Practical guide to learn how to pay bills by credit card

Practical guide to learn how to pay bills by credit card

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Did you know that it is possible to learn how to pay bills by credit card?

Although the modality comes with some fees and costs related to the use of this means of payment, the alternative is possible to add greater financial control at the end of the month, paying the bills and avoiding, therefore, fines and abusive interest for delay.

However, the credit card itself has some costs that are high in themselves. Hence, the importance of knowing how to pay bills by credit card only when necessary.

To help, in this post we will talk about the following subjects:

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Why learn how to pay bills by credit card?

As we already said, you saw that you can pay bills by credit card. But there is a good reason to do that and insert that form of payment throughout your financial planning style=”font-weight: 400;”>?

That is where the whole essence of the issue comes in. The credit card is a practical model, convenient and full of facilities for the consumer – when used with discipline. Otherwise, the invoice, the invoice and even the installment of the invoice can complicate your financial life.

However, there are also some specific advantages that can make all the difference, once you learn how to pay bills by credit card.

Flexibility to save money

You can, for example, pay a telephone bill with a credit card if the boleto is due and you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account.

So, instead of paying the boleto online and falling into the overdraft or even not paying and paying interest and fines, later, you can pay the boleto with your credit card.

With this amount paid on your card, the amount will be debited only on the next invoice – taking into account the due date of the current invoice, of course – which allows time to plan and have the necessary funds to pay off this expense in the following month .

And don't be fooled into thinking that it is preferable to let an account expire in a given month, because the interest or fine is low. With financial discipline, you can save every penny, which can be converted into future investments and the gradual strengthening of your assets.

Conveniences offered by loyalty programs

Institutions that provide credit cards have, for the most part, agreements with loyalty programs or have their own. And the operation is quite simple, having only a few distinct characteristics among the companies that promote this type of service.

In general, each purchase you make on your credit card is converted by points. When you accumulate them, you exchange for benefits and even services or products.

Once again: with financial intelligence style=”font-weight: 400;”>, you can benefit from these points programs and even plan some expenses to be paid off with your credit card.

Discount with cash payments on boleto

When you know how to pay bills by credit card, you can enjoy a benefit normally granted to boleto payments: discounts.

Many companies grant a percentage to customers who pay in cash. And since it is possible to pay bills with a credit card, this expense can be inserted into the payment method.

With that, you get a discount and still manage to plan the payment only when your credit card bill falls.

Remember, too, that using a credit card must be done with planning and without hurting the ceiling of your budget. But if you already deal with this situation efficiently, take the opportunity to save it for later reading another article from us, which explains it better how you can increase the card limit!

How to pay credit card bills over the internet?

Let's see, now, how to pay electricity bills with a credit card or any other expense that generates a boleto. Remembering that, for this, you can resort to some alternatives.

The first one is the internet banking of the institution with which you have a checking account and / or credit card. Let's understand better, below!

Internet banking

Although it has its advantages and can add more financial stability to your routine. Paying bills by credit card can be a more expensive option. This is because, most of the institutions that offer this payment method charge a monthly fee – in addition to the transaction's IOF.

In addition, it is necessary to check, first, if your credit card has this facility. The Nubank card, for example, does not allow payment of slips with a credit card.

On the other hand, if the institution offers the possibility, confirm how much the service costs and assess whether the final price will be more affordable than the payment of a possible fine, the boleto, if you prefer to pay late and in cash instead to use the credit card.

See too: Controlling Credit Card Spending!

In addition to paying bills by credit card, access your bank's internet banking (via the app or the institution's official website) and look for the credit card payment option.

Call center

Another way is through a contact with the call center of your institution. Thus, payment would be made via telephone, but with your authorization to make use of the credit card.

Payment applications

Another solution for you to make the best use of this function and learn how to pay bills by credit card is to use payment applications.

They are interesting because, unlike traditional banks, companies specializing in this type of service do not have high rates for their use. Which cheapens the cost.

If you still don't know them, take a look at the list below, where we have gathered some of the most popular services here in Brazil and internationally:

In other words: several possibilities at your disposal to make a more conscious and even strategic use of your means of payment.

What to pay attention to?

Finally, it is worth mentioning that yes, you can pay bills by credit card, but that your financial discipline is essential to avoid inconvenience with difficulties in settling the bill for the following month.

So we’ve selected three key points to make sure you make the best use of this alternative:

  • it is impossible to use the credit card to pay the bill on the card itself;
  • there are charges for paying bills with your credit card – this must be assessed to understand, in the end, how much you will actually pay for it;
  • always calculate payments based on the invoice's due date (to prevent the expense from falling in the same month that you have the leanest budget).

So, do you already know everything about paying bills with a credit card? So, how about sharing this post on your social networks? Thus, more people can stay on top of this alternative and obtain a much more efficient financial planning!



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