Recruitment and selection techniques: know the main ones and how to implement them!

Recruitment and selection techniques: know the main ones and how to implement them!

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Many entrepreneurs place little value on recruitment and selection techniques because they do not understand the relevance of assertiveness in the hiring process.

For example: without proper planning and application of different recruitment and selection techniques, the company's HR can hire people who are not qualified or motivated for that challenge.

As a result, the index of turnover increases due to the number of layoffs, and with it also comes a series of charges related to terminations, admissions and processes integration and training, among other costs.

But this is not the only reason to invest in recruitment and selection techniques: throughout this post we will see everything about the subject.

To help, we will explain its concept, highlight the benefits of this type of planning and enumerate the main recruitment and selection techniques so that the HR sector in your company knows which (and when) to use them. Good reading!

What are recruitment and selection techniques?

Through the recruitment and selection techniques recruiters accurately identify who are the most qualified candidates and aligned to organizational culture from the company. For this, they can use some of the most popular in the segment, such as:

  1. internal selection;
  2. indication of employees;
  3. bank of resumes;
  4. contacts with universities and technical schools;
  5. union files;
  6. agencies recruitment and headhunters;
  7. social media.

They help to search, in the job market, the professionals that have everything to do with the DNA of your company, and that they can add to the work flow.

What are the benefits of this practice?

When you meet the most effective methods to attract (or retain, as we will see later) talents, you learn how address, publicize and promote opportunities.

As a result, costs in selection and recruitment are better used, as well as the time of Human Resources sector.

In addition, each open position in the company demands the search for a kind of professional. And we cannot always rely, for example, on internal selection to fill it out.

And it is based on these fundamental qualities for the development of any business that, below, we will point out 7 of the most used recruitment and selection techniques!

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What are the 7 recruitment and selection techniques?

Stay with this small guide close by and understand what are the differentials of each one of them in the selection processes in your organization:

1. Internal selection

A more practical and objective solution for a company, which basically consists of analyze which internal talents can absorb an open demand in the company.

It works even better when the organization works with a constant plan work career and a good evaluation system for your employees.

As a result, each new open opportunity already has a very well-defined alternative to meet these eventual demands.

And don't think that this is one of the techniques of recruitment and selection more interesting for generating savings for organizations: among the employees themselves, it is about the certainty that they can ascend, internally, and that they are polished for that.

2. Appointment of employees

Still in an internal model, even if indirectly, the appointment of employees tends to be a good possibility of maintaining quality among employees.

Especially, when the company allows this business model. After all, nominations are made by those who know the company's internal processes and the person they want to nominate.

One more of recruitment and selection techniques which generates a good dose of savings for the corporation. However, there is one caveat: without planning, the indication is just a gamble.

And, as is known, bets are not as sure as a good investment. Therefore, nominations must be treated with care, and a good HR selection process, so that new hires have, in fact, everything to do with the opportunity.

3. Curriculum bank

Traditional model, among recruitment and selection techniqueso, and that still stands out also for its effectiveness.

For this, it is important that HR professionals know, in detail, the needs, requirements and the desired profile of people to assume each position in the company.

Thus, with each selection process carried out, HR can store the best candidates who did not get the position, but who may be interested in a future opportunity.

The big challenge with this alternative is the maintenance and updating of the curriculum database. After all, an interesting candidate may already be employed and satisfied when he is sought out again.

Thus, depending exclusively on the curriculum database it is not a 100% efficient solution between the various recruitment and selection techniques.

4. Contacts with universities and technical schools

Excellent method to polish professionals from the first steps. A good relationship with educational institutions promotes the company, in its line of business, and creates a culture of attracting talent style=”font-weight: 400;”>, demonstrating the concern in seeking young professionals.

In this way it is possible to consider the hiring not only of people with more qualified profiles, but also:

  • interns;
  • young apprentices;
  • trainees;
  • junior level professionals.

It also applies as a complementary tool to maintain the quality of the curriculum database mentioned above.

5. Union files

Many unions already have a preview of what the CV bank stored in their HR might be.

This is because many professionals – new and veterans – seek assistance from these entities, whether for a first professional opportunity or replacement.

In this way, it is have a good relationship with the union in your category too. It is an interesting complement that can strengthen your other recruitment and selection techniques.

6. Recruitment agencies and headhunters

Headhunters popular alternatives are external recruitment. The same goes for recruitment agencies, which come out in search for people with the desired profile and already do a powerful filtering so you can make your selection.

It is worth noting, however, that they are more costly procedures, although they have a high potential for return to further qualify the selection process in your company.

7. Social Networks

Finally, one of the recruitment and selection techniques more modern – and accessible: the social networks style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Through them, you can post and publicize opportunities in your company in several ways, such as:

  • posts on the company's own page;
  • sharing so that more qualified candidates see the opportunity;
  • dissemination in its own networks for this – such as LinkedIn;
  • forums and pages created for the dissemination and sharing of professional vacancies.

The number of resumes received can be greater, too, in this modality. The challenge, however, is in the time available to do dedicated filtering on that high number.

It is worth noting, however, that each of these recruitment and selection techniques can be used together. One does not overlap the other, which provides a unique strategy for selecting, carrying out interviews and select the ideal candidates.

Now, in addition to putting into practice the techniques we saw throughout this article, how about staying on top of many other tips and news that we have to share with you?

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