Retraining … when you have just started your professional life

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“Am I really in my place in what I do?”: This is an annoying question when you have just started working life. Marion de La Forest Divonne knows what she is talking about. At 31, she has already changed lanes twice. ” The first time, I asked myself the right questions but I went too fast, she recalls. The second time was good. »Finally became a coach – after unrelated studies – she realized that her career resonated enormously with many young people. To support them, it is today publishing a useful guide, aptly named Reinventing your professional life … when you've just started (ed. Eyrolles).

“The most difficult, in these cases, is to welcome the questioning, that is to say to admit that one may have taken a wrong path and, above all, that one did not is not really out of place. “

Knowing how to listen to your intuition

For her, the question arose a few months after having started her active life. “I had studied business and, like many young graduates today, I got a first job not completely related to my initial training. »After studying marketing, Marion de La Forest Divonne found herself sales manager for a ready-to-wear brand. She has a job and what's more, on paper, a job that many could envy her. What more ? ” The most difficult, in these cases, is to welcome the questioning, that is to say to admit that one may have taken a wrong path. and, above all, that we are not really in our place. »Twenty years ago, our elders did not ask themselves so many questions. “When we had a job, we kept it and we eventually considered a retraining after ten years of professional life,” she smiles. But Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000, accepts fewer compromises. “The question of well-being at work has gained ground,” analyzes the coach. In addition, we arrive in working life knowing that employment is fragile. Nobody keeps the same job for life and we have the right to several professional existences. ” The first step will therefore be, whatever your age, to listen to your intuition.. “We all have a little inner voice that guides us. “

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Prepare for the (good) retraining

But you still have to know what you want. Marion de La Forest Divonne committed the classic mistake of rushing into a new adventure without having really analyzed your desire. “I first created a leather goods brand with a friend, thinking that it would satisfy my desire for independence. ” Wrong path. “I still hesitated to completely break with my initial training and found myself taking care of the commercial part. However, I quickly realized that it was the artistic and creative part that interested me. After eight months, I quit. ” She then undergoes an orientation test, the Strong, which she now offers to her clients.. “It's an interesting test that analyzes your desires and allows you to explore professional avenues not yet considered. “

In her case, Marion de La Forest Divonne understands that her deep desire is rather to accompany others. But the hard part begins. “When you want to change lanes, you have to accept to take a few steps back. That is to say, it may be necessary to return to studies without still leaving your previous job or financing training. Being well surrounded is therefore essential. “We need those close to us to understand that we are nurturing a new professional project that will change our life. In these moments, it can be interesting to meet other profiles in a similar situation because you can quickly feel very alone.. “

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Reassure future employers of its stability

Once this step has been taken, the question of the CV will then arise for many. “Many recruiters like linear paths,” admits Marion de La Forest Divonne. And the legitimate anxiety for the candidate will be to appear unstable. “However, it is precisely a question of turning the situation in his favor, according to the coach. “” Whether in a CV, a cover letter or in an interview, do not hesitate to unfold a story. We must put forward the idea, reassuring precisely, that we did not arrive there by chance. You just have to explain that you have asked yourself the right questions and that you are finally where you need to be. “With an atypical course, a candidate may even score points. “To reinvent your professional life, including when you have just started it, is to show that we know how to question ourselves and accept new challenges. This can surprise, touch, even amaze the other person. Because, in fact, who has never asked the same questions … without necessarily daring to take the plunge?



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