Reconversions, new jobs, alternative lifestyles… In 2021, these stories touched you

Leurs témoignages ont été les plus lus de 2021 sur Les Echos START.

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Posted on Dec 28, 2021 2021 at 7:00

This year, our top 10 most read testimonials feature stories from employees, entrepreneurs and students. Some told us about their retraining, others about their atypical career or their alternative way of life. They told us about their success story but also of their doubts and setbacks. If you missed them, here they are.

1. “I opened a dark kitchen in full confinement, and it works …”


After a preparation and a business school, Antoine Lecocq worked in strategy consulting. Very quickly, this Franco-Cameroonian wanted to start a business and open his own restaurant. Its ambition: to highlight the cuisine of sub-Saharan Africa. In January 2021, he opened a temporary restaurant. Three months later, the government sets up the first containment. In order not to give up on his project, the young man launches his dark kitchen : a model of fast food without room, whose dishes are delivered to customers. And success is there. Find his testimony.

2. “We built our house in containers ourselves”

@ homebox25

In 2021, Capucine and Florent come across a program on unusual houses. This shows in particular a house built from old containers. The click for the couple of handymen. They have since built their own. Installed near Besançon, in Franche-Comté, they moved into their cocoon after nine months of work. Find their testimony.

3. “I live in a yurt with my three children”


Living in a yurt was Morgane, 29's childhood dream. A dream come true in 2021. Since then, she has lived in her yurt that she has built in central Brittany. She lives there in summer and winter with her children of 2, 4 and 7 years old. An alternative lifestyle that she chose to be closer to nature. Find his testimony.

4. “DevSecOps, I was lucky enough to be hired before I finished my studies! “


Nino Sochet considers himself lucky: he is one of those who were hired before completing their studies, in the midst of a health crisis. It must be said that his profile is highly sought after. The 23-year-old is DevSecOps: a profession which consists in ensuring and maintaining the security of the entire cycle of a web or software project, from its development to its exploitation in production. Find his testimony.

5. “Trader for 9 years, I launched my adventure travel agency”

Explora Project

Stanislas Gruau, 34, was a commodities trader in London and Geneva. After a rapid rise, he realized that his profession was no longer in line with his expectations. He ended up resigning to devote himself in 2018 to an entrepreneurial project that he had been maturing for six years: an adventure travel agency that respects the environment. Find his testimony.

6. “I became an airline pilot after five years in finance”

David Robert celebrates his 1,000th flight hour in this photo.

David Robert celebrates his 1,000th flight hour in this photo.DR

At 23, David Robert boarded an airliner for the first time, as a passenger. A journey that confirms its ambition: to take a seat in the cockpit. After five years in finance and IT, he joined the National School of Civil Aviation (Enac) at the age of 28. Graduated in 2017, he made his first commercial flight on the eve of his 30th birthday. Find his testimony.

7. “In eleven years, I won 7,316 Pounds on BlaBlaCar”


Every time he leaves for a weekend or on vacation, Jimmy Choisnet offers to take passengers in his vehicle. via BlaBlaCar. He is one of the app's most active drivers, scoring 4.6 / 5 out of 211 reviews. Member since 2010, he has experienced hand-to-hand payments, by codes and, finally, automatic transfers. On the occasion of the platform's fifteenth anniversary in October 2021, he tells us. Find his testimony.

8. “I started medicine at age 39, after going through finance”


As a teenager, Christelle Colin imagined becoming a doctor, but she quickly put this idea aside, telling herself that this job was reserved for the elite. The young woman then turns to finance. At 39, she finally decides to return to the profession that made her envy younger and joined the benches of college. It is the beginning of studies which promise to be long and intense. She told us about her atypical journey when she was in fifth year of medicine, at 45 years old. Find his testimony.

9. “Actuary for twelve years, I launched my Algerian restaurant between two confinements”


Hanane Abdelli-Tancrède worked as an actuary for twelve years. As she approached quarantine, she had one desire: to undertake. But in what? She opts for catering and opens in September 2021 her fast restaurant of authentic Algerian cuisine. An establishment located in the heart of London, and which aims to be a tribute to its roots. Find his testimony.

10. “We were selected by Airbnb from among 314,000 applicants to live a nomadic life for a year”

Steven Bonnard (left) and Will Peyre.

Steven Bonnard (left) and Will Peyre.DR

Three English people were selected among the twelve winners selected by the American platform to travel for one year with all expenses paid. And this, all over the world. Among them, Will Peyre and Steven Bonnard, a duo of adventurers and digital nomads from Provence. Their goal: to prove that it is possible to lead a nomadic lifestyle, centered on discovering the world and traveling, without losing interest in ecological issues. Find their testimony.

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