Recruitment Funnel: what it is and how to use it to optimize your hires

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Recruitment Funnel: what it is and how to use it to optimize your hires

Table of Contents

O recruitment and selection funnel is a complete guide detailing all the steps a candidate must go through, from applying for the job to being hired. It helps to give visibility to the selection process as a whole, in addition to allowing analysis of the hiring and measuring each of the steps.

Have you ever taken the time to analyze the stages of the process of recruiting and selecting new employees for your company? Haven't done it yet? So it's losing big opportunities and talents.

Being assertive in hiring, in addition to bringing economic benefits, is fundamental to optimizing your company's growth. But the process is not always efficient and the choice of the most appropriate professional. Therefore, using the recruiting funnel correctly is essential.

Difficulties in recruitment and selection are closely related to inexperience of the candidates or even the urgency to make the contract. However, this is a process that requires calm and attention.

A study released by Harvard Business pointed out that 80% of employee turnover they are related to wrong decisions made during the hiring process.

Therefore, it is extremely important to be equipped with tools, such as the recruitment and selection funnel, that facilitate the development and analysis of the entire hiring process.

Find out below, like the recruiting funnel it can improve the talent management process and raise the quality of your hires.

Recruitment and selection funnel: what is it and why do it?

The recruiting funnel is a concept that comes from digital marketing, used for map the lead path, from your visit to the website until you reach the final purchase.

Basing the recruiting process on this approach method tool, the funnel is targeted to go all the way from job seekers.

From the job application to the end of hiring and starting the job, through medical examination and interviews.

The recruitment and selection funnel is a graphical representation of the stages of the selection process, serving as a guide that allows you to visualize the process as a whole.

Through it, it is possible manage candidates in the best way possible, having more clarity and confidence in the results obtained. In addition to facilitating the evaluation of the recruitment and selection process to optimize the selection process, through functions such as:

  • identify how many candidates applied for the position;
  • how many participated in each phase;
  • what is the conversion rate at each step;
  • how many days or weeks it took to move to the next step;
  • which stage had the most failure;
  • which had the highest number of dropouts;
  • which stage had the most engagement;
  • scale your time to hire, total time from attracting candidates to completion of the selection process.

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Recruitment Funnel Steps

The funnel can be divided into three distinct steps:

  1. Top of the funnel: attraction of the best candidates and resume screening;
  2. Funnel Way: interviews and measurement of engagement;
  3. Funnel Fund: choosing the best talent and hiring.

1. Funnel top

To attract talent that fits the job profile it is essential to take care of the content disclosed. Get to know the characteristics of your candidates well and choose the type of content and approach that is most appropriate for the interview.

To find out if the promotion of the vacancy is being successful, make an analysis of the vacancy access data X number of applications. According to a Recruiterbox survey, if the conversion rate wasr below 10-15%, there is some problem in the disclosure. To correct possible errors, it's worth it:

  • check if the language is adequate;
  • whether the information is complete and attractive;
  • if the vacancy is being advertised in the correct channels, where its audience is present.

Every company requires a specific type of approach and disclosure.

Still at the top of the funnel, it is necessary perform the screening and analysis of résumés. If the disclosure is correct, the attraction will be successful and the number of candidates high. Hence the need to filter correctly, thus avoiding candidates who do not have the right profile for the vacancy.

This screening can take place in two steps:

  1. automated analysis: using automation and online recruitment tools to filter and select resumes that fit the indispensable requirements for the position;
  2. behavioral analysis: the definition of the behavioral profile is a good strategy to carry out an assertive selection. It is also possible to automate this process, selecting only the résumés with behavioral trends and skills needed for the position.

2. Middle of Funnel

With the reduction of resumes made in the previous phase, it will now be possible to manually analyze the remaining resumes to get to know the candidates better and invite them for an interview, this is a fundamental step in the recruitment funnel.

It's important, once again, to keep an eye on recruiting metrics. From the total number of applications, how many professionals meet the required prerequisites?

If the rate is too low, it's worth revising the job description, aligning the communication with the audience you're looking for. And, in this way, to be able to reach more qualified people and within the required profile.

Read more at: How to Write a Job Description to Attract Talented Employees

Following the interview process, this is the time to make the candidate feel free to make his professional presentation.

The interview types options are diverse:

It is very important to measure the level of candidate engagement and observe if their values ​​are the same shared by the company.

3. Funnel Bottom

After going through the attraction, receiving a résumé, screening the most suitable profiles for the position, dynamics and interviews, it's time to make the final decision.

But the recruiting funnel doesn't end there. After deciding which is the best candidate and hiring, we have the onboarding phase.

This is the moment when the HR sector must introduce the new professional to the company, making him/her welcomed by the team.

For this reception to occur well, a tip is to inform the industry leader the profile of this new employee. In this way, he can apply an adequate management, supporting and giving all the support so that he fits into the team.

Remember that there is no defined recruitment funnel structure and no mandatory step. What we present here is a process suggestion, but the steps must be adapted according to the needs of each vacancy.

The important thing is to keep in mind that working the recruitment funnel methodology greatly optimizes recruitment and selection, in addition to establishing indicators that improve the process more and more, making it more effective for the company.

With this management, the process becomes more fast, organized, strategic and, mainly, more assertive, decreasing the rate of turnover and improving the candidate selection.

Making the right decisions about new employees is essential for revenue growth and for the company as a whole.

So, now that you know about the recruiting funnel, just put this methodology into practice in the next recruitment and selection processes, and see how it will be easier to reach the best talent and make quality hires for your team.

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Did you like our tips? What else do you experience difficulty in the selection process? Leave it here in the comments.


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