Recruiting talent: 4 steps that can’t be ignored

Recruiting talent: 4 steps that can't be ignored

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Recruiting talents is an efficient way to save your company and improve your profitability based on your human resources. Therefore, it is essential to assess the professional profile for each position and then assess the company's DNA (and whether it has to do with the candidates in question). Thus, you will notice the reduction of costs, the increase of productivity and the gradual development of your organization.

Recruit talent<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, contrary to what many people boast, it is not a synonym for hiring. After all, the process is much more strategic and focused on the growth (in the medium and long term) of the company.

For example: hiring reactively and without a defined plan means that the organization does not grow gradually. The professional may not have to do with the corporate profile of your brand or, even, may not have the essential qualities for the open position.

With this, a productive bottleneck is created that would not even exist through the work of recruiting talents. Its about precision and, in this post, we will explain 4 that cannot be ignored in their selection processes.

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Recruitment or acquisition of talent?

As we have seen, the recruitment it is a reactive job: with the opening of a position in the company, HR specialists soon look for a professional to occupy it.

When we talk about talent acquisition, in turn, we are describing an ongoing process. It is done with a wide and very detailed market monitoring, in order to identify the skills, competences and attitudes that are indispensable for each key position in the organization.

Thus, in the face of an eventual need, recruiters already know which paths to take in order to fill the vacancy quickly – and with as much assertiveness as possible.

This can even contribute to the elaboration and maintenance of a talent bank impeccable, completely focused on the profile, needs and objectives of your company!

Is it worth investing in the idea of ​​recruiting talent?

We consider this type of strategy essential. And do you know why?

If your company “hires by hiring”, you are in serious danger of losing that professional in the medium or long term due to lack of identification with the organization. And this, in addition to hindering corporate growth, also means extra costs.

Layoffs, hires, integrations, adaptations … all of this takes time, money and can even overwhelm the other professionals on the team. Not to mention your company's reputation – since a high rate of turnover style=”font-weight: 400;”> it is never a good sign.

Therefore, when recruiting talents, your company is strengthening itself internally and externally: it fills vacant positions and, still, with a high chance of preventing new holes from occurring for a long time.

In addition, you can benefit from:

So, how about we see how recruiting talent can be good news, within your company, and also an easy strategy to be achieved?

What are the 4 steps to recruit talent?

Below, we will highlight a step by step that your industry HR must observe before and during the implementation of a strategy to recruit talent!

1. Know your company

Let's start with the principle: understand what is the organization profile and, also, what is sought in each type of position in the company.

This helps to reduce the inaccuracy of decisions in the selection processes, and to filter the entire procedure so that recruiters know exactly what to look for in candidates – and how to test them.

As there is no method, only, to identify the best type of candidate, your HR can benefit from doing this mapping, to have different techniques for each type of position to be filled.

2. Work together with managers

It is useless to focus exclusively on HR knowledge to recruit talent: after all, managers also deeply understand the needs and opportunities that must be embraced in their respective sectors.

Therefore, the integration of sectors to define needs, priorities and diagnoses is essential. HR can even be always close to the areas in order to train them, constantly, according to the managers' feedback.

Consequently, we have an excellent job of recruiting talent, but also focused on retention of them – we’ll talk about that shortly.

3. Position yourself according to your organizational culture

In addition to knowing who your company is, promote your organizational culture. In the sense of recruiting talents, this means that the organization is so aware of its personality that it is easy to see in its attitudes.

For candidates, it is the perfect opportunity to understand whether their profile (personal and professional) has to do with the organization. One way to avoid wrong hiring on both sides, for example.

4. Make a perfect job description

Use the social networks that your audience uses; make a job description that generates familiarity and identification with whom you want to reach; learn how to highlight the main attractions of working in your company.

These are just some of the differentials of those who know how to strategically make a good vacancy description.

And, through it, the best professionals will be on the radar of their recruiters. Something that reduces the total time, of the selection process, and qualitatively improves the degree of assertiveness of the selection of the best professionals.

What to do after recruiting talent for the company?

The challenge is not just to recruit talent. As soon as the hiring is carried out, the professional will be facing new challenges, a new reality, and HR has to know how to deal with it.

In other words: learn to keep a talented team motivated, engaged and, especially, productive and challenged. This is where the importance of actions and investments for retaining talent in your company comes in.

This is true both for companies that had to recruit talent, externally, but also to keep their current teams motivated.

Therefore, the importance of the trainings that HR can identify as necessary, periodically, as well as the development of other strategies, such as:

With this, your company acquires uniformity. An unwavering cohesion of talented and constantly motivated people to give a little more to themselves, to companies that do everything for them.

Do you want to understand a little more about this subject, to complement what we saw here about the importance of recruiting talent? So, here are other strategies, such as business travel, to help attract and retain talent!



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