonal relationships, gratitude for the work performed and investment in the well-being and quality of life of employees.

This is because a negative environment, with toxic bosses and excessive charges, creates high turnover, absenteeism and discouragement on the part of employees. After all, nobody can stand being in a heavy environment, which is dominated by stress and confusion.

To help you in the challenge of building a positive work environment, we have listed some tips for your company to create a comfortable workplace for employees. Check out!

How to have a positive work environment

One Harvard University research revealed that if you have a person happy and motivated close by increase in 25% the chances of you being happy too.

Furthermore, 53% of workers say they believe that one of the main causes of occupational risk is caused by work stress.

These data reveal the importance of positive work environment so that the performance of employees increases and is decisive in achieving results.

For this reason, a positive work environment is essential in the daily lives of companies. But how to achieve it? See 5 tips that can on how to have a good work environment:

  1. Facilitate and encourage communication;
  2. Create a comfortable and flexible environment;
  3. Show gratitude for the work of each employee;
  4. Invest in the well-being of employees;
  5. Encourage teamwork.

We'll talk more about each of these points below.

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1. Facilitate and encourage communication

One transparent relationship between bosses and employees tends to provide a positive work environment. Since when employees are heard they feel valued.

But it goes far beyond that, the company that listens to its employees takes more assertive decisions. And the consequence of this open door in the relationship between superior and subordinate promotes more effective communication where everyone is willing to fight for the same goal.

This kind of open communication can come through feedbacks, meetings of briefing, climate surveys, benefit surveys, etc.

The secret is to make all professionals feel duly important in the organization. So that the positive work environment directly impacts the retaining talent and in increasing productivity.

2. Create a comfortable and flexible environment

The current market requires companies to develop a great deal in relation to strategies that involve a balance between the personal and professional lives of employees. That is, they need to be with the welfare up to date to work well.

Therefore, in order to achieve this positive work environment it is necessary for the company to develop actions that make the employee feel at home.

The great part of the employee's time is spent in the work environment and nothing worse than a completely complete scenario. uncomfortable and uncompromising. Thus, a good structure is fundamental.

The company needs to offer everything from a quality workplace and good computers, to computer screens in comfortable positions. Every detail has a direct impact on the employee's well-being and also on their health.

This is a positive work environment depends, and a lot, on what the company offers, so that the employee can do his best, and a comfortable environment has total impact on that point.

3. Show gratitude for the work of each employee

One Career Builder research revealed that 39% of employees who think about quitting their job is due to the lack of professional recognition. It is useless to be satisfied with the work of your employees if you do not share it with them.

One positive work environment it depends on how much your company recognizes the effort of the employees. Since an employee who receives praise and has his achievements celebrated by the company, is more engaged with the objectives of the organization.

Through this type of recognition, which can be through feedback, individual praise or even financial benefits, the company motivation of its professionals.

4. Invest in employee well-being

Website Data Trabalhando.com revealed that 52% of professionals they seek motivation in the environment in which they work. Therefore, a positive work environment also depends on investing in strategies that focus on the well-being of employees.

Every employee needs to feel part of a puzzle, as an essential piece in the organization's gear. And not only that, the whole team must face new challenges on a daily basis that give it the opportunity for growth.

Once stimulated by a more humanized management, professionals are able to balance work and life outside of it. After all, everything the company offers with an employee's well-being in mind makes them feel unique and recognized.

That is why it is so important to offer some differentials, such as benefits that complement the salary, training, workshops, training, improvements in the work environment, greater participation of employees in company decisions, etc.

5. Encourage teamwork

One positive work environment depends and a lot of the team work. The saying that “nobody is good alone ” fits perfectly into this scenario.

Companies that fail to prepare their employees to deal with each other's differences are doomed to fail.

That is why the incentive for everyone to know their responsibilities and, above all, to recognize that they need each other to achieve their goals is fundamental.

The lack of communication is one of the main causes of inefficiency of results. If everyone does not speak the same language, everyone follows a path and the boat tends to sink.

At the positive work environment, the leader must at all times understand possible frictions and resolve them as quickly as possible. It is important to demonstrate that each one has its due importance in the team and they need to deal with differences.

To stimulate this good communication, it is possible to have more relationship meetings, brief birthday celebrations internally and meetings of briefing with different teams, where everyone can have a voice.

Make the team deal with problems together facilitates their resolution. By creating that feeling that everyone is in the same boat and fighting for the same goal, creating a positive work environment.

The positive work environment and its consequences

“The routine will be pleasurable if I see the result as pleasurable. When it stops being like that, it becomes monotony ”. (Mario Sergio Cortella)

One positive work environment it is far from monotonous, it needs to be contemplated by a large number of challenges in order to be pleasurable.

Building a positive work environment is a major challenge for companies. Whoever manages to provide employees with greater well-being and quality of life is well ahead of the competition.

This is because a stressful environment generates high turnover, poor results and a high rate of absenteeism.

In this way, it is essential that companies foster a work environment that values, above all, a humanized management. In this way, the company can better see the needs of employees – which encourages them to be happy and engaged.

HR tools to maintain a positive work environment

Throughout the article, we offer tips on how to have a good work environment that values ​​employee commitment through well-targeted strategic actions.

To monitor all of these processes, HR can be assisted by management programs.

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And how do you see the importance of a positive work environment in the high productivity of the team and in the results? Leave a comment in the post and tell us!




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