Salary readjustment: understand everything about this worker right

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Salary readjustment: understand everything about this worker right

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The salary readjustment is a right of the employee, provided for by law, where an annual salary increase is made, according to the company's agreement with the union..

In this article, we will talk about what the law says in relation to the annual salary increase and what the company's obligations are in negotiations with unions to meet the needs of its employees.

Find out the deadlines for making the salary adjustment and learn how to do the calculation correctly.

Salary readjustment and the impact on company finances

The salary readjustment is a mandatory annual salary increase. This adjustment is made by means of an agreement between the professionals and the appropriate unions signed with the companies.

Via Collective Bargaining Agreement, employees have their salaries adjusted according to the country's economic changes, such as inflation, for example. In order not to compromise the life of this employee in his finances, the remuneration is adequate.

The readjustment values ​​vary according to the unions and always follow the date established by the agreement with them. The salary adjustment usually occurs on the first business day of the month, agreed between the company and the union.

But there are some doubts regarding the salary readjustment both in terms of employee rights and company rights. For this reason, we have prepared special material on this topic. Check out!

Annual salary readjustment law

annual salary-readjustment law

The mandatory readjustment of wages is described in the article 611 Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). See the full text of the law below.

“Art. 611 – Collective Labor Convention is the normative agreement, whereby two or more unions representing economic and professional categories stipulate working conditions applicable, within the scope of their respective representations, to individual labor relations. ” (Wording given by the Decree-Law No. 229, 2.28.1967).

O article 10 it also sets out the requirements of the law and its determination in relation to the salary adjustment.

Art. 10. Salaries and other conditions related to work continue to be fixed and revised, on the respective annual base date, through free collective bargaining.

Deadline for salary adjustment

There is no official date for a salary adjustment. It all depends on the agreement reached between union, employees and company. Usually, there is a discussion process to reach an agreement on the value of this salary adjustment.

Only when the agreement between the parties is ratified can a date be mentioned for this adjustment to be applied. It is common for these agreements to take place in the first months of the year, between the months of May and June.

What defines the agreement?

The discussion that defines the salary adjustment does not necessarily include only the salary. These agreements may include points such as an increase in food stamps and food stamps. That value is discounted from transportation vouchers and overtime.

What does base date mean?

THE date on which negotiations for salary readjustments and employee benefits take place it is called the base date. This is the period in which the collective bargaining agreement and the salary adjustment negotiated between the company, employee and union are effective.

How to calculate the salary adjustment

There is no secret to calculating a salary adjustment. All that is needed is for the company to apply the percentage agreed on the employee's salary.

That is, if the adjustment was 10% and the employee earned R $ 1,000, he will start earning R $ 1,100. Remembering that this amount is added to the professional's gross salary.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Called ACT, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, is the document that formalizes the salary readjustment. In the case of the employers' union, which represents and defends the employee's economic rights, this agreement is called the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Get the team ready

More than making a salary adjustment agreement, your company needs to have professionals who understand the law to explain to the employee. It is very common for someone on your team to want to understand the reason for that increase.

Having people prepared to clear up any eventual doubts is essential so that there is no mishap or dissatisfaction of the employee with any type of agreement made. Keep the entire team responsible for the rights of the professional prepared and educated.

Salary readjustment in cases of dismissal

THE Law 7,238 describes the rules and rights of the employee when it comes to salary readjustment and dismissal.

Law 7,238, of October 29, 1984:

Article 9 – The dismissed employee, without just cause, in the period of 30 (thirty) days prior to the date of his salary correction, shall be entitled to additional compensation equivalent to 1 (one) monthly salary, whether he opts or not for the Fund of Guarantee for Length of Service – FGTS.

The importance of salary readjustments

In addition to being a commitment to employee rights, a salary readjustment demonstrates the company's concern for its professional. Every time an agreement is made for the benefit of your team, you are valuing your employees.

That appreciation it can bring greater motivation and engagement, since the professional feels more recognized and important for the company's objectives.

Readjustment requires company attention

The salary readjustment requires a lot of attention from the HR sector. More than an employee's right, this change in payroll completely impacts the company's finances.

As a result, it is necessary that HR professionals always have on hand a planning to measure the value of this adjustment.

Although there is no exact date for these changes, the calculation can be predicted based on previous years. Thus, it is possible to stipulate this average increase so that there are no surprises when the new values ​​definitely take effect.

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The readjustment keeps the employees' income evolving and having a fair salary motivates the team to continue working. In addition, other financial benefits also motivate the team.

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