Recruitment marketing: strategies to hire the ideal professional!

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Recruitment marketing: strategies to hire the ideal professional!

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Recruitment marketing is a set of strategies to convince people to apply for company opportunities. For this, the profile must have been mapped for each opportunity in the organization, increasing the assertiveness of the hiring process.

Attract and disseminate are inherent tasks in the marketing a company. We plan and make use of techniques and technologies to arouse the interest of the consumer and even of our professionals.

Why not, then, think of strategies capable of also attract talent to the organization?

If you’ve already thought about it, but didn’t take it further, know that the recruitment marketing exists, and it can generate great results for your workplace.

So that the transition between planning and execution is brief, therefore, we invite you to continue reading this quick post! In the following topics, you will understand what is the recruitment marketing, its benefits and the methods to apply it. Check out!

How important is recruitment for the company?

O recruitment is key part of any company. Think, for example, of a surgical center equipped with the most coveted equipment on the market.

Now, associate that with hiring professionals who don't know what to do with the machinery. The same goes for someone who has never painted with the best brushes and paints available…

Masterpieces are created from the balance between the ideal material and the perfect human resource for the job. And that's where the recruitment marketing.

After all, it is up to HR the difficult mission of finding, in the market, this perfect professional. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to instigate it and, thus, lure you to the door of the company.

What is recruitment marketing?

Thus, the recruitment marketing – not to be confused with employer branding.

We are talking about a recruitment strategy that makes use of varied channels and so many other methods to convince people to apply for company opportunities.

Of course, considering that HR has already mapped the professional profile for each opportunity in the organization, which further expands the assertiveness of the hiring process.

This works out of an effort to publicize not only the open opportunity, but the differentials of your brand. Disseminate it with effectiveness, creativity and precision.

That way, interested parties will not click on an ad just by the salary range or the description of activities: they will desire that job; want to build their careers there.

What are the techniques used in recruitment marketing?

In theory, the intention is the same as marketing, as a whole: Arouse interest.

It turns out that the practice is a long, continuous and personalized job according to the opportunities available in the company and the desired profile of each candidate.

Therefore, the HR sector must know, deeply, what are the means of communication most used by these potential candidatesl. In addition to having identified:

  • the type of content they are used to consuming;
  • the most attractive technologies for these professionals;
  • the values ​​and behaviors desired to assume the position;
  • the tone of voice of the approach and argumentation so that the ideal professional profile applies to the opportunity;
  • the media they browse most online.

Well, let's not be mistaken: currently, the digital medium it is the main channel used to attract and relate to people. Something that digital marketing it already does so with wealth.

Let's see, then, what are the most popular and efficient techniques to consolidate the recruitment marketing in its selection process:

E-mail marketing

With its curriculum of curriculum properly updated, the email it can be the main tool to reach professionals in the market.

After all, they are resumes of people who have already piqued the company's interest and even profiles that showed interest in developing their career there.

With that, just use the information listed above to identify a stimulating tone of voice, with a creative approach and the right attractions to encourage an application.

Social recruiting

The term, in English, refers to the rscreening via social networks. However, in a comprehensive way, these communication channels generalize the actions of the recruitment marketing.

This is because they are highly popular media and with a very diverse profile of professionals waiting for good opportunities.

Therefore, even if you receive hundreds and hundreds of resumes, HR specialists must pay close attention to filtering process and selecting the right candidates.

Creative function descriptions

There are certain appeals that seduce you to choose one product over another, from the competition, very similar to the first, isn't it?

Because the recruitment marketing has the same objective of instigating from the first contact. And this is where the descriptions must be aligned with the personality and behavior professional development of candidates.

Generate identification so that you attract people interested in the challenge, but, above all, who recognize themselves in the company's DNA as soon as they disclose an opportunity.

Develop employer branding

We talked, above, so as not to confuse the recruitment marketing with employer branding, but the second concept has everything to do with the success of your endeavor.

And do you know why? Because the employer branding is a way of making your own employees the your brand promoters.

When one or more employees open their respective admirations for the company where they work, it generates a positive buzz.

One mouth to mouth that arouses the interest of other professionals, free or not in the job market, and that values ​​the reputation of your company.

For this reason, direct actions externally, recruitment marketing, but do not neglect internal actions for a second enrich your brand image.

What are the benefits of investing in recruitment marketing?

As we have seen, these are actions focused on pcustomize the company's selection process, qualifying it to attract not only those interested in working there, but people identified with the institutional pillars and the culture of the organization.

When you do this in a strategic and assertive way, the company conquers:

  • talents who arrive ready to take on the job responsibilities;
  • market value;
  • retain the talents longer, considering that they are already identified professionals;
  • reduces costs (and time invested) in long and inefficient selection processes.

Not to mention that recruitment marketing it is a pleasant action to develop, adjust and reinvent techniques and strategies to attract new professionals.

Does your company already have something in this direction? Is recruitment marketing – even if indirectly – applied in selection processes? Share your opinion and experiences with us, in the comments field of this post!


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