Postgraduate studies in HR: what is the best option?

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Postgraduate studies in HR: what is the best option?

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With high demand from the labor market, the human Resources it has been increasingly interested in new professionals. This increases competition and makes interested parties search for more knowledge, found in free courses and training courses. postgraduate in HR.

According to data from the 2018 Higher Education Census, there were more than 160 thousand students enrolled in higher education courses.

The job market responds well to this with the number of job hires Human Resources Analysts with higher education diploma increasing year after year.

According to data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed, in 2021 there were more than 19 thousand admissions in this modality.

With more and more competition in the market (remembering that the professional can also be trained in psychology and Administration), your chances of standing out in that area are greatly increased if you have a specialization or postgraduate in your area of ​​expertise. Contracting companies always look at a specialist differently.

But what to specialize in? The human resources sector is very broad and it can be difficult to choose a direction.

Thinking about it, the I want bag, in partnership with the HR Consultants UK Blog, has selected a list of possible directions that you may end up following and which type of graduate school in HR is best for you.

How to choose the best graduate in HR?


First of all, it is important to note that graduate school does not serve as a higher education diploma. It is a complement to the first training, that is, the student must already have completed a bachelor's degree or technologist, for example.

In sequence, you need to analyze the reason that you want to specialize in. If it is to have more knowledge in the area that you really like and want to improve, take into account your skills. For example, if you are easy with exact, learning more about finance can be a good thing.

However, it may be that the professional seeks a better placement in that sector in which you are already working. So, analyze the opportunities in the companies you are in and follow the path that you believe may evolve.

Types of postgraduate courses in HR

1. Postgraduate studies in People Management

For those who want to deal with the management of other professionals and work in a leadership position, the postgraduate degree in HR in the area of People management it may be the best of the way.

The purpose of the course is train someone, from any area, capable of creating, developing and dealing with systems involving other employees within organizations (companies, NGOs, government agencies, etc.).

With the knowledge acquired in the course, the student will be able to promote individual and collective development, through motivation, leadership, structures and technologies.

In addition, the professional with this specialization is also responsible for creating performance evaluation of those he manages, in order to guide possible bonuses or promotions. The profile is who wants to deal more with the organizational part of the HR team, leading and managing people.

2. Postgraduate studies in Human Resources and Finance

The postgraduate course in Human Resources and Finance HR is for those who have a greater aptitude for exact area and who want to understand how to allocate resources and work more assertively.

The professional will understand the company's HR as an integral part of the company's strategic growth planning.

The professional with this specialization will work for the development and sustainability of the organization, combining HR knowledge with finance, in an updated way, aiming at increasing its value.

3. Postgraduate studies in labor law

For the human resources professional who is interested in deepening the numerous changes that the labor legislation has been undergoing in Brazil, specializing in a postgraduate degree in HR in Labor Law may be a good option.

Formed in this specialization, the professional will leave with the ability to reduce the friction between employer and employee in legal terms and better understand the relationship between the two in the corporate context.

4. Postgraduate studies in Organizational Psychology

Whoever chooses to graduate in HR in Organizational Psychology, will be able to improve the corporate climate in the company by identifying, reflecting and proposing solutions for the most varied psychological events in the workplace.

Thus, if trained, the professional will be able to:

5. MBA in people development

The MBA graduate in MBA in People Development aims to transform the organization and provide the evolution of employees in the technical question of the function in which they work and also in the behavioral part, discovering and polishing leaders within the work environment.

The professional will leave knowing how to deal with the new paradigms in the business world, generating intellectual capital in the company, managing knowledge and learning more about training.

Combining some of these HR graduate degrees can be a good idea!

The important thing is for the professional to understand that the more prepared he is, the better his curriculum will be and the more opportunities to evolve in his career will have.

Therefore, combine two or more of these postgraduate courses in HR to ensure better job placement!

Innovate not to lose talent

In addition to encouraging the team to be trained in a graduate school in HR or another field, offer extra benefits that can help improve your financial condition and avoid debt.

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