Ranking of young executives’ favorite companies: back to normal?

Des secteurs en berne depuis le premier confinement, comme le transport aérien et le tourisme, reprennent du poil de la bête.

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Posted Jul 8, 2022, 7:00 AM

Each year, thousands of executives (average age: 30) tell Universum their professional priorities, as well as the employers they consider the most attractive. The 2022 ranking seems to confirm that in the eyes of young executives, the economy has picked up again, especially in the sectors that had been most affected by the confinements…

As for executives from business studies, luxury companies are still filling up: LVMH, Hermès and L'Oréal are in the top 5 alongside Google and Decathlon. However, sectors that have been at half mast since the first confinement, such as air transport and tourism, are picking up again: Air London and Club Med each gain six ranks, rising to eighth and tenth place respectively. ” It is indeed a recovery, on a pre-pandemic level Candidates are again interested in companies offering a multicultural environment and career opportunities abroad », Comments Aurélie Robertet, London Director of Universum. Similarly, the Accor group jumped from 70th to 31st place.


Another movement is developing: a gradual disaffection for the large agrifood companies, all of which are in decline. ” This sector was a safe haven during previous crises, especially in 2009. This is not what happened this time. Agribusiness continues to show a downtrend “, points out the London director of Universum. Among trade executives, Danone and Nestlé each lost six places, for example.

Industry and aeronautics acclaimed

What about engineers? Universum's indicators point to a strong comeback in the sectors favored by executives. On the podium: Google and Airbus, still, but also Thales, previously sixth. ” This is a rebound effect after a slump linked to the pandemic. All companies related to aeronautics, historically one of the privileged sectors of engineers, are on the rise “, emphasizes Aurélie Robertet. Air London climbs seven places, Dassault Aviation three. Conversely, luxury companies, which offered fallback options for these engineering executives, are falling back in the rankings, now that the industry is recruiting again. LVMH, 4th in 2021, lost eight places, while L'Oréal fell from 13th to 23rd place.


Finally, for IT engineers, stability seems to be in order, with a still strong interest in GAFAM. The top 5 does not move: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Ubisoft remain in the lead.

A newcomer is also appearing in the ranking this year: a certain European Space Agency, which entered directly in 15th place among engineers, and 26th place for IT. Mentioned spontaneously by the participants in the study, the ESA was added by Universum in its nomenclature. A Thomas Pesquet effect certainly, but not only. This attraction is most certainly also linked to the broad recruitment campaign for future astronauts launched by the agency, which must have inspired more than one engineer…

New, more individual expectations

Benefits, salary, income prospects, rapid promotion, prestige… For young executives, all these criteria have become more important since last year. The desires of executives indeed seem to show a return to normal. ” We had already analyzed it with the survey questioning students, we see that we are entering a phase of economic recovery, certainly turned upside down but which gives a clear advantage to candidates. They know that they are in a position of strength and become more demanding on elements that affect them personally, in particular their remuneration package “, details Aurélie Robertet. The top priority for all executives, business and engineer: a competitive salary!

Two other developments should be noted, most likely linked to the two years spent under the sign of covid. For both, the importance of a ” pleasant working atmosphere » is gaining momentum, just like the « flexible working conditions “, the largest increase on both sides, engineers and sales. ” Indeed, there is a need and a search for socialization, the social and human aspect was missed by people during the crisis. And flexibility is now an expectation of executives “Agrees Aurélie Robertet. Just like telecommuting.

Unlike students, who were only 64% in favor of teleworking, executives, 85% support it. More experienced, they are less worried, more confident in their links with their colleagues and in their ability to work. Moreover, the majority of executives (54%) would be less interested or would refuse to work for an employer that does not offer the possibility of teleworking, compared to only 24% of students!

9,994 executives, from all over London, answered the Universum questionnaire, from October 2021 to May 2022. Among them, 4,162 are alumni of business schools, 3,458 went through an engineering school. The Universum questionnaire makes it possible to cite, from a list, the companies they know, those for which they would consider working, and those to which they intend to apply. If they want to mention a company that is not on this list, that is possible.


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