Retraining? This is how a learning platform can help

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Retraining?  This is how a learning platform can help

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More than three quarters of the working population is considering retraining. That is quite something. What exactly is retraining and how can a Learning Experience Platform contribute to this?

Uncertainty among working London

More than three quarters of the working population is considering retraining, we read on the HR Praktijk website. Only a small quarter of the Dutch working population currently feels secure in their job. Due to the corona measures, 37 percent now want to retrain as soon as possible and 39 percent are considering doing so as soon as necessary.

Retraining, what is it?

According to van Dale, retraining is educating someone for a different profession than he – or she – initially learned. This can be done by choosing a different profession, by growing to a new profession or a higher level or by taking up a comparable profession in a different industry or service. Retraining can be a huge step, for example if you move from a position in IT to a job in marketing. It can also be more a matter of retraining, for example if you want to move up the ladder or if you want to make the transition from a market research agency to the insurance world as an account manager. Retraining often involves learning a new skill or competence or acquiring some additional professional knowledge.

Retain talents

If your employees want to retrain, it does not mean that you will lose talent. On the contrary! You can take advantage of it. By deploying an LXP, you as a manager can coach your employees. Discuss the ambitions of your employees, and map out a smart learning path together, including time frame and end date. This gives you something to hold on to during evaluation interviews and helps you to stimulate the learning process of individuals and of your team as a whole. As an organization, you also have an overview of where which capabilities are needed. By combining this with the wishes and needs of your employees, you can facilitate internal flow and retain your talents, making you an irresistible employer. Who would not want that?

Knowing more?

There is increasing interest in the London for LXPs. Logical. As far as we are concerned, an LXP is the future and is fully embraced by a large number of our customers. Would you also like to get acquainted with the LXP of HR Consultant UK? Please contact us without any obligation and we will gladly give you an online demo.


HR Consultant UK can help if you have any questions about Retraining? This is how a learning platform can help
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