Recruitment and selection 2.0: how to transform your way of hiring

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Recruitment and selection 2.0: how to transform your way of hiring

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It's no surprise that social media has brought profound changes to people's lives – and that includes how they conduct their careers. In this scenario, companies had to rethink the methods used in their selection processes, which generated the appearance of recruitment and selection 2.0.

Today, most of the job search is done 100% over the internet: professionals use the network to do personal marketing, networking and publicize works. To attract the best talent, organizations need to adapt, evolving their hiring practices.

Thinking about it, we explain in this post everything you should know about recruitment and selection 2.0. Are you interested? Check it out below!

What is recruitment and selection 2.0?

Recruitment and selection 2.0 is the use of technology to make the talent attraction more agile and accurate. In addition to modernizing processes, the practice promotes a more strategic view of candidates, taking into account their personal interests and the changes in work relationships that have occurred in recent years.

At the traditional recruitment the steps were slower, as the search for candidates and the analysis of the curricula was done manually. The tactics were also different: only technical criteria, such as experience and training, were considered when choosing professionals.

Like recruitment and selection 2.0, the processes are automated, which reduces the closing time of vacancies. The tools used allow a complete analysis not only of the technical skills, but of the behavioral profile of all candidates.

In this way, it is possible to make more hires, which reduces turnover and generates excellent results for the business.

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How to apply recruitment and selection 2.0?

As stated earlier, there are a number of technological tools that can be applied in the recruitment and selection 2.0. Check out the main ones below:

Use data analysis software

Software data analysis are very useful to facilitate the recruitment process, especially in the curriculum screening stage.

If HR previously needed to evaluate resumes one by one to decide which candidates would move on to the next steps, today this is no longer necessary. Just advertise your vacancy online and spend a keyword filter to select the CVs most aligned to the desired profile.

For this method to work, it is necessary to know clearly what basic skills the company is looking for in the candidate. Thus, it is possible to raise the level of choices already in the first stage of the selection process.

Advertise vacancies on recruitment platforms

You specialized websites are one of the most used tools by companies in the recruitment and selection 2.0. There is a great diversity of options on the market, paid and free, with specific resources for each type of need.

They exist from the most generic platforms, which accept all kinds of vacancies and professionals, to niche sites, targeted at candidates from athe only area of ​​expertise.

Choose the right platform according to what your company is looking for and have access to a large number of qualified professionals.

Use social media

Using social media wisely is one of the main strategies of rScreening and Selection 2.0. With them, it is much easier to know the interests of the professional and to know beforehand if their characteristics are aligned with the expectations of the organization.

O LinkedIn, like more than 500 million users in the world, is the most important social network for recruiting candidates. The tool has a total focus on professional life, allowing candidates to publish their resumes and main projects as a form of personal marketing.

On the companies side, there are specific resources for recruiters, such as job vacancies, corporate pages and personalized filters to find candidates.

It is a great opportunity to create relationships not only with professionals who are actively seeking employment, but also with people who are working, but can open up to new proposals.

In addition to LinkedIn, other social networks can be very useful for recruiting and selecting candidates. O Facebook, for example, enables job postings on business pages and job search groups.

Another advantage is to have an idea of ​​the professional's personality in his personal life. Know your hobbies and activities outside of work helps to build the candidate's profile and check their values ​​and conduct.

Take tests and interviews online

At the recruitment and selection 2.0, at first tests and interviews with the candidate are made by the Internet, which makes the process more dynamic for everyone involved.

There are several platforms that allow the application of language tests, general, behavioral and psychological knowledge, among other types. For interviews, there are tools for video call that allow conversations with good image quality and without audio noise.

Thus, the candidate does not need to travel to the company in the first stages of selection, and HR gains valuable time throughout the stages.

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What are the benefits of recruitment and selection 2.0 for HR?

One of the biggest advantages of recruitment and selection 2.0 for HR is the reduction of time spent on operational tasks.

With automated curriculum analysis and online steps, more time is left to strategically think about selecting candidates and other department activities.

Count on the technology support it also increases the rate of success in hiring. This means always having the best people working in the company for the longest time on the job. In this way, the organization reduces employee turnover, avoids financial losses and improves the fluidity of work processes.

These are important metrics for assessing the quality of HR work, which is primarily responsible for building a strong and engaged team.

We’re done with our tips on recruitment and selection 2.0! Now that you know everything about the subject, how about putting what you've learned into practice? Always pay attention to new technologies and use them to your advantage to attract the best candidates! With this, your company will be able to transform the way of hiring and, thus, generate excellent results.

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