See what Talent Acquisition is and its differences in recruitment

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See what Talent Acquisition is and its differences in recruitment

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There is no point in sitting and waiting for the best talents on the market to knock on the door. Nowadays, the Talent Acquisition it is a concept that offers the opportunity to anticipate trends and demands.

As a result, it makes the company attract more talent – and also retain those interested in growing in the organization.

However, many people have raised pertinent questions. After all, in what ways does talent acquisition differs from techniques already used in the market, such as the good old recruitment?

For these and other aspects related to the subject, we have prepared a complete article!

Good reading!

Which is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition – or talent acquisition – consists of a strategic approach to attract and integrate the best professionals into your company!

This, of course, is said in a very brief way. After all, the process is continuous, involving particularities for each sector of the organization and, even, involves a good management of people to keep current employees well motivated.

There are differences between talent acquisition and recruitment?

In a comprehensive context, talent acquisition and recruitment style=”font-weight: 400;”> they seem to be synonyms, but each one has its own particularities, as we will see below.

The main one is the time dedicated to the execution and planning of this task. For example: the talent acquisition safeguards, in its strategies, long-term results for the company. Meanwhile, recruitment is a practical and immediate activity, to supply a replacement need.

In general, both have some characteristics in common, such as:

In fact, the onboarding it is a strategy with high results for the company and also for its employees. To learn more about the process, check out our post – after this reading – which explains all about onboarding!

How the process works Talent Acquisiton?

As the process tends to be thought of for a long period – and it will be renewed indefinitely -, the talent acquisition it consists of some defined and sequential steps.

1. Generation of leads

Start by identifying the needs of each position, as well as the requirements, characteristics and skills (technical and behavioral) essential for these opportunities.

With this, your recruiters are able to put together irresistible descriptions for potential talents. Then, be present at events in your industry, strengthen your presence also on social networks and build relationships.

Through these strategies, you generate leads – who are your target audience -, attracting these talents to take an interest in your company.

2. Recruitment and attraction

Based on the tip above, the talent acquisition expands from actions that will help enrich people's interest in your company.

What social actions does it take, for example? What is the DNA of the brand that makes it unique in the face of competition? What are the corporate benefits offered, as well as the opportunities for growth?

This all serves as indispensable tools to arouse – and retain – people's interest. In fact, it is a differential and so much for you to work at retaining talent, equally.

3. Interviews

Create a selection process that is fully customized for each position. Through tests, interviews and / or group dynamics, among other strategies, focus on making sure that candidates are, in fact, experts in the activities proposed for opportunities within the company.

4. References

Going beyond technical knowledge, their recruiters can seek referential information from the talents to understand whether they are also infallible in the behavioral branch.

In addition, of course, to facilitate research to find out how they act and react in the face of everyday situations.

This all helps to compose a check list complete on the personality and skills of the professionals. Which, consequently, is important to generate total assertiveness to the hires made – be they in the short, medium and long term.

5. Hiring and onboarding

After the decision is made, the hiring can be carried out with more certainty than doubts.

Then it is up to the staff responsible for talent acquisition the following work: that of integration. This occurs right after the hiring process, sending informative materials about what is expected of him and, even, everything about the culture and identity of the company.

These are actions that should act as a basic orientation about its functions and the relationship with the way the company deals with such issues. Thus, the first day of work will not make the person feel like a “stranger in the nest”, but will make him / her familiar with colleagues and their roles.

How is the job of the professional of Talent Acquisition?

In general, this type of specialist is always in high turnover. If you are not hunting for new talent on behalf of the company, you are enriching your talent bank style=”font-weight: 400;”> or even conducting interviews and integration processes.

As we have seen, it is as diverse as it is equipped with important stages. This means that the health professional talent acquisition must know, deeply:

This should all be complemented, of course, with all the knowledge that the professional must have about the company where he works.

After all, we are talking about a type of work that involves not only filling positions, but the total alignment of expectations, objectives and needs of both parties.

So that these tips and points raised in this article flow naturally into your routine, you can stay on top of all our news and learn new things every day!

For that, how about liking our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn? There, there is no lack of discussions and posts relevant to the qualification of the HR sector – and of the professionals, individually – of your company!



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