Private pension or direct treasury: what is the best option?

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Private pension or direct treasury: what is the best option?

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In doubt about private pension or direct treasury? Understand them first: social security is an investment plan that includes the VGBL and PGBL modalities. However, both are functional through periodic deposits. However, the direct treasury is a program of the National Treasury in partnership with BM & FBovespa, which facilitates the access of individuals to federal and public securities – it serves as a kind of loan to the government, which returns in advantageous remuneration to the investor.

Among so many investment options, people soon find themselves trapped with referrals from friends and offers from bank managers. And, among so many divergent opinions, which one is the best? Especially, when we speak of two popular ways, between the private pension or direct treasury?

If you fit into this group and are looking for more information about both types of investment, your search is over!

The following is a compilation of everything you need to know in order to make an assertive decision, in line with your profile, objectives and needs: private pension or direct treasury?

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Understand whether private pension or direct treasury are adequate

Understanding whether you have a profile for private pension or direct treasury starts with the basic differentiation between both types of investments. Shall we go to them?

Private pension

Commonly offered by financial institutions, the private pension is considered by many to be a investment complementary income. This is because the investment was designed to serve as insurance for people who did not contribute to the EHIC at the time it was conceived – in 1977.

Its popularization, however, was only to happen two decades later through people who began, in fact, to be concerned with the direction of their respective incomes. For that, people can choose between two types of private pension:

  • the Defined Benefit Generating Plan (PGBL), which deducts its investments from its annual income tax return;
  • o Free Benefit Generator Life (VGBL), which is more suitable for those who do not make the income tax declaration (or do, but as exempt).

Then, it is important to evaluate that the investment has two things to do, regardless of having opted for the PGBL or the VGBL: the accumulation, which is the result of the monthly contributions, and the next phase, which translates into the monthly income contracted by your plan. foresight.

The Treasury Direct

Now, in the comparison between private pension or Direct Treasury, let's understand how this second investment model works.

Its origin is linked to the combined effort of the National Treasury with the BM & FBovespa, allowing people easier access to federal public securities.

And why is that, you may be asking yourself? Simple, it is a way of making the population itself “lend” resources to the government, which will work with the return of this investment gradually – a kind of retribution, therefore.

Therefore, this return occurs through an annual remuneration, which is paid through the help of a securities broker. Security and precision to have your investment yielding continuously, and according to your goals.

It is also worth knowing the modalities within Tesouro Direto, which are:

  • fixed rate, with a fixed rate of return (and indicated for those who suspect the stability of the economy in the long run);
  • linked to inflation, which has a fixed and a variable return. Which constantly fluctuates the gains of this type of investment;
  • indexed to the Selic Rate, the only security linked to this rate – and also one of the most used because of its flexibility (since it gives a return of 100%, of the Selic rate, to the investor).

Let's see, now, how each of them can be better for you?

How to choose between private pension or Tesouro Direto?

Below, we will highlight the advantages and then the points of attention of each investment!


To choose between private pension or Tesouro Direto, find out the advantages of the first:

  • regulated discipline to save money, since the contributions take place monthly in fixed amounts;
  • helps to supplement social security through monthly withdrawals;
  • it can be deducted in the Income Tax.

Now, the positive points of Tesouro Direto are:

  • better profitability, regardless of the chosen modality (including one that follows inflation rates);
  • lower investment risk;
  • the minimum investment amount is affordable;
  • liquidity is daily.

When comparing private pension plans or Tesouro Direto, the second has an advantage over the first. But it is important to look at other factors as well.


Concerning private pension:

  • fees (administration, loading and withdrawal) are high;
  • there are also supplementary fees for those who withdraw the amount due before the previously stipulated period;
  • has low profitability;
  • through the taxes short-term investments are not recommended;
  • does not have the FGC guarantee.

And, about the Direct Treasury, the big disadvantage is the fact that the investment is taxed by the Income Tax.

This means, then, that Tesouro Direto is a more flexible possibility for investors – regardless of their profile. After all, they are qualities that stand out, in comparison, and the only disadvantage weighs less than the list of challenges proposed for those who invest in private pension.

However, in addition to this issue between private pension or Tesouro Direto, we would like to hear your opinion as well: what are the challenges and obstacles that you face the most, when planning an investment. Leave a comment, below, and we will expand this discussion on the subject 🙂



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