Recruitment: are the young elites “out of touch” causing HR to panic?

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En 2019, Patrick Pouyanné, PDG de Total, déclarait déjà que sa « principale peur » était de ne pas être en mesure d'« attirer les talents » pour développer les énergies vertes.

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Posted on Oct 21, 2021 at 7:15 am

“We can tell that HRDs are panicking. “ The sentence was released on Monday, October 18, after the screening of “Rupture (s)”. This documentary directed by Arthur Gosset, 24, freshly graduated from Centrale Nantes, traces the story of six young people from grandes écoles who, like him, preferred to refuse the career that was promised to them in order to find meaning. Exit the beautiful name on the CV, the company car, the salary with lots of zeros.

Young people “Out of order”, an anecdotal phenomenon? “About 30% of my promotion fits this profile. Beyond that, an overwhelming majority aspires to another model of success ”, explains the young man. “I refused golden jobs, as an opportunity at Google”, continues by way of presentation Chloé Schemoul, graduate of ESCP, creator of the Masterclass “Becoming a Useful Talent” and author of the “Manual of the freedman: the steps to follow for a successful professional reorientation” that she wrote after having spent more than a year at Carrefour, in particular within a “graduate program”.

This type of contract for future leaders has multiplied in recent years in large groups, offering a variety of missions, tailor-made support and a quick rise, according to the dedicated site of the Edhec NewGen Talent Center. In total, 630 companies in Europe offer 1,300 graduate programs, which are no longer the weapon of massive loyalty that the large groups had imagined.

60% ready to take a more precarious position … for meaning

Young talents who are increasingly demanding in terms of the commitment of economic players and in search of meaning at the individual level, this is what the latest barometer “Talents, what they expect from their jobs” underlines. June by the BCG, the Conférence des grandes écoles and Ipsos with more than 2,000 students and graduates of the grandes écoles. Even if it means making concessions: for a meaningful job, 60% of talents are ready to take a more precarious position, and young workers are ready to lower their wages by 12% on average.

How to remain deaf to “The Revolt”, title of the book by Marine Miller – journalist at “Monde Campus” -, subtitled “Survey on young elites facing the ecological challenge” (editions of Seuil) published in mid-October? “The electroshock for large companies and global institutions occurred in 2018 with school strikes, climate marches, civil disobedience actions and the threat of desertion of young graduates with high potential from large industrial groups. with the ‘Manifesto for an ecological awakening’ signed by more than 32,000 students in a few months ”, rewinds the journalist, who ensures that HRDs like the grandes écoles have “Not finished hearing them”.

Show white paw

A good part of these young people are also ready to build with and not necessarily alongside businesses. In 2021, new Alumni groups were created to support the transition of these companies, such as “Essec Alumni Transition” which brings together 6,000 alumni. Ditto at Audencia and Sciences Po. For its part, the Alumni for the Planet association, which brings together alumni from all backgrounds, helps its 3,500 members to launch an ecological assessment in their company.

The companies understood that there was danger in the remainder. In 2021, Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total, already declared that his “Main fear” was not to be able to“Attract talent” to develop green energies. The revelations, on October 20, of a study that accuses Total of having long minimized the impact of its activities on climate change will not help the company achieve its goal of carbon neutrality in 2050.

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