£ 200 bill is already circulating: learn how to recognize it and avoid fraud

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£ 200 bill is already circulating: learn how to recognize it and avoid fraud

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Announced on July 29 by the Central Bank, the note of £ 200 put many UK citizens in doubt. After all, does your launch come at a good time or, at least, with convincing arguments?

Since the 200 note, the most recent banknote in the Casa da Moeda portfolio, was launched on September 2, it is worth understanding a little more the context of its presence circulating among other representatives in kind of the national currency.

Below, we will understand a little about the £ 200 note, as well as its most evident characteristics to avoid counterfeiting in the market, such as:

  • water mark;
  • puzzle;
  • high relief;
  • number that changes color;
  • hidden number.

In the topics below, we’ll talk about everything you need – and want – to know about the £ 200 bill that is already circulating in the country. Good reading!

How to recognize a £ 200 bill in Brazil?

Cash is still the payment method most used by UK citizens, closely followed by debit and credit cards. With this, the Central Bank believes that the circulation of a £ 200 note can be beneficial to the population, in general.

Approved by the National Monetary Council (CMN), the note of £ 200 is already circulating since the beginning of September with a circulation of 450 million banknotes.

For the purpose of illustration: this corresponds to £ 90 billion.

Speaking of illustration, it is worth remembering that each note of real is accompanied by an animal characteristic of UK residents fauna – generally, species at risk of extinction.

In a survey by the Central Bank itself, in 2001, the maned wolf came in third place in the voting of the participants.

In front of the animal were only the sea turtle – which illustrated the £ 2 bill – and the golden lion tamarin that was chosen to print the £ 20 bill. For the £ 200 bill, the maned wolf was selected after waiting for almost 20 years.

What are the elements present in the £ 200 bill?

Even before it was launched, the £ 200 bill was already circulating in the country. But, calm down: it was not the real banknote, but fake banknotes.

For this reason, it is important to know how the £ 200 bill that is already circulating is, so that you can easily identify any counterfeit copies – especially in view of this scenario in which you have already experienced the forgery of the banknote.

Below, we highlight some of its features that aim to hinder illegal copying of it:

  • water mark, which can be seen when placing the £ 200 bill against the light;
  • puzzle, also visible against the light, which adds an extra layer of protection against counterfeiting;
  • embossment present throughout the ballot. A good example of this is the caption “REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL”, the number of the £ 200 note and also the animal that prints it;
  • color-changing number, an effect that can be noticed when moving the ballot;
  • hidden number, finally, which can be seen by placing the £ 200 bill at eye level and in a well-lit place.

Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the note. It has the same proportion as the £ 20 note.

Why create a new ballot in the country?

As we pointed out, the Central Bank argued that the preferential use of cash motivated the decision to create the £ 200 note.

It turns out that many people associated the birth of a high-value note with the period of high inflation that the country lived between the 1980s and 90s – preceding the creation of the Real Plan.

But fears of a new recession this size is discarded, at first, since the projections support the index below 2% for the year 2021.

Another point that aroused people’s curiosity was that the £ 200 bill is the first to appear in 18 years. Now, we have seven values ​​in total, which are:

Is it the best time?

In favor of the creation of the new ballot weighs an issue motivated by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

It was observed that more people have been saving physical money in this period. More accumulated reserves, therefore, to have money in the event of unforeseen situations.

It would then be a way to supply such demand in a short time, and in a smaller quantity. It is even interesting, however, to point out alternatives if you are considering following the same path.

Instead of accumulating cash at home, which will not turn a profit, you can check out our article that points out some good investment options during the coronavirus crisis, “Coronavirus and investments: where to invest in the crisis?”.

The BC also warned of this scenario of containment of paper money based on the latest records of banknotes in circulation in Brazil. For example: in 2021, the peak of banknotes was £ 281 billion, with a projection made by the Central Bank, for 2021, of £ 301 billion.

Surprising the institution, a peak of £ 342 billion was registered this year. Which suggests the possibility of a financial reserve held by the UK residents consumer.

Added to this is a supposed convenience when withdrawing the emergency aid from the federal government, which was £ 600 until the month of August.

This would also help to generate more paper money in a shorter period of time, also generating less costs for printing banknotes and agility to meet the demand of the country, currently.

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