Salary bonus: know what it is and how this benefit works

Salary bonus: know what it is and how this benefit works

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Find collaborators who are engaged and, in fact, “put on the shirt”Of the company, it can be very difficult. For this reason, when found, there is nothing more fair than demonstrating the due recognition for good work played. And a viable option for that, is through of the wage bonus.

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The salary bonus is a benefit that consists of the extra payment made to the employee as a way of thanking him for his good performance, additional service, time at home etc.. It is a non-mandatory payment and can be paid monthly, semi-annually, annually or only in specific situations, depending on each agreement.

Wage bonus is a good way to show that employees employees are valued, which results in greater commitment and better results for the entire company.

To find out more about it, for example, the that CLT talks about benefit and how it works in practice, check out our article! Good reading!

What is salary bonus?

As you saw, the salary bonus is a benefit that comes from the contracting company and aims at the recognition of the services provided through a financial bonus.

THE Article 457 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws style=”font-weight: 400;”>, understands the wage bonus as follows:

“It is understood in the employee's remuneration, for all legal purposes, in addition to the salary due and paid directly by the employer, as consideration for the service, the tips he receives. (Wording given by Law No. 1,999, of 1.10.1953) (See Law No. 13.419, of 2017)

§1st The salary includes the fixed amount stipulated, legal bonuses and commissions paid by the employer. (Wording given by Law No. 13,467, of 2017) ”

Therefore, CLT proposes what is salary bonus from the tipping concept. That is, a certain amount of money that aims to benefit someone who has completed a certain service.

However, we can understand what is salary bonus in a broader way, considering what, in fact, occurs in the daily life of a company. In addition to the financial bonus for any service provided, the contractor can also benefit your employees by other means.

The salary bonus can happen from special dates, how Christmas or Mother's Day, working time, performance of a trust function, attendance, goal achieved, etc.

How does wage bonus work?

Once you already know what wage bonus is, it's time to understand how this benefit it works.

The amounts received by the employee in the form of tips, come from the employer and are not mandatory, nor do they have value limit. The reasons for the employee to benefit are diverse, as you will see in the next topic, and must be defined by the company.

These bonuses must be, necessarily, broken down on the payroll. And, if they become frequent, they will be subject to charges as EHIC and FGTS, especially when made at the same value. The same goes for calculating the 13th salary.

As it is not a mandatory benefit under the Law, this need not be a fixed value and can be suspended at any time, even if it has been done for several months. Thus, the company judges, based on your finances, what will be the best way to distribute these bonuses.

Is it possible to apply for a salary bonus?

THE New CLT provides that employer and employee have full conditions reaching common agreements for better job performance. However, the monthly, quarterly, annual salary bonus etc. not compulsory and, generally, part of the contracting company.

Thus, there is nothing the employee can do to receive this benefit directly, wage bonus requirement model.

In contrast, for public workers, the request for a salary bonus may be made from time to time. This occurs based on the services provided and also, at job level developed.

What are the types of bonuses?

As you have seen, the CLT foresees that the wage bonus is assimilated to the traditional tip service, that is, a financial bonus for some service provided. However, in everyday life, it is normal for other gratification forms arise to cover the needs of businesses.

Thus, the types of salary bonus are understood as:

After a certain time stipulated by the employer, the employee receives an amount as a way of bonus. Be it monthly or in order to mark this achievement. It is important that this time is defined and explicit for all.

  • Balance Bonus

Much adopted by direct selling companies, the balance bonus aims to benefit the employee who assists in company profits directly. That is, when fulfilling a certain goal or quota, the bonus is received. However, it must be understood as a gift freely given by the company, not being mandatory.

  • Gratification of Events

To celebrate commemorative dates, like the employee's birthday, for example, an amount can be made available as a way of gift it. This means that there is a demonstration of appreciation beyond work.

  • Skill Bonus

After the due specialization of an employee, it is normal for the company to offer him a bonus. This also occurs in the face of trust positions, in which a good job is performed, despite its high degree of complexity.

Can the salary bonus be revoked?

It depends. If, at the time the contract is signed, the company and the employee have agreed that the wage bonus would be fixed and permanent, then, the benefit cannot be revoked.

However, if there is no explicit obligation in the contract, the contractor can suspend monthly salary bonus or not at any time, without any prejudice.

In some specific cases, such as when the financial gratification for some service has been done regularly for more than 10 years, the employee may demand that the payment be maintained.

However, it is good to be aware of changes in the CLT, which no longer guarantee this right, even with the long service time provided.

Before CLT changes, employees receiving salary bonus for more than 10 years and have the threatened benefit, could request continuity of payment. This is because it is understood that, after so many years receiving this addition, there would be great prejudice to the employee in case it was withdrawn.

However, after CLT reform, in 2017, this is no longer valid. The company can revoke the benefit when it deems necessary, provided that the 10 years of benefit payment have occurred after the New CLT.

That is, if an employee has received a salary bonus between 2005 and 2015 and the company wishes to revoke the benefit, the employee has the right to appeal the decision. On the other hand, if an employee has received the salary bonus between 2009 and 2019, CLT no longer guarantees the bonus.

Is there a difference between bonus and bonus?

There is no difference between bonuses and gratuities. In this case, both are synonymous and, as seen in the exposed section of the CLT, have no differentiation as to their meaning, being considered as tips.

As they are tips, they do not have fixed value, nor are they mandatory. They can have their payment made every month, semester, quarter or as the company deems interesting.

Unfortunately, as it has no obligation on the part of the contractor, the bonuses and gratuities can be extinguished at important times, such as crisis or pandemic, for example.

Benefits of salary bonus

Salary bonus is used in many business models with the aim of increasing employee satisfaction.

For them, having their recognized work through a financial incentive it ends up being doubly advantageous. After all, receiving a salary bonus it's always a good thing, especially in crisis times. And, having your commitment noticed, is good for the self-esteem of employees, creating a highly motivated environment.

For the employer, building a place with countless engaged people is a great sign, once this happens, all engagement will be printed on the job, which will bring great benefits to the company.

Salary gratification is also an excellent way to create a feeling of belonging by the team. This means that, in addition to the motivation we mentioned, there is employee loyalty. After all, it builds the image that company values ​​the work done so it’s a better place to be to work.

The salary bonus is good for you and your employees!

Despite representing an extra expense for the company, wage gratification must first be understood as an investment. After all, it is possible to have good results with a greater effort by employees.

This small action adds so much to the self esteem, as in financial satisfaction of employees. What ends up being reflected in the work environment and, consequently, in the results obtained by the company.

Thus, the salary bonus proves to be a good option for contractors who want to motivate and make progress with their employees. contributors.

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